Sean Adams | Evidence

Hope is The Thing with Feathers

Lilly Smith | Interviews

Assessing the Past; Looking Toward the Future

How the new AIGA Google Art Project “Across Borders: A Look at the Work of Latinx Designers” revealed insights about archived Latinx work of the past—and clues to its ascendance in the future of design....
Maya P. Lim | Books

Joan Miró: I Work Like a Gardener

“To work like a gardener was to create life itself—the autonomous life of a visual universe that, in [Miró’s] words, was a world set in motion.”...
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand | Audio

S3E3: Lucienne Roberts

Lucienne Roberts runs the studio LucienneRoberts+ and the publisher GraphicDesign+....
Debbie Millman | Audio

Thomas Kail

Debbie talks to director Thomas Kail about his career and about the joys of collaboration....
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand | Audio

Episode 67: Guns N’ Tote Bags

Visualizing gun violence after Las Vegas, Louis Vuitton v. My Other Bag, tote bags, Helen Rosner on Olive Garden, Call My Agent!, Netflix in French...
Maya P. Lim | Books

Bruno Munari: In the Darkness of the Night

Bruno Munari’s classic In the Darkness of the Night is made with materials that build mystery and tension....
Steven Heller | Essays

Victims of the Image: Ignobility for the Noble Savage

Native Americans have endured a long legacy of distorted images....
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand | Audio

S3E2: Claire Weisz

Claire Weisz is is the principal-in-charge of WXY, an architecture and design practice focused on innovative approaches to public space, structures, and cities....

Observed | October 20

It’s Friday. Let’s play! We‘re excited to follow Playtime, a new exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum. [BV]

Scandalous art. [MPL]

Everything you ever wanted to know about storyboarding, but were afraid to ask. [JH]

Observed | October 19

Invision introduces Studio, software for designing on screen. More here. [JH]

“We’re designing relationships now as opposed to designing artifacts.” IDEO sets its sights on AI. [JH]

Observed | October 18

The problem with ‘fast-casual architecture’. [BE]

The race to create the perfect city: the history behind mankind’s need to design ideal urban living. [BV]

Design, dreams—and Blade Runner. [JH]

Design, doodling—and sports. [JH]

Observed | October 17

The current threat level is violet: one nation under cynicism. [BV]

Design and dissent: the reissue. [JH]

Lucienne Roberts: “We’re on a mission to show what graphic design can do.” [MB]

It’s time for companies to let design expand its influence to the core of the business. [JH]

Observed | October 16

It was scary when the graphic designers seized control of the country... [BE]

Does design thinking live up to the hype? Business leaders apparently think so. (Not sure design leaders would agree.) [JH]

Spark Awards: call for entries announced. More here. [JH]

Observed | October 13

Poster Girls! An exhibition of work by forgotten women at the forefront of graphic design. At the London Transport Museum. [JH]

Half the universe’s missing matter has just been finally found. [BV]

Another view of Google, design, and the future. [JH]

Observed | October 12

Rob Walker thinks this is the best headline he’s seen in a while. We agree. [JH]

Can design minimize hate speech? [JH]

Three designers win MacArthur “genius” grants. [JH]

Observed | October 11

Get some advice from your potential future self. [BV]

Three design projects that promote good mental health. [MB]

Observed | October 10

A look at the iconic New York Film Festival poster. [BV]

Do you want to know everything? Oxford has your answer. [BV]

Did you know there are scissors in the MoMA permanent collection? Of course they‘re orange. [BV]

Observed | October 09

School buses: A massive mass transit system in need of a tech upgrade. [BV]

How to train an algorithm to understand a hurricane. [BE]

So long, cubicles: introducing “palettes of places”. [JH]

Jobs | October 21