Jessica Helfand

Paris One Forty: Week Two

A visual diary.

Jessica Helfand


For Paul Rand, a modern mark was a simple mark, and the secret to making things last lay in keeping them simple.

Rob Walker

Tag / Anti-Tag

#graffiti #street art #buffing #vigilantism #Matthieu Martin #photography

Debbie Millman

Brandon Stanton

Debbie talks to photographer Brandon Stanton about his ongoing project “Humans of New York” and why total strangers open up to him.

Steven Heller

Tags: A Selection, II

#commerce #costs #forsale

Jessica Helfand

Paris One Forty: Week One

A visual diary.

Melissa Del Bosque, Jen Reel

The Things They Left Behind

#immigration #BrooksCountyTexas #the border #forensics #IHaveaName #YoTengoNombre

Steven Heller


The risk-taking magazines of Ralph Ginzburg

Bryan Finoki

Tag Space

#metadata #targeting #terrorism #tag space #surveillance #body politic

Annette Florid

Alphabet Soup 2.0

#junkfood #socialmedia

Steven Heller

Tags: A Selection, I

Some of the many (literal) meanings of the tag

Adam Harrison Levy

Tag Lines

#infrastructure #mark out #urban archaeology #public utilities #mapping

Robert Fulford

The Secret Life of the Octothorpe

#origins #pound sign #telephony #etymology

Debbie Millman

Gretchen Rubin

Debbie talks to author Gretchen Rubin about happiness and the power of habit.

Eugenia Bell


You’re It

Scott Henderson, and Dick Sheaff

Independence Day

A collection of early 20th-century postcards manufactured for the Fourth of July.

John Foster

R & B Improv

Homespun record jackets from an anonymous collector

Nick Sowers

This Wanted to Fail

The Rewards of Mistakes

Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand

Border Control

Brexit, borders, naming, Fiorello La Guardia and his airport, robot dogs, though leadership, Snapfax

Adam Harrison Levy

An Interview With Philip Glass

In 2005, Adam Harrison Levy interviewed Philip Glass for a BBC documentary film about Chuck Close. Glass was seated in front of the monumental painting Phil. This is their exchange.

Jessica Helfand

Do Not Disturb

The accidental mercy of machines

Debbie Millman

Alain de Botton

Debbie talks to Alain de Botton about  love and sex.

The Editors

Secret Messages

Agnes Richter’s Straitjacket

Michael Bierut

All That Jazz: Posters by Niklaus Troxler

Niklaus Troxler’s jazz posters can be viewed as a single, self-initiated project that has developed over five decades, a body of work with few precedents.

VĂ©ronique Vienne

Hear a Pin Drop

Ying Gao’s Sensory Threads

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