Owen Edwards is the co-author of the design book Quintessence, and the author of its sequel Elegant Solutions. His latest book, Caught in the Act, a collaboration with Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein, was published in October of 2013.


Owen Edwards is co-author of the design book Quintessence and author of the sequel, Elegant Solutions. He writes frequently on photography, and is the co-author, with Howard Schatz, of Caught in the Act, published in 2013.

Owen Edwards
When Design Dictates

Cafeteria Caper: Remembering the CBS lunchroom and design life at the “Black Rock”

Owen Edwards
Rizzoli Erased

Owen Edwards
A Michelangelo, at 100 mph Plus

Owen Edwards
The Quickest Fix

A suggestion for an easy & quick design tweak that could help reduce concussions in the NFL.

Owen Edwards
For Better or Worse, This Design Endures

Owen Edwards on the enduring qualities of the AK-47.

Owen Edwards
The Best Management Memo … Ever!

Owen Edwards on the most effective eight words he's ever read.

Owen Edwards
The 99 Factor: A Man About Town + Country

Owen Edwards
My Month as a Mocker

A remembrance of London in the 1960s. Rockers rode motorcycles and Mods rode scooters.

Owen Edwards
Homage to Helen Gurley Brown

Owen Edwards
Designers Leap, Users Lag

Trying to meet the challenges designers and engineers set for us is pretty much hopeless, though we can have a lot of fun trying.

Owen Edwards
Hair Apparent

Who will be the Republican hair apparent?

Owen Edwards
A Demanding Man: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was more like a great architect than a corporate CEO. Yet, there are those who ask, "Isn't the ultimate measure of a human being the way they treat other people?" In the case of Steve Jobs, this requires some reflection.

Owen Edwards
Packing it In

On the new FDA-required health warnings, for cigarette packs

Owen Edwards
Busted by Colombo, or, the Impediments of Style

The restrained high style of the ad men in Mad Men has revived a painful memory of one of my life-changing moments.

Owen Edwards
Irving Penn, 1917-2009

Irving Penn, who died on October 7th at the age of 92, marks the end of the great age of glamour in magazines, a remarkable period when brilliant photographers who happened to make their livings in fashion and advertising were finally recognized for the artistry of their eyes.

Owen Edwards
Not the Same Old Same Old

It’s hard not to agree that cars, though better designed and engineered than ever, are often pressed into plebian duty.

Owen Edwards
Remembering Julius Shulman

Looking back on an afternoon of chocolate, pastrami, and Scotch with modern architecture's iconic photographer.

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