Aggrieved in Atlanta + Bumming in Brooklyn

Advice for designers who receive unsolicited opinions from friends and those whose clients have bad taste.

Justin Zhuang

East and West: Graphic Design in Singapore Today

Since British advertising agencies brought modern graphic design into Singapore after the Second World War, a thriving community of independent studios has emerged in this former colony in Southeast Asia.

John Bertram

These Events Did Not Occur in Black and White

The history of cover design for This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen.

John Foster

Whirlwinds, Snowdrops + Big Bangs: Vintage Fireworks Labels

Happy 4th of July!

Jennifer Kabat

Exhibition as Inquiry: An Interview with Kieran Long

Guns, shoes and cheap jeans: Kieran Long has added all of these to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s permanent collection. At a moment where “design” can seem no more than a synonym for style and status, he’s busy challenging that notion.

Laura Tarrish

Hunter | Gatherer: Text as Textile

Evidence of fabric embellished with needle and thread has been found as far back as the Cro-Magnon days (30,000 B.C.). The artists featured here, writing with stitchery, challenge our expectations of what is commonly considered a domestic art.

Lost on Long Island + Stuck in Schenectady

This week Dear Bonnie tackles what to do when your client stops returning your calls, and how to get your brain moving.

The Editors

The New Design Observer

Welcome to the New Design Observer.

Véronique Vienne

Two Monumental Shows in Paris: One Large, One Small

There are two shows you shouldn’t miss if you happen to be in Paris this summer.


Black, Red + Gold

A conversation about colonization and visual resistance in Australia.

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