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Mark Lamster

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lamster [at]

Posts by Mark Lamster

OBSERVATORY: The Astrodome and the Challenges of Preservation (03.23.14)
OBSERVATORY: Squaw Valley: America’s Instant Olympic Village (02.23.14)
OBSERVATORY: A Tour of City Hall in the Waning Hours of the Bloomberg Administration (12.29.13)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch with the Critics: Fourth-Annual Year-End Awards (12.06.13)
OBSERVATORY: On the Line with God’s Tailor (11.25.13)
OBSERVATORY: Can the Doomed Astrodome Save Modernism? (11.06.13)
OBSERVER MEDIA: Mark Lamster on Complaining (09.16.13)
OBSERVATORY: High Net Space: The New International Style (09.09.13)
OBSERVATORY: Architecture's Proto-Blogger (08.30.13)
OBSERVATORY: A Coda on Party Wall (07.29.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Lost Architectural Muse of the AIDS Generation (07.22.13)
OBSERVATORY: Lost Landmarks in New York and Fort Worth (06.24.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Family Store (05.30.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Tower that Beer Built (05.13.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Bush Library (04.23.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Story of Seagram (04.08.13)
OBSERVATORY: How to Design an Iconic NY Fast Food Joint (04.01.13)
OBSERVATORY: Berlin: Then and Now (03.19.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Dallas Way (03.11.13)
OBSERVATORY: Inventing the Modern Library (03.05.13)
OBSERVATORY: Orange City (02.20.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Imaginary Worlds of Stephen Talasnik (02.05.13)
OBSERVATORY: Grand Central Turns 100 (01.28.13)
OBSERVATORY: Clear the Promenade (01.17.13)
OBSERVATORY: I Love New York at Night (12.31.12)
OBSERVATORY: Norman Foster’s NYPL: Not Good Enough (12.20.12)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch With The Critics: Third-Annual Year-End Awards (12.10.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Other Ezra Stoller (11.27.12)
OBSERVATORY: F*ck Elegant (11.14.12)
OBSERVATORY: Lebbeus Woods + John Johansen: Memories of Architecture’s Lost Visionaries (11.01.12)
OBSERVATORY: High (Line) Anxiety (10.22.12)
OBSERVATORY: Nick Tobier Will Make You Smile (10.15.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Rise and Fall of Polaroid: An Interview with Christopher Bonanos (10.01.12)
OBSERVATORY: Joy, Illustrated (09.24.12)
OBSERVATORY: Mr. Wright Comes to Moloch (09.07.12)
OBSERVATORY: Unconventional Imagery (08.28.12)
OBSERVATORY: Literature’s Harshest Criticism (08.16.12)
OBSERVATORY: Celebrating the Undecorated Shed (08.09.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Barnes Foundation and Corporate Space (07.26.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Once & Future Library (07.20.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Architect & The Critic: An Epistolary Tale (07.10.12)
OBSERVATORY: Summer Reading Special: An Interview with P.D. Smith (07.03.12)
OBSERVATORY: Pennsylvania Modern (06.25.12)
OBSERVATORY: Permanent Way: An Interview with Brian Sholis (06.18.12)
OBSERVATORY: Underappreciated in Ft. Worth (06.13.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Occupy Movement’s Accidental Monument (06.04.12)
OBSERVATORY: The War Against Sixties Architecture (05.15.12)
OBSERVATORY: Another Imperiled Paul Rudolph Landmark (04.30.12)
OBSERVATORY: NYPL: Where’s the Model? (04.25.12)
OBSERVATORY: A Century at the Ballpark (04.20.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Whitney Museum’s Other New Building (04.10.12)
OBSERVATORY: A Letter to a Critic, Departed (03.28.12)
OBSERVATORY: Johnson and the Void (03.19.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Most Beautiful Hostel in the World (03.08.12)
OBSERVATORY: Beauty from Junk: The Floating Genius of Harvest Dome (02.20.12)
OBSERVATORY: At Home at the Edge of the World (02.14.12)
OBSERVATORY: An (Overdue) Memorial for New York (02.07.12)
OBSERVATORY: Project Project Japan (01.23.12)
OBSERVATORY: Rethinking Roosevelt Island (01.14.12)
OBSERVATORY: Life Support: Can Architecture Make Us Healthy? (01.06.12)
OBSERVATORY: Beware of the Man in the Glass House (12.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: Andrew Geller: 1924–2011 (12.26.11)
OBSERVATORY: Remembering Gene Summers, 1928–2011 (12.18.11)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch With The Critics: Second-Annual Year-End Awards (12.05.11)
OBSERVATORY: It’s Not (Just) About the Bikes (11.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: Tower Heists (11.14.11)
CHANGE OBSERVER: Majority Report (10.31.11)
OBSERVATORY: Where New York’s Medicis Store their Junk (10.30.11)
OBSERVATORY: Watching Movies about Architecture (and Design) (10.20.11)
OBSERVATORY: Art, Architecture & the Museum (10.14.11)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Supertall (10.03.11)
OBSERVATORY: Juliaan Lampens: An Architecture with Jaws (09.29.11)
OBSERVATORY: Up from Zero (09.21.11)
OBSERVATORY: Rubens as Architect (09.12.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Steampunk Para-Architecture of Second Avenue (09.06.11)
OBSERVATORY: Andrés Duany’s Asian Problem (08.23.11)
