Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand
A Seat at the Table

The President needs a Cabinet-level Secretary of Design — or a design consigliere

Rick Poynor
The Art of Punk and the Punk Aesthetic
Debbie Millman
Alison Bechdel
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand
Prisons and Paradise

Solitary confinement, virtual reality, design thinking for prisoners, Drew Hodges’s Broadway, The Paradise, Prince’s unpronounceable glyph

Alice Twemlow
Dodging, Dazzling, and Divulging
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand
Shapes and Japes
Rick Poynor
Stephen Bayley: Death Drive
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand
Crowd Control
John Foster
Accidental Mysteries
John Foster
Rebel Yell
Paul Gansky
Jurassic Hacking

Shoot-outs and talking telephones

Jessica Helfand + Andrew Howard
New Horizons
John Foster
Quest for Fire

Vintage Swedish Matchboxes

John Foster
All About the Box
Sara Jamshidi
The Observers

Built Environment

Rick Poynor
Exposure: Butlin’s holiday camp by Edmund Nägele

A sixties vacation in glowing color

Rick Poynor
Exposure: Cat and I by Wanda Wulz
John Foster
Flower Power

The Hibiscus Scrapbook

Rick Poynor
Exposure: Viktoria Modesta by Nadav Kander

Changing perceptions of impairment

Betsy Vardell
Holiday Movies in Print: The Apartment

The movie that made Fred MacMurray a cad

Betsy Vardell
Holiday Movies in Print: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Christmas in space-blazing color!

Michael Bierut, Jessica Helfand
The Observatory: Our Favorite Things
Rob Walker
Jony Ive: The Supercut

Finally! Someone made a supercut video of Jony Ive’s years of describing the awesomeness of Apple product design.

Adrian Shaughnessy
Twitter has its dark side, but it’s also a source of delight.
Jessica Helfand
To Thine Own Selfie Be True
Adam Harrison Levy
Coney Island of The Mind
Steven Heller
Confessions of a Frustrated Newsprint Lover

I’ve held on devotedly to newsprint as long as humanly possible but I recently reached the point where my loyalty gave way to expedience.

Véronique Vienne
Image Making, Reclaimed

Etienne Hervy, art director of the International Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, France, asked a painter, not a graphic designer, to create a pair of posters for this year’s event.

Justin Zhuang
Monocle Magazine: A Singular View of the City
Alexander Isley
The Light

How operating a searchlight influenced Alexander Isley's approach to design.

John Foster
Why Won’t My Doll Sell on eBay?

From Chatty Cathy to Pee-Wee Herman, to the movie Chucky, sentient dolls have occupied the imagination of children and adults in literature, photography, theatre, and film.

Glaser Goes Psychedelic

If you're watching the premier of Mad Men this Sunday, you may notice some familiar-ish graphics. That's because the key art for Season 7 was created by Milton Glaser, based on some of the work he became known for in the 1960's and 70's, now frequently described as 'psychedelia'.

Hala Abdul Malak
Hala A. Malak on Lomo
Samantha García
Inalienable Rights, Wolfsonian-Style
Brigette Brown
Brigette Brown on Umbrellas
Adam Harrison Levy
Data Loss

Adam Harrison Levy on losing everything he had stored on his phone for three years.

Anne Quito
Anne Quito on Quiet
Anna Marie Smith
Anna Marie Smith on “Apples to Apples”
The Hilda Stories

In a new video series from Herman Miller, Hilda Longinotti, George Nelson’s longtime aide-de-camp, recounts some of the greatest anecdotes from her 21-year run at the legendary New York City design atelier.

Complaints Posters

Complaints! An Inalienable Right, is a poster exhibition curated by author, design critic, educator and Design Observer friend Steven Heller.

John Foster
Blues, Baptisms, and Prison Farms: The Lomax Snapshots of 1934-1950

Blues, Baptisms, and Prison Farms: The Lomax Snapshots of 1934-1950

John Foster
The Dreamland Motel

A reivew of the vanishing signage of our American landscape.

Owen Edwards
The Quickest Fix

A suggestion for an easy & quick design tweak that could help reduce concussions in the NFL.

Rob Walker
Personal Packaging
Alexandra Lange
Criticism = Love
Selling Shame

Southern California artist Cynthia Petrovic has collected vintage body-shaming advertisements geared toward women.

Rick Poynor
The Compulsively Visual World of Pinterest
John Foster
Capturing Imagination

The ten most popular galleries from John Foster in 2013.

Michael Bierut
And May All Your Christmases Be Carefully Staged So As To Appear White
Rick Poynor
Martin Sharp: From Satire to Psychedelia

The late Martin Sharp was a visual innovator whose work erased artificial distinctions between applied image-making and fine art.

John Foster
Graphics of Authority

A look at the police cars that may or may not want to be seen.

New Items in the Design Observer Store

New products listed in the Design Observer store.

Rick Poynor
Collage Culture: Nostalgia and Critique

An interview with David Banash, author of Collage Culture: Readymades, Meaning, and the Age of Consumption.

