John Thackara is a writer, speaker and design producer, and director of Doors of Perception. In addition to this blog, he is the author of twelve books including In The Bubble: Designing In A Complex World and Wouldn’t It Be Great If….


John Thackara is a writer, speaker and design producer, and director of Doors of Perception. In addition to this blog, he is the author of twelve books including In The Bubble: Designing In A Complex World and Wouldn’t It Be Great If…. People seem most impressed by the fact that he once drove a big red London bus.

John lives in the small market town of Ganges, in southern France, with his wife, Kristi van Riet and his dog, a Carne Corso called Dora.

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Before he started blogging here, John Thackara sent out a monthly email newsletter, Doors of Perception Report, which was also about the restorative economy, social innovation and design. That newsletter’s archives are here.

John Thackara
When Tech In Care Is Evil

I spent the last two weeks in-and-around a care home in England that looks after people with dementia and terminal illness, and their families – including, this time, mine.

John Thackara
Food As A Commons

People go hungry not because of a shortage of production, but because the food available is too expensive, or they lack the land to grow it on. In California, the prototype of a combined social, political and technical solution has been launched which promises to unlock the food system crisis.

John Thackara
Presence and Encounter — How We Meet Is As Important As Why

I’m not suggesting that we abandon social media — just that we cultivate a hybrid approach so whenever someone says “online” someone else says, “and what about offline?”. Or when we find ourselves inside, someone else says: “and when do we go outside?”

John Thackara
Keep Your Stuff Alive

What would fashion be like if it was more than a an act of consumption with no meaning beyond the point of sale? What kind of system would improve the quality of our fashion experience without increasing the quantity we consume?

John Thackara
Cloud Commuting

A two-year project in Belgium proposes new relationships between people, goods, energy, equipment, spaces, and value. Its design objective: a networked mobility ecosystem.

John Thackara
A ‘Wild Mirror’ For Desk-Bound Workers

A new scheme in England connects office workers with living systems by means of a ‘wild mirror’: each workspace is twinned with an equivalent area of ecosystem regeneration.

John Thackara
Summer Xskool in Sweden

This year’s Doors of Perception Summer Xskool explores what it can mean in practice to move from a ‘do less harm’ approach to sustainability to a practice of leave things better.

John Thackara
Energy: Thriving On Five Percent?

Energy requirements per person in modern times are 60 times higher than our ancestors. How do we sustain that need as populations also increase?

John Thackara
Caloryville: The Two-Wheeled City

In China, ‘battery-bikes’ are outselling cars by four-to-one. Pedelec sales are soaring in Europe, too. Is this the start of system-wide phase-shift in transportation?

John Thackara
Conflict and Design

A review of the design triennial in Belgium on the theme of Conflict and Design.

John Thackara
Shoe City vs Sole Rebels

Two radically opposed models of development are being born in Ethiopia at the same time. One is small, local, socially fair, and ecologically respectful. The other takes the globalisation of fashion to a new and more destructive level.

John Thackara
A Whole New Cloth: Politics and the Fashion System

In fashion, despite more than 400 eco labels, an incremental ‘do less harm’ approach has addressed the symptoms, but not the principal cause, of our difficulties: an economy based on perpetual growth in a finite world.

John Thackara
The Dementia Care Economy

A proposition for the economy of ‘disease-modifying therapy’ for dementia.

John Thackara
Ecuador, Open Knowledge, and ‘Buen Vivir’: Interview With Michel Bauwens

John Thackara
Dementia: Care Before Cure

John Thackara
John Thackara on Avatar

On this episode of Insights Per Minute John Thackara impresses us with thoughts on the brain and why Avatar is real.

John Thackara
Desert of the Real

John Thackara
Designing In A Complex World: Two Talks In Mexico City

Two upcoming talks from John Thackara in Mexico City.

John Thackara
Ways of Knowing

John Thackara's contrubution to the book Gallery of the Senses, that explores the ways we expereince the contemporary world through sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

John Thackara
Speed? What Speed? Prisoners of Speed, by Ivan Illich

John Thackara
Speed? What Speed? The Belly-Dance Drummer, by Matthias Rieger

John Thackara
Speed? What Speed? The Falcon, by Sebastian Trapp

Field biologist Sebastian Trapp on Frederic the Second's book, On the Art of Hunting with Birds.

John Thackara

John Thackara
Connecting With The Other

John Thackara
Between Sorrel And Supertanker

John Thackara reviews the recent Doors of Perception xskool.

