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Rob Walker

Rob Walker is a technology/culture columnist for Yahoo News. He is the former Consumed columnist for The New York Times Magazine, and has contributed to many publications. He is co-editor (with Joshua Glenn) of the book Significant Objects: 100 Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things, and author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are.

Contact Information:
consumed [at]

Posts by Rob Walker

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OBLOG: The Mighty Shirt Kings (06.11.13)
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OBSERVATORY: The Medium Is The Mail (05.10.13)
OBSERVATORY: Cover Story (04.15.13)
OBSERVATORY: Bill for a Bowl (04.02.13)
OBLOG: Google Image Search Results, Abstracted and Animated (03.25.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Panic Option (03.08.13)
OBSERVATORY: Overshareability (02.28.13)
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OBSERVATORY: System As Photographer (10.26.12)
OBSERVATORY: Killing for Beautiful Objects (10.17.12)
OBSERVATORY: Listening to Retail (10.06.12)
OBSERVATORY: Crowdcrit vs. Apple Maps (09.25.12)
OBSERVATORY: Card Tricks (09.17.12)
OBLOG: Uncreative Writing (09.11.12)
OBSERVATORY: Making "Making" Mass (09.06.12)
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OBSERVATORY: High Caliber Expression (08.16.12)
OBLOG: Swimming Studies (08.15.12)
OBSERVATORY: Secret Lives Of Things (08.01.12)
OBSERVATORY: De-weaponization by Design (07.28.12)
OBSERVATORY: Interface Runes (07.09.12)
OBSERVATORY: Selling Stories With Stuff (07.05.12)
OBSERVATORY: Observational Instruments, Observed (06.27.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Built Villain (06.16.12)
OBLOG: Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy (06.14.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Bizarro Storytelling Exercise (06.08.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Infrastructure of the Cloud (06.01.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Theater of Making (05.18.12)
OBSERVATORY: Managing Digital Durability (05.14.12)
OBSERVATORY: Assignment Creativity (05.05.12)
OBLOG: Alien Phenomenology: Or, What It's Like To Be A Thing (04.27.12)
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OBSERVATORY: The Ekphrasis-y Critique (03.05.12)
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OBSERVATORY: Santorum’s Tragic Sweater Vest (01.28.12)
OBSERVATORY: Package It Black (01.12.12)
OBSERVATORY: Swoosh. Repeat. (12.29.11)
OBSERVATORY: Anonymous Identity (Seen and Heard) (12.15.11)
OBSERVATORY: Image of the Year (12.07.11)
OBSERVATORY: Postcards from Portfoliopolis (11.23.11)
OBSERVATORY: Shower Head As Moral Crossroad (11.15.11)
OBSERVATORY: A New Kind of Capture (11.09.11)
OBSERVATORY: Questions About ‘The New Aesthetic’ (11.01.11)
OBSERVATORY: Imagine To Me (10.23.11)
OBSERVATORY: More Google Image Fun (10.19.11)
OBSERVATORY: An Interview with Kevin Slavin (10.10.11)
OBSERVATORY: Pictures of the Familiar (09.30.11)
OBSERVATORY: Quirky and "Design" as Entertainment (09.23.11)
OBSERVATORY: Styles of Likeness (09.14.11)
OBSERVATORY: Stealth Iconography: The Waveform (09.08.11)
OBSERVATORY: Monkey or Drone? (09.02.11)
OBSERVATORY: Graphic Design, Valued (08.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: Wear And Tear (08.15.11)
OBSERVATORY: Ruscha Vs. Street View (08.08.11)
OBSERVATORY: A Simple Tool, or the Value of "Oh yeah" (08.03.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Work of Art in the Age of Googled Reproduction (07.26.11)
PLACES: Implausible Futures for Unpopular Places (07.25.11)
OBSERVATORY: Rarified Air (07.14.11)
OBSERVATORY: On Slate: Branding with badges (07.09.11)
OBSERVATORY: Order, chaos, order: Jennifer Shaw’s ‘Hurricane Story’ (06.29.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Right Stuff (06.23.11)
OBSERVATORY: Stealth Iconography: The Google Maps Pin (06.16.11)
OBSERVATORY: Dedigitization (06.08.11)
OBSERVATORY: On Radiolab: the Sound of Science (04.07.11)
OBSERVATORY: Fun Stuff (02.11.11)
OBSERVATORY: Go Figure (02.04.11)
OBSERVATORY: Ghosts in the Machine (01.09.11)
OBSERVATORY: Global Entertainment (12.30.10)
OBSERVATORY: Rob Walker’s Collection of Bicentennial Quarters (12.09.10)
OBSERVATORY: Inside the Wild, Wacky, Profitable World of Boing Boing (12.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Hearing Things (09.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: When Funny Goes Viral (07.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Song Decoders (07.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: Hitting Rewind on the Cassette Tape (04.23.10)
OBSERVATORY: Slightly Used (04.03.10)
OBSERVATORY: Valuing $0 (03.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: The End of the 00s: Noted, Without Noteworthiness (12.23.09)
OBSERVATORY: Stuffed (12.17.09)
OBSERVATORY: Ad Nauseam: A Survivor’s Guide To American Consumer Culture (06.17.09)
OBSERVATORY: If You Follow Me, I Will Follow You Back (05.08.09)
OBSERVATORY: A Successful Failure (02.12.09)
OBSERVATORY: Dumb and Dumber 2.0 (01.28.09)
OBSERVATORY: Talk is Cheap (12.12.08)
OBSERVATORY: Subconscious Warm-Up (10.03.08)
OBSERVATORY: Shared Memories (09.12.08)
OBSERVATORY: This Joke’s for You (05.04.08)
OBSERVATORY: Can a Dead Brand Live Again? (03.18.08)
OBSERVATORY: Imitation of Life (01.13.08)
OBSERVATORY: Handmade 2.0 (12.16.07)
OBSERVATORY: Tobias Wong on Consuming Consumer Consumption (12.01.07)
OBSERVATORY: False Endorsement (11.18.07)
OBSERVATORY: Timeless Object (10.28.07)
OBSERVATORY: Back to Basics Egg & Muffin Toaster (04.08.07)
OBSERVATORY: TV Land (03.18.07)
OBSERVATORY: Unconsumption (01.07.07)
OBSERVATORY: Animal Pragmatism (04.23.06)
OBSERVATORY: Original Tastemaker (03.05.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Story of O's (02.19.06)
OBSERVATORY: For Kicks (03.03.05)
OBSERVATORY: Hyperreality Hobbying (02.02.05)
OBSERVATORY: Surface Effects (re: Shepard Fairey) (01.30.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Good, the Plaid and the Ugly (01.02.05)
OBSERVATORY: Pattern Recognition (10.17.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Filth Epiphany (Dyson Vacuums) (08.08.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Lives They Lived: Making Us Laugh (12.28.03)
OBSERVATORY: The Guts of a New Machine (11.30.03)
OBSERVATORY: Digital Tools for Making Brilliant Mistakes (11.30.03)
OBSERVATORY: The Lives They Lived: Let There Be Lite (12.29.02)
OBSERVATORY: The Way We Live Now: Me, My Brand And I (05.14.00)
OBSERVATORY: The Way We Live Now: Fauxhemian Rhapsody (01.23.00)