Laura Tarrish is a collage illustrator and a compulsive ephemera collector currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her editorial clients have included Apple Computer, Chronicle Books, The Washington Post, and United Airlines.  As the founder of Bridgetown Papers, Laura has created custom work for individuals including Isabel Allende, Tom Brokaw and Bob & Lee Woodruff.  She has been a contributor to Uppercase Magazine and Felt & Wire.


Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer

Trees, by the book

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer

A Field Guide to the Tree as Art

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: Mari Andrews

Fugitive objects from an obsessive collector

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: Illustrator Sketchbooks, Pt. III

An interview with the artist known as August Wren

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: Illustrators’ Sketchbooks, Pt. II

In this second installment of Hunter | Gatherer, Laura Tarrish opens the sketchbooks of three more illustrators

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: Illustrators’ Sketchbooks, Pt. I

A peek into the private musings of some well-known illustrators

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: James Castle

The outsider artist James Castle is the subject of two current exhibitions and a favorite of Laura Tarrish

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: The House

A house may not always be a home but it is an iconic shape.

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: Text as Textile

Evidence of fabric embellished with needle and thread has been found as far back as the Cro-Magnon days (30,000 B.C.). The artists featured here, writing with stitchery, challenge our expectations of what is commonly considered a domestic art.

Laura Tarrish
Hunter | Gatherer: Botanicals

Each of us has a connection to nature — a primal response to certain landscapes — yet we don’t always use it as raw material for our own work.

Laura Tarrish
Laura Tarrish’s Collection of Miniature Chairs

Laura Tarrish shares her collection of miniature chairs.

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