John Thackara
Xskool, Sweden, August

John Thackara
Green Tourism: Why It Failed And How It Can Succeed

John Thackara
Trust Is Not An Algorithm

John Thackara
Cycle Commerce As An Ecosystem

John Thackara
Paranoid But Pretty

A review of Matthias Megyeri's new show at the German Architecture Center, and a review of the question the exhibition inspires: "Are we safer?"

John Thackara
A Roof, A Skill, A Market

The Nubian Vault Association has evolved a unique approach to housing in West Africa that creates three kinds of value within local economies: a roof, a skill and a market.

John Thackara
Big, Hairy, and Agile

John Thackara
The Ecozoic City

John Thackara
Artefact as Campfire: Where People and Living Systems Meet

John Thackara
Cycle Commerce: The Red Blood Cells of a Smart City

Dehli's many millions of bicycle and rickshaw vendors embody the entrepreneurship, sustainable mobility, social innovation and thriving local economies, that a sustainable city needs. How can that be traslated to European cities?

John Thackara
An Open Design School for India

Plans in India for for a nationwide network of 20 Design Innovation Centres, an Open Design School, and a National Design Innovation Network.

John Thackara
Healing The Metabolic Rift

John Thackara
German Government Think-Tank Supports Fringe Change Agents

Overview of the 400-page report World in Transition: A Social Contract for Sustainability from the German Advisory Council on Climate Change (WGBU), the heavyweight scientific body that advises the German Federal Government on ‘Earth System Megatrends’.

John Thackara
Venice: from Gated Lagoon to Bioregion

A review of the options that Venice faces in trying to shore up the city.

John Thackara
From Autobahn to Bioregion

John Thackara
Transition Dogville

John Thackara
How To Manage a Constellation

To solve complex and interconnected human-environment challenges, like the death of the Baltic Sea, we need to build ‘social-ecological coalitions’ or ‘constellations’.

John Thackara
Old Growth

John Thackara
Top Down Nature

An overview of Bordeaux 55,000: a project to explore ‘how best to transform 55,000 hectares (136,000 acres) into natural areas’.

John Thackara
What Is, Or Is Not, a ‘Green Job’?

John Thackara
The Other Green Economy

People the world over are divided between radically different conceptions of their future: resource-intensive production on the one side, versus regenerative land-based enterprises, and mosaics of micro-enterprises, on the other.

John Thackara
Why Bill Gates Needs To Listen To More Gamelan Music

John Thackara
Love vs Power In Iceland

The imposition of heavy industry onto a fragile ecological-social situation is an easier sell when the alternatives on offer can be portrayed as feeble.

John Thackara
The Hidden Costs of Tiger Water

John Thackara
Why White Is Wicked

John Thackara
Who Is the Arne Jacobsen of Urban Food?

Urban farming is a cool design topic these days – but if we’re to make a serious impact on the global food system, we need to show meaningful solidarity with its victims in distant places, too.

John Thackara
Istanbul: City of Seeds

John Thackara
‘Beyond Good Intentions’ – The Movie

A new documentary hopes to answer the question "What happens in a disaster area after the initial wave of support?"

John Thackara
Oil-Powered Thinking

John Thackara
Blood Minerals and Cellphones

Exploring the social and environmental back-story of electronic products and potential solutions.

John Thackara
It’s Not Just The Bags

Design + Craft: The Brazilian Path by Adelia Borges explores the complex relationship between designers from the Northern hemishphere and indigenous artists in the Southern hemisphere, specifically craft communities in Brazil.

John Thackara
Regarding The Pain Of The Planet: A Reader

John Thackara
Zurich Eco Lab

John Thackara
Design In The Light of Dark Energy

John Thackara
A Reading List for Mr. Mario Monti

A (mostly) online list of readings for the new Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Mario Monti, and anyone else who is ready for a cold hard look at our energy resources and options.

John Thackara
Beer and Solidarity

John Thackara
Roasted by a Chicken

Jobs and money are in short supply — probably forever. Are there ways that design can add new value to sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, exchanging & swapping?

John Thackara
Virtual Boring Agent

The Virtual Boarding Agent Orly Airport in Paris. It's spooky, clever and very well executed — and most people seem to ignore it after a first casual glance.

John Thackara
Navy Yard, GradComD, Brown Bag, Hard Hat

Talks and encounters in the US next week. I hope to see some of you there.

John Thackara
A Reading List for Mr. Monti

John Thackara
Why Walls Need Floors

The artist has worked with the knowledge that most of his site-and time-specific specific works are destined to disappear. Why?

