Week in Review: 10.13.12

This week on Design Observer:

Richard Campanella showed what the nation’s best-educated amateur planners learned from Hurricane Isaac. And Gustav. And Rita and Katrina. And Cindy, Ivan, Lili, Isidore, and Georges.

Alexandra Lange had fun at the MoMA with blocks, rocket ships, playgrounds and balls.

Jeremy Till pondered the difference between scarcity and austerity.

Rob Walker listened to some retail sounds.

Accidental Mysteries explored the Japanese tradition of kintsugi.

Rick Poyner visited the musuem of communicating objects.

Jude Stweart watched the world's smahing-ist kid's TV show.

OBlog showed us beautiful 4-D lettering, cardboard masks and paper wings. It also let us know about the Tracy Metz Sweet + Salt book tour and a screening of Adam Harrison Levy's movie Selling the Sixties.

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