Redesiging the Parking Sign

Nikki Sylianteng's redesigned parking sign with feedback. Image: Nikki Sylianteng. Via: Wired

Nikki Sylianteng was sick of getting parking tickets. Her solution: redesign the signsIn a profile on Wired:
Sylianteng has been going around Manhattan and Brooklyn hanging up rogue revamped parking signs. “A friend of mine called it functional graffiti,” she says. She’ll stick a laminated version right below the city-approved version and ask drivers to leave comments. In that way, Sylianteng’s design is still a distance from being a reality, but so far, she’s gotten pretty good feedback. “One person wrote: ‘This is awesome. The mayor should hire you.’”
Her ideas aren't without their flaws, but this kind of guerilla design combined with user feedback seems worthy of our attention: design vigilantism or public art? You make the call.

Changes in Sylianteng's parking signs addressing some of the flaws. Image: Nikki Sylianteng. Via: Wired

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Comments [2]
Neat idea, but if NYC Parking Authority is anything like MTA, they're going to order her to take it down.

Yeah design is definitely in the right direction but too hard to read from the road. Last year, when the NYC Parking Authority started putting up their redesigned parking signs, I also thought I could design them better so I did and blogged about the process. Check it out here:
Christopher Calabrese

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