John Thackara
From Milk to Superfoods: Supping with the Devil?

John Thackara
From Druids to Biorefineries: Innovation in a Small Nation

John Thackara
How Do You Make a Website for Transition?

John Thackara
Design and Health: Flipping the Pyramid

John Thackara
Turn-Key Food Hives

John Thackara
The Compost Candidates

The movement for a global democracy is an ecology, not a single homogeneous movement.

John Thackara
Carrot City: Design’s New Shtick

John Thackara reviews a new book from Monacelli Press which marks the coming of age of urban agriculture: Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban Agriculture.

John Thackara
5% Health: The Risk of Catabolic Collapse and Peak Fat in Modern Health Systems

The writer, at Mayo Clinic's "Transform" conference, asks: Are high-end medical systems the best place to focus design's creative capacity?

John Thackara
World Capital of Wellbeing

John Thackara
Iceland: Eaten Alive, or Growing to Live?

Exploding the myth of Iceland's "green" energy — with alternative suggestions

John Thackara
In Praise of the Feral: Update on Xskool

John Thackara
From Powerpoint to Permaculture, From Me to We

John Thackara
Lean Logic: A Dictionary For The Future and How To Survive It

John Thackara
Ten Ways to Redesign Design Competitions

How to improve design competitions aimed at social good.

John Thackara
Life is a Picnic in the Fertile City

If you're in Paris before July 24, a spectacular exhibition called The Fertile City: Towards An Urban Nature is well worth a visit.

John Thackara
Edible Architecture

John Thackara
Knife Sharpening

Last week I was taught how to sharpen our kitchen knives by a wood carver, Howard Raybould, who's been honing his technique for 30 years

John Thackara
Shoe Town to Brew Town

John Thackara
How to Make Systems Thinking Sexy

John Thackara's 2011 Buckminster Fuller Challenge keynote address.

John Thackara
Geeked-out Gardening

A “computer that runs your garden” also known as an Automated Garden Facility (AGF), also known as Garduino.

John Thackara
Open Season on Dutch Cultural Innovation

In a memorandum titled More than Quality the Dutch Arts Minister Halbe Zijlstra has announced savage cuts to the country's arts budget

John Thackara
The High-Tech Permaculture Metabolic Engine Greenhouse

Interview with industrial ecologist Eva Gladek about a net-zero-impact urban farm system called Polydome.

John Thackara

This was a first for me: witnessing first-hand a Kickstarter project cross the line and go live.

John Thackara
Bad taps, Good taps

John Thackara
Sweat Equity Infra

John Thackara
From Ecstasy to Exergy: Running Out of Easy Copper

John Thackara
From Participatory Mapping to Coastal Livelihoods

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge, finalist presentations are taking place in New York City on Wednesday June 8, 6-8pm.

John Thackara
Energy: A Sense of Loss

John Thackara
Open: A Survival Issue

A new book from the Dutch publisher Bis, Open Design Now, includes essays, cases and visuals on various issues of Open Design.

John Thackara
A Smooth Journey

Two images have preoccupied me in recent days.

John Thackara
From Eds & Meds to Farms and Watersheds

John Thackara
Rotterdam: Where Time is no Longer Money

John Thackara
Off-Grid Water

Strategies and resources for water conservation.

John Thackara
Why Does Laura Bush’s Friend Want to Poison Our Water?

John Thackara
Does Bilbao Need Another Guggenheim?

Ideas for remaking Basque country that go far beyond fancy architecture.

John Thackara
Utopia is Here

John Thackara
Collapse of Civilization Tango

They say that the last days of Rome were culturally rich — and the same seems to be the case in our own times.

John Thackara
From Bankster HQ to Start-up Central in Iceland

The Start-Up Kids is a documentary about young entrepreneurs who have founded web and media startups in the US and Europe.

John Thackara
Can Thermal Perception Change Behavior?

A premise of Joseph Giacomin's new book 
Thermal is that global warming is hard to ignore when you view the world through thermal eyes.

John Thackara
Images de Pensée

John Thackara
Work Faster, India!

“Work faster, get time for life.” I just got back from a short trip to India where this insane slogan adorned a poster at a bus stop. It pretty much sums up a febrile mood in Delhi where it was announced during my stay that India's economy will grow by nine percent next year.

John Thackara
What Kind of Design Institutes for India?

An influential group of design thought-leaders has launched a campaign called VisionFirst that calls for a “rigorous co-creation process to bring clarity to the models of design education that India should seek.”

John Thackara
Africa: Where Events Are King

John Thackara interviews Mugendi M’Rithaa.