OBSERVATORY: Renovations at the Museum (08.16.11)
OBSERVATORY: An Interview with Laurence King (08.09.11)
OBSERVATORY: Cacophony (08.01.11)
OBSERVATORY: Are You Ready for Some Football? (07.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: Shigeru Ban in New York (07.20.11)
OBSERVATORY: Bjarke Ingels Has Something to Sell (07.12.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Technicolor Dream of Make-Do Urbanism (07.08.11)
OBSERVATORY: Big Red: Antwerp’s New MAS Museum (06.30.11)
OBSERVATORY: This City Is Driving Me Nuts (06.24.11)
OBSERVATORY: Philip Johnson’s Synagogue Problem (06.09.11)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Cronocaos (06.02.11)
OBSERVATORY: World War II and the Challenge of the Rational (05.31.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Unsung Genius of Flemish Architecture (05.24.11)
OBSERVATORY: Aimez-Vous Braem? Antwerp’s Little-Known Master (05.16.11)
OBSERVATORY: Juiced in Lyon: Jakob & MacFarlane’s Orange Cube (05.10.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Architecture of the Secret Lair (05.04.11)
OBSERVATORY: Towers in NY (05.03.11)
OBSERVATORY: Justice for the City (05.02.11)
OBSERVATORY: Forgotten New York: The Lenox Library (05.01.11)
OBSERVATORY: Yesterday’s Future, Today (04.18.11)
OBSERVATORY: Postmodernism Returns (Or Maybe It Never Left) (04.15.11)
OBSERVATORY: What Baseball’s Hall of Fame and a Communist Museum Have in Common (04.09.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Plight of the Political Artist (04.05.11)
OBSERVATORY: Paul Rudolph’s Knock-Up Masterpiece (03.29.11)
PLACES: The Architectural Monograph: A Defense (03.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Changing Face of American Architecture (03.14.11)
OBSERVATORY: Jugaad Urbanism and the New Architectural Modesty (03.11.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Baseball Card as Design Inspiration (03.08.11)
OBSERVATORY: What Makes a Moral Practice? (03.07.11)
OBSERVATORY: A Special Kind of Pleasure: Toccata for Toy Trains (02.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: An Empire State of Mind (02.18.11)
OBSERVATORY: Cities from the Sky (02.17.11)
OBSERVATORY: MoCA Loco (02.14.11)
OBSERVATORY: “I’m Staying at the Eero” (02.07.11)
OBSERVATORY: Gerd Arntz: Design Icon (01.20.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Greatest Building in New York (01.10.11)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch With The Critics: Year-End Awards (12.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Once & Future Whitney Museum (12.23.10)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University (12.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: Holiday Books Redux (12.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: British Incursion (12.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Beauty on the Border (12.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Ugliest Object I Have Ever Owned (12.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Chaos & Classicism in NY (11.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: Road Trips: Louwman Museum and Powers Field (11.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: Design Writing: Vital Field or Museum Piece? (11.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: Boom Goes Pop (11.11.10)
OBSERVATORY: Glass Houses (11.09.10)
OBSERVATORY: LOMEX: Paul Rudolph’s Plan for Lower Manhattan (11.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: Trabantimino (10.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: Chased (10.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Modern Views, Home and Abroad (10.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: Wavefield: Maya Lin at Storm King (10.18.10)
OBSERVATORY: Stirling’s Gold (10.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Center of Controversy (10.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: Upside Dome (10.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Dishing on Design Research (09.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: Sukkah City (09.18.10)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows: The Paperback (09.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Old Ballpark in the Bronx (09.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Highboy Hullabaloo (09.11.10)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Park51 & 15 Penn (08.30.10)
OBSERVATORY: At Home with Bob & Denise (08.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: Eero Saarinen at 100 (08.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: The End of the Worldport as We Know It (08.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Philip Johnson’s “Lost” Archive (08.09.10)
