Debbie Millman

Design Matters from the Archive: Ben Schott

Debbie talks to Ben Schott about the importance of failing early in one’s career, about how to take a politician’s picture, and about writing and designing his own books.

Jessica Helfand

On Memory

Pictures do not only speak louder than words but also are more likely to be remembered.

Matthew Jacobson


All change?

John Foster

Film in Transit

Remnants of the Ghanian Mobile Cinema

Bill Shaffer

Willem Sandberg

Art and Resistance

DJ Stout

Jack Unruh

The House on Fairmont

Steven Heller

The D Word: Sin

Tracts to Attract Sinners

Adam Harrison Levy

Hiroshima Lost and Found

The lack of visual evidence of the atom bomb’s effect has helped us to forget its devastating impact. To see is to remember.

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Drape (Cavalcade III) by Eva Stenram

Abducted in plain sight

Debbie Millman

Lisa Congdon

On this episode Debbie talks with artist and writer Lisa Congdon about how she sometimes felt like an imposter.

Jessica Helfand

On Consequence

What happens when we let things go?

John Foster

Reading the Future

A new cache of Futurist books from a Russian library

Paula Wallace

From Hallway to Gallery

Big accomplishments from small ideas

Michael Bierut, Jessica Helfand

The Good, the Flat, and the Ugly

Instagram, rainbows, digital brutalism, Design: The Invention of Desire, the Freewrite.

Jessica Helfand

On Patience

Nobler than beauty

Bonnie Siegler

Adrift in Alabama

Moving on

Jessica Helfand

On Identity

To be human is to struggle with the unknowable. To design is to make things knowable.

Adrian Shaughnessy

Collaborate or Die

Graphic design as ensemble performance

Jessica Helfand

On Desire

Design matters because of the why, not the what: the sentiment, not the acquisition.

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Andy’s Food Mart by Tibor Kalman and M&Co

The virtue of the vernacular

Debbie Millman

Steven Heller

On their annual podcast Debbie talks to graphic design guru Steve about how to deliver social critiques with a punch.

Paula Wallace

The Mayor vs. Mohawks

"Those art kids."

John Foster

Capture the flag

The Asafo Flags of Ghana

Paula Wallace

Arms to Arts

"Why not make it an art college?"

Steven Heller

The D Word: Untutored

The anarchic collage of Art Chantry

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