John Thackara
Bangkok Cable Ways

One of the reasons we underestimate the sheer physical mass of our power and information networks is that they're hidden from view. But not in Bangkok.

John Thackara
UK Design Policy Becomes Multi-Scalar

An interesting rebound effect of public spending cuts in the UK is that the UK Design Council and CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) are to merge.

John Thackara
Ultra Modern

John Thackara
Renewable Energy: Salvation or Snake Oil?

Critique of The Energy Report published by the World Wildlife Fund, which asserts that the world's energy needs could be met by alternative sources.

John Thackara
If It’s Not the Destination and It’s Not the Journey...

John Thackara
I am Compost

Something special is happening in France. A 73 year old Algerian-born farmer, philosopher and environmentalist is beginning to impact not just on the electoral process, but the culture of this resolutely human-centered, nature-dominating country.

John Thackara
Spaced Out in a Flat World

Tom Friedman's book The World Is Flat 3.0: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century (2005) is filled with anecdotes about change in different parts of the world that threaten our fat-cat lifestyles in the North.

John Thackara
The Service Ecology of a City

John Thackara
How the Banks Want to Make China Sick — and Broke

Is it me, or are some banking people incredibly stupid as well as being venal and sociopathic?

John Thackara
The Gram Junkies: In Transportation Design the Key Issue Is Not Speed, but Weight

In the matter of mobility and modern transportation we all need to become gram junkies.

John Thackara
Afghan Culture Museum

A project to create a virtual museum of Afghan culture has been launched in Paris by an independent producer, Pascale Bastide.

John Thackara
Plan B "Best Architecture Book of the Year" in the Netherlands

My book Plan B: Ontwerpen in een Complexe Wereld (Plan B: Designing In A Complex World) has been selected by the influential magazine de Architect as their best architecture book of the year.

John Thackara
UnBox: Where Next for Design in India?

UnBox, a three day festival in Delhi, in February, brings together creative collectives from around India.

John Thackara
The Unwatched Swatch?

John Thackara
What Should Design Researchers Research? Report from 2020

John Thackara
Use Fewer Words — Or Less Ink?

John Thackara
Has Venice Cracked the Bottled Water Conundrum?

Italians are the leading consumers of bottled water in the world, the solution to the waste was to created a brand name for Venice’s tap water — Acqua Veritas.

John Thackara
This is Not an Object

John Thackara
Green Issues in Communication Design

Why do companies get environmental awards for polluting less, even though they are still polluting?

John Thackara
Jellyfish Farm

Scientists warn that most natural seafood could disappear by 2048.

John Thackara
In the Air of Madrid

Our world is awash in eco information, but starved of meaning.

John Thackara
Look — Or Connect?

In a photography and book project called Shelter Henk Wildschut documents found shelters. Perhaps we should not judge these images by what they make *us* feel, but by which they cause to connect, with the people they portray.

John Thackara
Is an Environmentally Neutral Car Possible?

John Thackara
A Tale of Two Trains

High-speed transportation systems in Norway vs. India: One step forward? Or two steps back?

John Thackara
Unplugged, But Not Alone

John Thackara
Design Steps to Heaven

John Thackara
Leave Nothing But Footsteps

“Take nothing but memories” Kalack concludes “and leave nothing but footsteps”.

John Thackara
A Lesson from Cornwall

I've always loved lichen. I found this one in Cornwall’s Biodiversity Action Plan and chose it as a beautiful asset that already exists in the county.

John Thackara
From Easter Island to Three Mile Island

You don't need to know how a combustion engine works to drive your car to work. Why should you need to know anything about the programming behind the pixels just to get around the web?

John Thackara
WeWare [September 2010]

Report on John Chris Jones, cooperative traditions of Finland, a new "green" school in London, changing the weather, The Buckminster Fuller Challenge, and more.

John Thackara
Could Green Energy Kill the Desert?

Large scale wind power might not be as green as you think.

John Thackara
From Doomers to Do-ers [July 2010]

Report on peak oil, a way to live longer, a raw materials crisis in green technology, food and finance links, the death of the local food movement, and more.

John Thackara
Whole, Whole on the Range [June 2010]

Report on the degredation of Earth's grasslands, using mobile devices to help Uganda, lies about food production, composting in London, a new food co-op, and more.

John Thackara
Whole, Whole on the Range

As a juror on the 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge, John Thackara reviews the highlight.

John Thackara
What Should Design Critics Write About?

Address to MFA students in the School of Visual Arts' Design Criticism program, April 30, 2010.