Alexandra Lange
L.A. Loves Deborah Sussman

A Kickstarter for an upcming exhibition on the wotk of Deborah Sussman in Los Angeles.

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate the creepy and the spooky, a short list of films for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

The Wire Poster Project

"The Wire Poster Project" consists of 60 typographic posters, each one representing one of the 60 different epigrams preceding every episodes of HBO’s critically acclaimed series, The Wire.

John Foster
Welcome to the Asylum

A selection of images that came from the days when ‘asylum’ was a noun, not a verb.

Rick Poynor
New York: City of Spectacular Doors

For six years, Allan Markman crisscrossed New York taking pictures of remarkable doors for a new book.

John Foster
John Foster on Colloquialisms

On this episode of Insights Per Minute John Foster considers colloquialisms.

John Maeda
John Maeda on Loops
Mark Lamster
High Net Space: The New International Style

High Net Space: The New International Style

The Subculture of Japanese Trucker Art

Tatsuki Masaru's new book Dekotora documents the Japanese subculture of pimping big rigs with neon lights and luxury interiors.

Rick Poynor
Soft Machine’s Dysfunctional Mechanism
Iron Man 3 Titles
My 3-D Life

Meanwhile, what’s to stop me from printing some caviar, or an Oscar? A pony? Or a Porsche? Musings on what to print on your home 3-D printer.

John Foster
Birds of a Feather
Rick Poynor
From the Archive: Upgrade Yourself!

If appearances matter more than ever, as we are constantly told, the personal makeover has become our most fundamental design task.

Rob Walker
The Mighty Shirt Kings

Back in the 1980s, a group of artists calling themselves The Mighty Shirt Kings set up shop at the Jamaica Coliseum, in Queens, offering “custom air-brushed and original artwork,” which could be had on canvas, but also pants, jackets, and of course T-shirts. They are the subject of a new book: The Shirt Kings.

The Man in Black, On Your Envelope

On June 5, 2013, the US Post Office issues a new stamp designed by Greg Breeding featuring Johnny Cash.

Rick Poynor
The Irresistible Attraction of Self Storage
Alexandra Lange
Anxiety, Culture and Commerce
Kit Hinrichs + Delphine Hirasuna
The Alphabet Card

Excerpt from The Alphabet Card, a new book by Kit Hinrichs and Delphine Hirasuna.

Circus Poster Archive
05.14.13, is "the ultimate image bank" of circus posters, photos and prints — with nearly eight thousand circus posters from 1880 to the present, from the Netherlands to America.

Jessica Helfand
Our Shopping Lists, Our Selves
Awful Library Books

Awful Library Books is a collection of amusing and/or questionable library holdings found in real libraries and curated by librarians Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner.

John Foster
Drawn to Currency
We The Designers

We the Designers” is a national exhibition of self-authored graphic design on view through April 5 at the AIGA National Design Center in NYC.
London Transport Museum Poster Colletion

A wonderful way to spend an hour (or more). The poster collection from the London Transport Museum.


Unorthodox suggestions and unsolicited advice for V-Day.

National Poetry Month Poster

The 2013 National Poetry Month Poster, designed by Jessica Helfand.

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries

Comic selections from the 
Lewis Wayne Gallery in Dallas, Texas — one of the nation’s largest galleries of comic book art. 
Alexandra Lange
Bad Taste True Confessions: Erté

True confessions about my own bad taste. I loved Erté. Did you?

Betsy Vardell
Betsy on Etsy: Gifts for Kids

Gifts for children found on

Neon: Bright Lights, Big City

Collector's Weekly interviewed architect Kirsten Hively, the created of the free iPhone app Project Neon.

Betsy Vardell
Betsy on Etsy: Guide to Personalizable Gifts

Personalized gifts found on

Betsy Vardell
Betsy on Etsy: Ornaments and Decorations Gift Guide

Ornaments and decorations found on Etsy.

Alexandra Lange, and Mark Lamster
Lunch With The Critics: Third-Annual Year-End Awards
John Foster
Accidental Mysteries
Betsy Vardell
Betsy on Etsy: Science/Technology Gift Guide

Science and technology related gifts found on

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries
Alexandra Lange
3rd Annual Holiday Card Review

Holiday card designs for 2012 reveal the social media preoccupations of their buyers, whether it is Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or old-fashioned (perhaps Downton Abbey-inspired?) stationery.

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries
How Does Your Salary Compare?

Coroflot's 12th annual Design Salary Guide.

Alexandra Lange
Having Fun at the Museum

Blocks, rocket ships, playgrounds and balls: the hidden meaning of playthings at the Museum of Modern Art.

Rob Walker
Focusing On ‘Optics’

Optics: The indispensible buzzword for those who analyze pseudo-events.

Alexandra Lange
The Shape of Lunch

"Lunch Hour NYC," a new exhibition at the New York Public Library, defines the midday meal as an urban invention.

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries: 06.24.12
Alexandra Lange
The Charismatic Megafauna of Design

Identifying the "charismatic megafauna" of design and the critical uses of their popularity.

