Laura Tarrish

Hunter | Gatherer: Illustrators’ Sketchbooks, Part I

A peek into the private musings of some well-known illustrators

Vanessa Place

Forms of Fear

An abstract visual poem from Vanessa Place

Debbie Millman

Petter Ringbom

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Petter Ringbom about his years at the creative agency Flat, and how he moved away from graphic design into filmmaking.

Justin Zhuang

Enter the Dragon

Looking back to the future of Singapore design

Bonnie Siegler

Dear Bonnie: Dumbfounded in Dayton

What’s the correct response to a paying client who rejects the job?

John Foster

The Private Photographs of Casa Susanna

A cache of photographs captures weekend life at an unlikely resort

Rob Walker

Spawn of Gerrymander: Jennifer Daniel’s Texas 35th

Illustrator Jennifer Daniel reimagines Texas’ 35th congressional district: If you can read this, you’re in range.

Rob Walker

Spawn of Gerrymander: Steve Brodner’s Pennsylvania 7th

Steve Brodner reimagines Pennsyvlania’s Seventh Congressional District three (frightening) ways.

Jeff Scher

Lost Thoughts

A new film from Jeff Scher commemorates composer Victor Ullman

Rob Walker

Spawn of Gerrymander: Oliver Munday’s Florida 5th

Illustrator Oliver Munday revisualizes Florida’s Fifth Congressional District

The Editors

Announcing The Observatory

A new monthly podcast with Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand

Rob Walker

Spawn of Gerrymander: Lisa Congdon’s North Carolina 4th

Illustrator Lisa Congdon reveals that North Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District is a leafy sea monster.

Rob Walker

Spawn of Gerrymander: Leif Parsons’ Illinois 4th

Illustrator Leif Parsons reimagines Illinois’ Fourth Congressional District, giving a visual message to voters.

Debbie Millman

Tom Geismar

In this episode of Design Matters Debbie Millman talks to legendary designer Tom Geismar about how the practice of design has changed since the 1950s.

Rob Walker

Spawn of Gerrymander: Joe Alterio’s Maryland 3rd

Illustrator Joe Alterio reimagines Maryland’s Third Congressional District in a monstrous animated GIF.

Rob Walker

Spawn of Gerrymander: A Series

A week-long project in which six top illustrators visualize some of the most contorted congressional districts in the country.

John Foster

Reflections in a Golden Eye

The optics- and vision-centered work of Harris Diamant

Nervous in New Zealand

Following your heart and trusting your teachers

Owen Edwards

When Design Dictates

Cafeteria Caper: Remembering the CBS lunchroom and design life at the “Black Rock”


Design Matters Fall 2014 Schedule Announced

A new season of Design Matters starts Monday!

Erik Spiekermann

A Fine Balance

Erik Spiekermann rethinks the value of symmetry

John Foster

Private Language

Japanese artist Takanori Herai 

Jeff Scher

20 Sheets of Paper and a Dozen Ballpoint Pens

A new short film from Jeff Scher

Moping in Minneapolis

Taking the Initiative

Véronique Vienne

Unidentified Floating Objects

Mysterious graphics are usurping advertising in France

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