John Thackara
Requiem For A Species – And For Lunch [April 2010]

Report on farmed meat, transition towns, carbon emissions, economy, 01SJ Biennial, and more.

John Thackara
Who Will Control Global Urine Flows? [March 2010]

Report on "poor washing," sustainable sewage systems, defence spending, book events in the Netherlands, the Open Green Map iPhone app, and more.

John Thackara
Line Loss [January 2010]

Report on greener paper, virtual presence, the problem with videoconferencing, Avatar, innovation in France, and more.

John Thackara
Letters From Sri Lanka [December 2009]

Report on King Parakramabahu, ethical fashion, H&M dispoable fashion, ethical cotton, fair trade, and more.

John Thackara
In Halifax With Antigonishts [November 2009]

Report on Four Days in Halifax, peak oil, Center for the Built Environment, Lifeboat Workshops, the Hub Halifax, and more.

John Thackara
Letter From Poznan [October 2009]

Report on Poznan, Polish agriculture, EU policies, ecological food systems, fish systems, and more.

John Thackara
John Thackara Answers Your Questions

John Thackara answers questions from the readers of DESIGN 21.

John Thackara
Design & Development: Interview with 4baq

John Thakra discusses sustainability, design and development with 4baq.

John Thackara
Get Out of Your Tents!

In an interview with OK Do, John Thackara urges us to do real things in the real world.

John Thackara
Fish Systems and Design

Though gloomy predictions say we could see the end of seafood by 2048, several initiatives are rethinking the way we acquire fish.

John Thackara
GDP As a Doomsday Machine [August 2009]

Report on reusing an office block in Sao Paulo, food stamps, California's education budget, urban farming, Slow Money, and more.

John Thackara
From Philanthrocapitalism to An Eco-Social Economy

"Design for social impact" is a very troubling phrase.

John Thackara
The Internet of Things

Should we be sprinkling technological devices across the planet like dust?

John Thackara
Gone Transitioning [June 2009]

Report on transition towns in China, Monumento in Sao Paulo, Bernardo Secchi and Paolo Vigano, Norwegian architecture, foodprinting, and more.

John Thackara
Make Sense, Not Stuff

John Thackara presents a three-step plan to connect design schools to the green economy.

John Thackara
Doctors with iPhones

The neighborhood doctor is back — and this time, he has an iPhone.

John Thackara
With the i-Borg in New York [May 2009]

Report on idling fines in New York City, Hello Health, All Day Buffet, Hungry New York, the High Line, and more.

John Thackara
Design in a Therm-industrial Society [April 2009]

Report on connecting design with the green community, the connection between Britain's food and oil supply, Green Platform, author David McKay, Transition Towns, and more.

John Thackara
Tweets From America [March 2009]

Report on the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) conference, the Sustainable Business MBA at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), IslandWood, Illuminate learning, Johnson and Johnson's social media strategy, and more.

John Thackara
The Innovator Next Door

Whether it's narrowly defining innovation as technology, or imposing solutions on communities, John Thackara discusses the mistakes made by large companies.

John Thackara
Bottle Half-Full Edition [February 2009]

Report on In the Bubble, Experiencing Sustainability in Vancouver, the design of sustainable water systems, the Planning Center, City Eco Lab, and more.

John Thackara
City Eco Lab – From Open Money to VeloWalas [November 2008]

Report on City Eco Lab Encounters, Velo Walas, Ecosoft, Design Imperatives, design for mobility, and more.

John Thackara
Tribal Currencies [October 2008]

Report on the money system, City Eco Lab, the high risk of flooding in London, what architects would design if they did not design buildings, the Bioneers conference, and more.

John Thackara
City Eco Lab @ 70 Days to Go [September 2008]

Report on City Eco Lab, Casino's green labeling scheme, In the Bubble book launch, sustainable architecture, John Michael Greer's The Long Descent, and more.

John Thackara
Alternative Trade Networks and the Coffee System

Alterative trade networks are emerging in the coffee industry, attempting to eliminate the middle man.

John Thackara
Eating Spin [August 2008]

Report on In the Bubble in Italian, Climate Camp, British supermarkets and emergency food reserves, trash sorting, designing for resiliance, and more.

John Thackara
Design for Resilience [July 2008]

Report on sustainability projects for under-16s, Energey Descent Action Planning (EDAP), learning from Africa, Australian treasury official Ken Henry, Hungry City, and more.