OBSERVATORY: Lou Kahn’s Trenton Bath Houses: The Best Buildings in New Jersey? (08.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Do-Gooder Architecture: Then & Now (07.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch with the Critics: Lincoln Center (07.27.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Complexity of Simple Design: A Note on the Shakers (07.26.10)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: The New Lincoln Center (07.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Constructed Landscapes of Chris Berg (07.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows: Paperback (07.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: Spain vs. Holland: The Eighty Years War in 90 Minutes (07.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Philip Johnson’s Plan for America (07.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Coming to America: The Extraordinary Journey of Morris Moel (06.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: Terminal City: I.M. Pei & Philip Johnson at JFK (06.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: Oh, Culture: A Koons at the Seagram Building (06.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Walk the Walk, Take the Design (06.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: An Empire State of Mind (06.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: Lady Di of 117th Street (06.03.10)
OBSERVATORY: BEA 2010: A Recap (05.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: Ballet Schooled (05.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Rubens and the Right (05.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: SOM: They’re #1 (05.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Outlier: Philip Johnson’s Tent of Tomorrow (05.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Dandies at the Ballpark (05.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Gores House (04.23.10)
OBSERVATORY: Staggered Profiles (04.19.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Guru Track (04.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: Philip Johnson: A Biography (04.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: A Very Good Book (04.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Terror and Resilience on the Moscow Metro (03.29.10)
OBSERVATORY: Quarantines, Physical and Otherwise (03.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: Artist! Lover! Swordsman! (03.19.10)
OBSERVATORY: A Matter of Perspective? (03.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Bruce Graham, 1925-2010 (03.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Raimund Abraham, 2010 (03.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: Writer's Voice (03.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Double Vision: Did David Burdeny Copy Sze Tsung Leong? (02.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: The New Barnes: Triumph or Travesty? (02.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: Three Days in Vegas (02.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: London Calling (02.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: What Am I Doing Here? Tall Buildings and High Anxiety in Las Vegas (02.19.10)
OBSERVATORY: Overkill, Design Publishing Dept. (02.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: Observing Design (02.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: (Not) Basic Training (01.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: Big Book, Small Reward (01.19.10)
OBSERVATORY: Big City, Big Game (01.11.10)
OBSERVATORY: Ralph Rapson: Forgotten Hero of Design Merch (01.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: Criticizing the Critics (01.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Rubens for the Holidays (12.19.09)
OBSERVATORY: Good Night Old Friend: ID Magazine Closes After 55 Years (12.18.09)
OBSERVATORY: Talking Rubens with Leonard Lopate (12.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: The City in Pictures (12.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows: A Telegraph Book of the Year (12.07.09)
OBSERVATORY: "Compelling" & "Important": The L.A. Times Praises Master of Shadows (12.01.09)
OBSERVATORY: Dankuwel Antwerpen! (11.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Big Stage (11.11.09)
OBSERVATORY: Adoration: Library Journal on Master of Shadows: "An Exceptional Book" (11.11.09)
OBSERVATORY: From Bauhaus to My House (11.03.09)
OBSERVATORY: A Renaissance Who Dunnit (11.02.09)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows: Highbrow + Brilliant (11.02.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Shadow Master — Live on Halloween Eve (10.31.09)
OBSERVATORY: Half King Reading (10.27.09)
OBSERVATORY: Good Morning Cleveland! (10.22.09)
OBSERVATORY: Rubens & Obama: Birds of a Feather (10.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows: Reception (10.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows — In Stores Now — New York Event (10.20.09)
OBSERVATORY: Peter Paul Rubens: Graphic Designer (10.19.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Art of Diplomacy (10.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: A Bibliophile's Revelation (10.09.09)
OBSERVATORY: Tiepolo Pink (10.02.09)
OBSERVATORY: We Regret to Inform You That Love Will Not Save the Day (09.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Ron Arad at MoMA (09.22.09)
OBSERVATORY: People of the Book (09.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Underground Architects (09.20.09)
OBSERVATORY: Fire at Rubens's St. Charles Borromeo (08.30.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Lion of Belgium (08.29.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Om in Home: Kripalu's New Dorm (08.28.09)
