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Accidental Mysteries

Accidental Mysteries is an online curiosity shop of extraordinary things, mined from the depths of the online world and brought to you each week by John Foster, a writer, designer and longtime collector of self-taught art and vernacular photography. “I enjoy the search for incredible, obscure objects that challenge, delight and amuse my eye. More so, I enjoy sharing these discoveries with the diverse and informed readers of Design Observer.”

Editor's Note: All images are copyright of their original owners.

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Comments [3]

John, you've gathered a cool gallery of photos here. Delighted to see my shot of the Prince's Hamburgers sign included in the group!
Molly Block (@mollyblock)

This hits the spot for those of us who love old signs. A local gem was recently painted over. So glad I grabbed some shots of the Ding How classic Chinese restaurant sign on old Route 66 in Amarillo before it was defaced.

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