John Thackara
We Are All Emerging Economies Now

I recently received an invitation to discuss design and development with a wonderful group of design peers in a beautiful location. But I have decided to decline the invitation. Why?

John Thackara
Mapping Ecosystem Services [June 2008]

Report on City Eco Lab at the Cite du Design biennial, the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), FSC certification, Setting Standards for Sustainable Design, the Centre for Knowledge Societies' report on economic life in several countries, and more.

John Thackara
City Eco Lab [April 2008]

Report on City Eco Lab, the Dott 07 manual, Kate Fletcher's Sustinable Fashion and Textiles, a cashless economy with MTN Nigeria,Chris Bradshaw's opinions on transportation, and more.

John Thackara
From MySpace to Fake Space

Traveling without moving has become an economic and environmental imperative. Matter is more expensive than energy; energy than information; it is cheaper to move information, than people or things. So what is to stop us moving less and and telecommunicating more?

John Thackara
Travels in Uncanny Valley [March 2008]

Report on substitutes for mobility, the Dott 07 wrap event, the Dott 07 manual, Social Innovation Camp, Dam Nation, and more.

John Thackara
Of Doomers and Bottle Fillers [January 2008]

Report on "doomers," Tools for Survival, the legacy of Dott 07, Dott's Eco Design Challenge, Pixelache University, and more.

John Thackara
Tools for Sustainability: Sao Paulo Workshop [December 2007]

Report on the Doors of Perception workshop in Sao Paulo, the Dott 07 manual, the Dott podcast, tracking travel carbon emissions, the UK's NAtional Endowment for Scient Technology and the Arts (NESTA), and more.

John Thackara
Better Lives With Less Stuff [October 2007]

Report on the "Wouldn't it be great if…" Dott 07 debates, Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash, Rick Bookstaber's A Demon of Our Own Design, Core77's Hack2School special, and more.

John Thackara
Dott Debates Announced + Custard Pies [August 2007]

Report on the Dott 07 debates, the debate on transport and tourism, design and sexual health, Dott 07's Alzheimer 100, food systems, and more.

John Thackara
Design for (Im)mobility: Interview with Domus

John Thackera defines and explains the importance of ethnoecology.

John Thackara
How High Is the Climate Change Bar? [July 2007]

Report on Public Available Specification (PAS), resource wars, slow trade, sustainable tourism, Jan Chipchase's thoughts on mobile essentials, and more.

John Thackara
What Will Sustainable Tourism Be Like? [May 2007]

Report on Mapping the Necklace in Durham, the Dott Design Camp, the second meeting of Doors 9, the Picture House exhibition in England, Creative Communities, and more.

John Thackara
Food Systems: The Design Agenda [April 2007]

Report on Doors of Perception "Juice," David Kester's parliamentarian brief, Torin Geodesign, Dwell on Design: The Intelligent House, Dott's Explorer's Club, and more.

John Thackara
Special "Do It" Edition [February 2007]

Report on the Doors of Perception 9 conference, accountability of politicians to recognize sustainable regions, the Necklace Park, the Dott 07 student design challenge, Dott 07 design camp, and more.

John Thackara
Global Place — Or is it a Hat?

We must view the world with a new slant and take advantage of a huge design opportunity to create sustainable structures for the future.

John Thackara
Mapping the Necklace [January 2007]

Report on Doors of Perception conference "Juice: Food, Energy, Design," global food systems, Mediawalla Festival (MWF), Dott 07, the Move Me! project, and more.

John Thackara
Stern, Monbiot, and the Tasks of Design [November 2006]

Report on global food systems, George Monbiot, climate change economics, the competition to design a stuff-o-meter, the problem with new flatscreen TVs, and more.

John Thackara
Juice, Fat, and Homeland Security [October 2006]

Report on Doord of Perception scholarships, Dott 07 schools projects, Joe Heapy's Journey to the Interface, the Dott 07 stuff-o-meter competition, McDonald's scannable food, and more.

John Thackara
War as a Brand [September 2006]

Report on Doors of Perception 9, conference at the India Habitat Centre, service design principles, transfering knowledge from media labs, Picnic in Amsterdam, and more.

John Thackara
Doors 9 on "Juice" Call for Projects [July 2006]

Report on Doors of Perception 9 call for project case studies, doctor-patient interactions, the Aspen Design Summit, the Young Foundation's manifesto, Desins of the Time Explorers Club, and more.

John Thackara
Cities, Design and Democracy: Conversation with Sunil Abraham in Cluster

John Thackara and Sunil Abraham sit down for an in-depth interview with Cluster Magazine.

