Steven Heller
Steven Heller on Mentors

One minute of insight on Former Managing Editor of the NY Times Arthur Gelb, the most inspiring and infuriating editor Steven Heller ever worked with.

Sandra Nuut
Sandra Nuut on Fashion

Sandra Nuut investigates spaces for contemporary fashion curation inside and beyond the museum, as she analyzes the collision between culture and commerce.

Hala Abdul Malak
Hala A. Malak on Lomo

Hala A. Malak is a design critic, curator, branding consultant and Middle East expert with her own particular view of the world.  

Frederico Duarte
Frederico Duarte on Boarding Passes

On this episode of Insights Per Minute Frederico Duarte gives us 60 seconds on how a well-designed boarding pass can lead to a better flight.

Bryn Smith
Bryn Smith on Designer Dogs
Angela Riechers
Angela Riechers on Banks
Brigette Brown
Brigette Brown on Umbrellas
Anne Quito
Anne Quito on Quiet

On this episode of Insights Per Minute Anne Quito explains why being quiet sometimes requires a loud design.

Anna Marie Smith
Anna Marie Smith on “Apples to Apples”

On this episode of Insights Per Minute Anna Marie Smith explains her dislike for the game "Apples to Apples".

Krista Donaldson
Krista Donaldson on Users

On this episode of Insights Per Minute Krista Donaldson comments on users of design.

Mariana Amatullo
Mariana Amatullo on Honesty

On this episode of Insights Per Minute, Mariana Amatullo speaks on honesty.

Wendy Ju
Wendy Ju on Fun

On this episode of Insights Per Minute Wendy Ju comments on fun.

Enrique Allen
Enrique Allen on Introductions

On this episode of Insights Per Minute, Enrique Allen, co-director of the Designer Fund, gives advice on introductions.

Sean Adams
Sean Adams on Typography

On this episode of Insights Per Minute, Sean Adams comments on typography.

Gabriel Brodbar
Gabriel Brodbar on Iatrogenesis

On this episode of Insights Per Minute, Gabriel Brodbar speaks on iatrogenesis.

David Womack
David Womack on Space
Steff Geissbühler
Steff Geissbühler on Color Blind
Liz Gerber
Liz Gerber on Feedback

On this episde of Insights Per Minute Liz Gerber comments on feedback.

Rob Forbes
Rob Forbes on Perfection
Jake Nickell
Jake Nickell on Creating
Sara Ivry
Sara Ivry on Language

On this episode of Insights Per Minute Sara Ivry comments on language.

J.D. McClatchy
J. D. McClatchy on Relationships
Steven Heller
Steven Heller on Recommendations
John Foster
John Foster on Colloquialisms
Chip Kidd
Chip Kidd on Ready
Natalie Foster
Natalie Foster on Sharing

On this episode of Insights Per Minute, Natalie Foster explains sharing.

Adam Harrison Levy
Adam Harrison Levy on Questions
Thomas Fisher
Thomas Fisher on Survival

On this episode of Insights Per Minute Thomas Fisher speaks about survival.

Mark Lamster
Mark Lamster on Complaining

On this episode of Insights Per Minute, Mark Lamster contemplates the importance of complaining.

Marvin Heiferman
Marvin Heiferman on Photography
Joanna Radin
Joanna Radin on Potential
John Maeda
John Maeda on Loops
Wendy MacLeod
Wendy MacLeod on Fasting
Ricky Jay
Ricky Jay on Collecting

In this installment of Insights Per Minute Ricky Jay speaks on collecting.

Alice Twemlow
Alice Twemlow on Home
Nicholas Christakis
Nicholas Christakis on Networks
Ralph Caplan
Ralph Caplan on Titles
Rob Walker
Rob Walker on Seeing
Jessica Helfand
Jessica Helfand on Brevity

This Insight Per Minute features Jessica Helfand on brevity.

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