Jessica Helfand

Making Change 05: Why Design Matters

Change the world, or change ourselves?

John Foster

Unconventional Landscapes

The muted landscape visions of Tom Reed

Jessica Helfand

Making Change 04: Why Vigilance Matters

George Clooney’s non-profit, the Satellite Sentinel Project, is a serious initiative. They’re not designers. But their platform is stunningly visual, and worth a look.

Timothy Young

Grandad Coco Nut and the Golfball Kids

Anthropomorphism of a very different sort

Jessica Helfand

Making Change 03: Why Pictures Matter

Moving pictures—literally and emotionally

Juliette Spertus

Dispatch from Helsinki

Part II: The Pneumatic Comeback

Jessica Helfand

Making Change 02: Why Warning Matters

The larger social impact of our visual and verbal choices

Ava Kofman

Sex, Love, and Video Games

The Best of IndieCade East

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Berlin scene by Wolfgang Zurborn

The hidden order of the random

Jessica Helfand

Making Change 01: Why Character Matters

In Cape Town this week, the question of designers making change is being thoughtfully examined. Who are we to make changes and what kinds of changes might we consider making, if indeed we can make them at all?

Laura Tarrish

Hunter | Gatherer

A Field Guide to the Tree as Art

John Foster

Point and Shoot

Collecting twentieth-century snapshots


(in)Fringe 01: The New Mission Soundtrack

The first installment of (in)Fringe

Sara Jamshidi

The Observers

Seeing red

The Editors

Design Matters Celebrates 10 Years

Announcing the Tenth Anniversary Season of Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Bonnie Siegler

Scared in Schenectady

Worried about a crowded job market? Bonnie says: Fear not, young designers!

Michael Bierut, Jessica Helfand

The Observatory: Words, Pictures, Sounds

A few things on our minds


Introducing (in)Fringe

A new series from the sonic edges of the Bay Area

Rick Poynor

Brian Eno’s “Music for Films”

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Mother and Child by Philip Jones Griffiths

The crushing, gendered power relations of war

Jessica Helfand

Fantasy: Do Not Attempt

Advertisers and the consumer brain.

Victoria Solan

Learning from South Africa

An architect learns that a building won’t always solve the problem

The Editors

News from Elsewhere

What we read and saw this week, and a couple of things to do

John Foster

Grand Budapest Hotel

The Book

KT Meaney

Biodiversity in Design Education

Students in their natural habitats

Creative Opportunities
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