John Thackara
Announcing Doors 9 and 10 [May 2006]

Report on Doors of Perception "Juice," Doors of Perception 10, The Young Foundation manifesto, monitoring a region's vital signs in real time, the Aspen Design Summit, and more.

John Thackara
Design Transformation [April 2006]

Report on an emerging design discipline, a British government report about Intelligent Infrastructures Futures, decision support tools, the Aspen Design Summit, robots for elderly people, and more.

John Thackara
Utopias by Design? [March 2006]

Report on In the Bubble: Designing in A Complex World, a CustomerMade conference, car sharing, P.M.'s Bolo Bolo, Wayne A. Lemmon's defense of sprawl, and more.

John Thackara
If Pigs Could Fly... [February 2006]

Report on welfare and care systems seminar in Helsinki, KM3 from MVRDV, "emotional design," building regulations, sustainable transportation, and more.

John Thackara
The Diminishing Spaces of Childhood [January 2006]

Report on Designs of the Time (DOTT), Henry Jenkins's essay on the changing spaces of childhood, KM3 by MVRDV, Sweden's indepenence from oil, Building Schools for the Future (BSF) in England and more.<

John Thackara
Designs of the Time (DOTT) [December 2005]

Report on the beginnings of Designs of the Time (Dott), Doors of Perception in Seoul, the Art Center Design Conference series, the Urband Eyes project, disposable diapers and more.

John Thackara
Food Journeys [November 2005]

Report on Beyond Green, RED's Future Currents project, Contested Streets, Tom Peters, Bruce Sterling's Shaping Things and more.

John Thackara
Design and Risk [October 2005]

Report on 'SAFE: Design Takes On Risks' at the MoMA, global export of weapons, natural disasters, Matchmaking in Norway, tourism in Barcelona, and more.

John Thackara
On Time [September 2005]

Report on building a 'Cellular Church,' MediaLab, natural disasters, flooding in India, Project Lifeline and more.

John Thackara
Street Art Pro [August 2005]

Report on the Municipal Wirelss Conference in San Francisco, Label Rue in France, designs and government policy, the 2005 Assitive Tech conference, the 2005 Tactile Graphics conference and more.

John Thackara
Self-Service Economy [June 2005]

Report on international call centers, Neighbor Power: Building Community The Seattle Way, the marketing strategies of evangelical America, Fast Company's review of In the Bubble, the "Building Everyday Democracy" organization, and more.

John Thackara
"In The Bubble" Special [May 2005]

Report on the release of In the Bubble: Designing In A Complex World, talks, reading, signings, and more in support of John Thackara's book.

John Thackara
Lessons of Infra [April 2005]

Report on India's 'jugaads,' Ezio Manzini's "small is not small," the Doors of Perception conference in New Delhi, applications from China for the London school of Economics, the ExArchs and more.

John Thackara
Emerging Economy Design [March 2005]

Report and Doors of Perception 8 pre-conference, the problem with b-schools, reality TV for the boardroom, a meeting of information design students and professionals on the Cape Verde Islands, mobile learning in Malta, and more.

John Thackara
Street-level Innovation [February 2005]

Report on Solomon Kolkota's study of urban planning in China, Usman Haque's workshop on open source architecture, sustainable societies, the 'infra of sharing,' Project Clinics at Doors 8, and more.

John Thackara
Tools for Citizen Services [January 2005]

Report on designing knowledge, Doors of Perception 8 in New Dheli, the street as innovation, ethnography in innovation, enabling services and more.

John Thackara
Skunk Space and Time [December 2004]

Report on Doors of Perception 8, the results of the Doors 8 Project Leaders' Round Table, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for information systems, Debra Solomon's quest to enable "nomadic banquets," the Chinese government's intention to build 1,000 new museums by 2015, and more.

John Thackara
New Dark Ages? [November 2004]

Report on the state of design research, Doors of Perception 8 in New Delhi, service design for health care, the "Used in India" exhibition, comparing design strategies between New York and New Delhi, and more.

John Thackara
Open Welfare [October 2004]

Report on Doors of Perception 8: New Delhi, Red at the Design Council in London, dimensions of patient experience, Bruce Mau's Massive Change exhibition, the U.S. project Gridwise, and more.

John Thackara
The Time Thief [September 2004]

Report on Europe's train ticketing service, Doors of Perception 8: New Delhi partners, CK Prahalad, the impact of mediascapes on how we inhabit space, the 'New Design Cities' symposium, 'State of Mergebcy: Territorial Identity in the Post-Political Age,' and more.

