The Editors

News from Elsewhere

Comics, art, ridesharing

John Foster

Native Son

The Photographs of Daniel Coburn

Bonnie Siegler

Dear Bonnie: Naive in Norwalk

Dear Bonnie doles out some homework

Rob Walker

Scalies in the Spotlight

The uncanny figures populating architectural renderings get some fresh scrutiny

Brett Newman

Thesis Book Story: Brett Newman

Announcing the launch of the Thesis Book Project

Victoria Solan

Stereotypes and Family Reunions

A conversation with Lisa Rosowsky

Rick Poynor

Exposure: J.G. Ballard by Brian Griffin

The science fiction of the ordinary

Debbie Millman

Steven Heller

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Steven Heller about his new book Graphic Style Lab.

Blake Eskin

Along for the Ride

Is it in the public interest for municipal transit companies to give ad space to ridesharing services?

The Editors

News from Elsewhere

A few things we read this week

John Foster

Sign Language

The Walker Collection of American Signs

Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand

The Observatory: The Inevitable

On this episode, Michael and Jessica talk about death (not taxes): how designers have to think about preventing death and representing death, and whether death is “just another design challenge.” Also, the color blue.

Bonnie Siegler

Three Reasons

Terence Malick’s Badlands

Sara Jamshidi

Word on the Water

A floating bookshop in London

Timothy Young

London Dispatch: The St. Bride Foundation

A resource for design and type history closes its doors, temporarily

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Brodsky, the Tie Seller in Paris

Every photograph is an enigma

Debbie Millman

Lynda Weinman

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie talks to’s Lynda Weinman about how the internet is challenging the traditional classroom model.

Robert Hetherington

Performance and the Construction of Identity

Is how we understand identity flexible enough to better our understanding of design and its makers?

The Editors

News from Elsewhere

Collections, cards, compositions

Adam Harrison Levy

Shock Value

Reprising the near-forgotten work of William Helburn

John Foster

When Worlds Collide

Culture clash

Bonnie Siegler

Lovelorn in Louisville

Winks at the watercooler

The Editors

Observer Editions: The Book Made Visual

A few words from Abbott Miller

Eddy Ibrahim

Thesis Book Story: Eddy Ibrahim

The Aesthetics of Failure

Juliette Spertus

Dispatch from Helsinki

Part III: Legoland (Not What You Think)

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