OBSERVATORY: Auto-Matic Abstraction (08.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: Rough-Cut Redux: Amazon Makes A Change We Can Believe In (08.23.09)
OBSERVATORY: On "Master of Shadows" (08.22.09)
OBSERVATORY: Barrington Fair (08.20.09)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows: The Jacket (08.19.09)
OBSERVATORY: Too Much Stuff (08.18.09)
OBSERVATORY: Rough Cut (08.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Curious Architecture of Albert Spalding (08.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: Belgium: A Note on the Type (08.05.09)
OBSERVATORY: Ballparks Redux (07.31.09)
OBSERVATORY: Peace + Joy (07.29.09)
OBSERVATORY: Blriot! The Centennial of a Historic Flight (07.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Photographs of Sze Tsung Leong (07.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Play Ball: The Last Word on New York's New Ballparks (07.22.09)
OBSERVATORY: Advance Praise for Master of Shadows (07.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Ezra & Julius (07.20.09)
OBSERVATORY: A Plea for Crazy in Architecture (07.17.09)
OBSERVATORY: Live Fast, Die Young (07.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: Sex or Biking? (07.15.09)
OBSERVATORY: A Deal's a Deal: Significant Objects (07.14.09)
OBSERVATORY: Design Your Life (07.13.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Folly of Man (07.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: Architecture for Sale (Wright vs. Johnson) (07.08.09)
OBSERVATORY: Nazdorovye! (07.07.09)
OBSERVATORY: Antwerp Central (07.06.09)
OBSERVATORY: Ovid: On Picking Up Girls (Literally) (07.03.09)
OBSERVATORY: Delayed Gratification: On Architectural Criticism (07.02.09)
OBSERVATORY: Really Great Gatsby (07.01.09)
OBSERVATORY: No More Neon on the Novy Arbat (06.30.09)
OBSERVATORY: Meet James Ensor (06.29.09)
OBSERVATORY: MAS Macho (06.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Most Beautiful Crapper in the World (06.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Kosher in Antwerp (06.23.09)
OBSERVATORY: Lamsterdam (06.23.09)
OBSERVATORY: European Holiday (06.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: Bottom of the Ninth (06.15.09)
OBSERVATORY: Red Star (06.12.09)
OBSERVATORY: Moscow's Jewish Museum (06.11.09)
OBSERVATORY: All in the Family (06.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: House in the Hills (06.07.09)
OBSERVATORY: Tormented Youth (06.05.09)
OBSERVATORY: Bowery on the Beach? (06.02.09)
OBSERVATORY: BEA Report: 10 Fall Books (+1) for Your Library (05.30.09)
OBSERVATORY: Urban Camouflage (05.27.09)
OBSERVATORY: Memorial Day (05.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: How We Decide (05.19.09)
OBSERVATORY: On Muses (05.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: Triumph of the Will (Or, Everything Old Is New Again) (05.14.09)
OBSERVATORY: Back to the Future (05.11.09)
OBSERVATORY: Tbilisi's Hotel Iveria: A Defense (05.07.09)
OBSERVATORY: Friendship's Offering (04.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Internally Yours (04.23.09)
OBSERVATORY: Curse of the Bambino Strikes Again! (04.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: Auction Block (04.15.09)
OBSERVATORY: Theirs Go to Twaalf (04.14.09)
OBSERVATORY: Bronx Cheer (04.09.09)
OBSERVATORY: Thomas Jefferson: (Henpecked) Jewish President (04.08.09)
OBSERVATORY: Look Both Ways: On the Streets of Philadelphia (04.07.09)
OBSERVATORY: Wiretapped! (04.06.09)
OBSERVATORY: UnMonumental (03.29.09)
OBSERVATORY: De meester van de schaduw (03.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Fishin' for Glory (03.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Access Denied (03.17.09)
OBSERVATORY: Splendor on the Grass (03.12.09)
OBSERVATORY: Seattle PI: RIP (03.07.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Best of NY: Yours Truly (03.05.09)
OBSERVATORY: Save the Library Redux (03.05.09)
OBSERVATORY: After Peter Paul Rubens (Long After) (02.28.09)
OBSERVATORY: Save the Library (02.26.09)
OBSERVATORY: Planet M (02.20.09)
OBSERVATORY: Defending Alice (02.20.09)
OBSERVATORY: Michael Jackson, Automotive Designer (02.17.09)
OBSERVATORY: Annals of Branding, Redux (02.17.09)
OBSERVATORY: Roid Rage (02.08.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Real Thing (02.06.09)
OBSERVATORY: Pastrami on Rye (02.05.09)
OBSERVATORY: Complaint Dept. (Redux) (01.23.09)
OBSERVATORY: A Letter to the President (01.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Master of Shadows: The Cover (01.15.09)
OBSERVATORY: Who Needs Two? (01.14.09)
OBSERVATORY: Mooses (01.13.09)
OBSERVATORY: If the Wire Cast Was a Football Team (01.11.09)
OBSERVATORY: Complaint Dept. (01.09.09)
OBSERVATORY: Le Corbusier: Tres Grand (01.08.09)
OBSERVATORY: Malcolm and Alex (01.06.09)
OBSERVATORY: Yankee Stadium: Remembered (01.01.09)
OBSERVATORY: Memories of Yankee Stadium (12.29.08)
OBSERVATORY: Practice Does Not Make Perfect (12.25.08)
OBSERVATORY: A Horrible Machine (12.25.08)
OBSERVATORY: How the West Was Lost (12.20.08)
PLACES: The City and the Stream (09.19.07)
OBSERVATORY: Return of the Prodigal Son (04.17.06)
OBSERVATORY: Seeing Red (01.01.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Collector (01.01.05)
OBSERVATORY: Notes From the Other Georgia (01.01.04)