John Thackara
Social Innovation Observatory [August 2004]

Report on Doors of Perception 8: New Delhi, the 2004 Open Doors Project Challenge, the 2004 Project Observation workshop, nuclear security in CrytoGram, an idea from Pieter Burghart at LogicaCMG, and more.

John Thackara
Research Governance [May 2004]

Report on who is respnsible for the consequences of design actions, Jun Rekimoto's lecture at CHI, emotion detecting software, anticipitory systems at Philips Research, Designing Bits & Pieces Symposium,Machinista, and more.

John Thackara
Quality Time At High Speed [April 2004]

Report on high speed train travel (HST), the modernization of Britain's west coast railway, the final workshop of Spark!, Prada's $40 million Manhattan flagship, CHI 2004, and more.

John Thackara
Landscape to Mediascape [February 2004]

When traditional forms of work and daily life disappear from a locality, what is to take their place? What are the success factors for design projects in real-world situations? How should we deploy, and exploit, "mediascapes"? A talk by Charles Leadbeater opens this workshop in Oslo.

John Thackara
Presence and Embodiment [December 2003]

Report on late-confirming speakers for DoorsEast 2004, Sustainable Everyday: Scenarios for Urban Life, the Spark! 2004 conference, the Wearables for Health conference, Trandmediale in Berlin, and more.

John Thackara
Now We Are 10 [December 2003]

Report on the 10th anniversy of Doors of Perception, the Doors East conference, how to think and act rural, ITC, Wireless Local Loop (WLL), and more.

John Thackara
Creativity and the City [November 2003]

Report on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneve, Doors East, planning for the 2004 Spark! conference, psychogeography, Sublin Ad-hoc Wireless Network (DAWN), and more.

John Thackara
From Movies to Moblogging [August 2003]

Report on the future of Kodak and Fuji, Moblogging, Japanese teenage girls and cell phone use, Alan Bradburne, mobile games, and more.

John Thackara
Danger: Disappearing Computers [June 2003]

Report on the Disappearing Computer conference, "anthropocentric interfaces," Greger Linden's thoughts on "psychosocial computing," Convivio's 2003 design summer school,project LifeLog, and more.

John Thackara
Life in Traffic [May 2003]

This free monthly newsletter starts conversations on issues to do with design for resilience — and thereby reveals opportunities for action

John Thackara
Interior Design at War [April 2003]

Report on design in the war in Afghanistan, the Pearl River Delta in China, the Media Lab Europe (MLE), the 50th anniversary of the German Design Council, New Mobility, and more.

John Thackara
The Promise of Proximity [March 2003]

Report on Marko Ahtisaari's thoughts on proximity as a design criterion, Massimo Banzi's restauraunt-from-hell analogy, Axel Thallemer, Dutch foundation Eternally Yours , The Futures of Everyday Life, and more.

John Thackara
Remembering Ivan Illich [February 2003]

Report on the death of Ivan Illich, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF), the Sonic Lights festival, Politics of Code — Shaping the Future of the Next Internet, the 2003 International Architecture Biennial, and more.

John Thackara
Trophy Buildings Are Over [December 2002]

Report on Doors 7, sociability as a new criterion for urban design, Data Knitting, the Future Cinema exhibition, the "user_mode symposium," and more.

John Thackara
Oil As Yuppy Crack [October 2002]

Report on speakers at Doors 7, who is attending Doors 7, 'deep impact' changes, the Web Issue Index, Eindhoven, and more.

John Thackara
Local Knowledge [September 2002]

Report on Mining Civilizaational Knowledge, Ezio Manzini, DoorEast, the second India Design Summit in Mumbai, Charles Leadbeater, and more.

John Thackara
Time in Design [July 2002]

Report on Doors 7 speakers, pervasive computing, the relationship between time and design, BodyMedia, new models for interactive services, and more.

John Thackara
Flow As a Design Issue [June 2002]

Report on the Doors of Perception Flow conference, the European ban on uncolicited bulk e-mail, Anna Tilroe's opinion on museums, the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), John Thackara's In the Bubble column, and more.

John Thackara
Museum Hit by Love Bug [May 2002]

Report on the new Doors of Perception website, Doors 7 registration, "Unplugged: Art as the Scene of Global Conflicts," economic damage caused by computer viruses, the European Commission's Intellectual Property Rights help desk, and more.

John Thackara
The Real-time Economy [April 2002]

Report on the real-time economy, Doors of Perception 7, Tom Kok, Project F, the Cybersonica festival at the ICA in London, and more.

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