Eric Baker

Today, 03.07.09

Here are Today’s images.

Eric Baker Design Associates is a Manhattan-based design firm established in 1986. Eric teaches the history of graphic design and corporate identity at the School of Visual Arts, and has twice received National Endowment for the Arts Grants for independent design history projects. He is inveterate collector of books and ephemera. Editor's Note: All images link to their original source and are copyright their original owners.

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Comments [15]
this is one of the better collections that I have seen lately...It really made me inspired...I just want to let you know that I keep my favorite ones in a personal folder so that I can look back at what catches my a burgeoning artist It really helps to keep me looking forward and appreciating what has gone before

Thank You :)

WOW!!! How amazing and creative this guy is! Rock on!
He has inspire me a ton, what a great collection. His works seems to come to live, speaks to me, with the crayon's technique and paper WHAT!! is outrageous. So far the best I seen in years. When we think everything has been done. I don't think so, there is always room to create something new..

Thank you for the inspiration :D

Karla Rios student of EN322 Ms SCherr

“Text Pieces” by Stefan Brüggemann.
I Enjoy this collection, first of all because I always want to do this to my apt walls. Also because every quote relates differently to each individual. It makes me wonders, takes me back in my memories. and I love the simplicity of it. Like it A LOT!

Thank YOU!
Karla Rios student of EN322 Ms SCherr on 03.08.09 at 02:21

Sweet vintage pieces. This helps me justify my collection of Fortune from the 30s and 40s and a flat file filled with other ephemera that catches my eye. I especially love Fortune Magazine because it is always chock full of amazing photography and great writing. You can tell people had more time to read and actually absorb an article that had some substance.

I know it sounds completely corny -- but they are filled with a pure design -- without the trickery that comes with photoshop and digital typesetting. There is a lot to be learned from absorbing the classics.

Thanks for the lovely visuals,

Madge McInerny

I Love the concept behind these pictures. I love the irony of it all, especially shown in the piece with the graffiti on the wall saying "I know I have lost" but it's ironic, because those graffiti artists never really lost, they got their message on the wall like they had wanted..
Michelle S. EN322

The vintage atomic energy set I think is great, it links to even more art nuovo stuff including some ray guns. I like how simple and graphic the posters are, yet they convey a lot of information.
Professor Chaos

Keep Britain tidy is great. He's so happy to do his part!

These are great designs!! Different media used together to create endless possibilities and using just photography or showing a table by itself reveal the creativity and beauty of the piece. I especially like the simple designs like the record, the blue table and poster for keep Britain Tidy even though I like them all.
Maura Spellman

something about those hexagons of color and the link to the artist's site about pixels, jogs my memory.

i love these designs. They are very retro style. I really like the tool box. All the small pieces are well organised. Great color choice. Very appealing.
Kerry Z.

I love those chairs. It definitely makes you rethink about what a chair can look like while still being functional. I appears that these might be for lefties.

I really appreciate all these designs and how they are grouped together. It is interesting to see multiple colors working together, which often I am afraid to do. And than to see it in the same set as black & white designs. This set is a great example how past designs continually influence todays.
Allison R

I find the "Keep Britain Tidy" piece very clever and eye-catching. Both its colors and its composition help make this image so dynamic.

All marvelous, but my favorite bit may be the tiny little "O" mark on the Olivetti image. That's so good it hurts.

I would really like to have the "Keep Britain Tidy"-poster on my kitchen wall.


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