Michael Bierut
I Love the 80s
John Foster
Bumbos, Swirlys and a Chinese Birdcage: A Snapshot of Marbles
Rick Poynor
From the Archive: Graphic Metallica

Heavy metal’s extremity, as a set of aesthetic choices and as a way of life, exerts an enduring fascination.

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries
The Architecture of Television

Brandi Roberts is an interior designer by training and TV afficionado by choice who draws fictional floorplans of classic television shows.

Make a Mixel this Weekend

This weekend the folks at Mixel, an amazing collaborative collage app for the iPad, want to spread the word about how easy (and fun) it is.

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries
John Foster
Accidental Mysteries
Debbie Millman
Roman Mars

Radio producer Roman Mars discusses the connection between ’zines and radio, why he ditched science and the reason he named his show “99% Invisible”.

Alexandra Lange
Frank Lloyd Wright + Katniss Everdeen

On photographing architecture as sculpture and telling stories via architecture.

Rick Poynor
On Display: Museum of Broken Relationships
Debbie Millman
Jen Bekman

Jen Bekman discusses managing a BBS in the early days of the internet, her first email exchange and the importance of everyone owning art.

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries

Welcome to Accidental Mysteries, a weekly cabinet of visual curiosities set aside for your perusal and enlightenment. This week's focus is firearms.

Rick Poynor
How We Learned to Live with Zombies

Zombie films, zombie walks, zombie shops, zombie TV series: our darkest fears are now mainstream.

Rick Poynor
Did We Ever Stop Being Postmodern?
Alexandra Lange
Stop That: Minimalist Posters
Rick Poynor
Chris Foss and the Technological Sublime

Is cult science fiction artist Chris Foss’s work just highly effective illustration, or can it be seen as a visionary form of art?

Nancy Levinson
A Dream House for Architect Barbie

Just in time for the midsummer heat, Architect Barbie's got a competition-winning new dream house in Malibu.

Alexandra Lange
The Uses of Cranks
Rick Poynor
Lost Inside the Collector’s Cabinet
Rick Poynor
Stewart Mackinnon: Ruptured and Remade

Why, at the height of his early success, did a brilliant British illustrator decide to walk away and what happened next?

Nancy Levinson
Architect Barbie

Architect Barbie: the world's most famous doll has a new career.

Alexandra Lange
What Should Food Look Like?
Rick Poynor
Surrealism in the Pre-School Years

A poet described postcards as a “Lilliputian hallucination of the world”: he must have seen the surreal babies.

Alexandra Lange
Sans Serif Seasons Greetings
Jessica Helfand
Pretty Pictures, Bad Judgment

If a picture's worth a thousand words, a publically broadcast picture is amplified, multiplied and cast out into a world where it can go anywhere.

John Foster
Accidental Mysteries

Accidental Mysteries, a weekly cabinet of curiosities curated by John Foster, highlights images of design, art, architecture and ephemera brought to light by the magic of the digital age.

Johanna Blakley
The Costs of Ownership: Why Copyright Protection Will Hurt the Fashion Industry

New copyright protection for fashion designs is only going to hurt an already struggling industry.

Michael Bierut
Jerry Della Femina, Mad Men, and the Cult of Advertising Personality

A review of Jerry Della Femina’s From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor, published in a new edition on the occasion of the debut of the fourth season of the AMC series Mad Men.

Gerry Shamray
Harvey and Me

A remembrance of comic artist and graphic novelist Harvey Pekar by an illustrator who worked with him throughout his career, fellow Clevelander Gerry Shamray.

Mike Sinclair
Midway at the Oasis

Photo of Neshoba County Fair, Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Mark Dery
Dawn of the Dead Mall

Mark Dery surveys the landscape of failing malls and speculates about the future means and venues of mass consumption.

Owen Edwards
Not the Same Old Same Old

It’s hard not to agree that cars, though better designed and engineered than ever, are often pressed into plebian duty.

Mark Lamster
Theirs Go to Twaalf

Meet Lamster (no relation), Belgium's ascendant metal goliath.

Rob Walker
Timeless Object

What makes a useless-seeming watch potentially more valuable — in identity terms — than, say, regular jewelry?

Debbie Millman
Shepard Fairey

Designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey is the author of Supply and Demand: The Art of Shepard Fairey and Shepard Fairey: Post No Bills.

Debbie Millman
Jeffrey Keyton

An interview with Jeffrey Keyton, Senior Vice Ppresident, On-Air Design and Off-Air Creative, MTV.

Rick Poynor
Dancing to the Sound in Your Head

We might not appreciate advertising conducted like a saturation bombing campaign in public spaces. Yet now, to complicate things, the personal stereo is being used as a way of reasserting spontaneity, exuberance and passion in over-controlled public places.

Rob Walker

Getting new stuff can feel really good. Most everybody knows that. Most everybody also knows — that utility can fade, pleasure can be fleeting and the whole thought-that-counts thing is especially ephemeral.

Debbie Millman
Malcolm Gladwell + Joyce Gladwell

An interview with Malcolm Gladwell, author of The New York Times bestseller Outliers and Joyce Gladwell, author of Brown Face.

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