Lilly Smith | Interview

Chain Letters: Rhea Combs

Steven Heller | Essays

Thanks, Robert Grossman

Bob’s death was unexpected. I felt kicked in the stomach when, on Friday morning, I read an email from his companion, Elaine Louie, announcing the tragic news....
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand | Audio

S4E5: Heather McIntosh Cassano

Heather McIntosh Cassano is director of user experience at Google, leading a team focused on workplace apps....
Debbie Millman | Audio

David Korins

On this episode, Debbie talks with set designer David Korins about his impressive career on Broadway, his design process, and his latest projects....
Louise Harpman | Books

Coffee Lids: Peel, Pinch, Pucker, Puncture

The origin of the coffee lid is a distinctly American story and can be traced to the late 1970s, when coffee-loving car drivers, bus riders, train travelers, and walkers forever changed the hot-beverage-drinking landscape in this country....
Steven Heller | Essays

A Day Trip Into Darkness

It is 3:13 on Monday morning in Krakow, Poland. It is dark out. I cannot sleep....
Lilly Smith | Interviews

Chain Letters: Lindsay Peoples

Celebrating Women’s History month and how to better design for inclusivity with The Cut’s fashion market editor, Lindsay Peoples....
Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand | Audio

S4E4: Ben Watson

Ben Watson is the chief creative officer of Herman Miller, the furniture and workspace design company....
Debbie Millman | Audio

Sukey Novogratz

Debbie talks to Sukey Novogratz about meditation and recovery from trauma. “How did you forget? That’s what you do to survive. And you are a bit hollow because you aren’t really anchored in your body because you’ve had to be disconnected to it.”...

Observed | March 20

Secret symbols in paintings. [MPL]

Space station outta control. And falling. [MPL]

Observed | March 19

We are all “curators” now. Is it simply a vain attempt to sprinkle fairy dust over something quite ordinary? [BV]

How do you boycott a building? Our Jessica Helfand has a suggestion. [BV]

Observed | March 16

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic images from down under. A new book reports on the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the resident arts companies, rock musicians, and chefs influencing the building’s evolution. [BV]

What are you doing this weekend? The future of leisure. [BV]

Observed | March 15

The dying electric guitar: What the decline of Gibson and Fender tells us about music. [MPL]

Machines are getting better at literary analysis. [MPL]

Observed | March 14

Women designers on Instagram: From architects to color specialists, Curbed has selected 30 accounts to follow. [BV]

The MIT 24-hour challenge: Honor a design legend with a gift to the MIT press. [BV]

Rare and familiar colors. [MPL]

Observed | March 13

The rise of ‘cynical’ packaging? [JH]

A coffee lid pub crawl. [JH]

New Mexico’s chile pepper design claims the 2017 license plate crown. (via James I. Bowie) [BV]

Observed | March 12

What single image represents the entire human race? The story behind the image on the “human” entry on Wikipedia. [BV]

Rizzoli‘s book on the life and work of midcentury children‘s book creator Miroslav Sasek. [MPL]

Observed | March 09

Science as a visual pursuit. [JH]

Observed | March 08

The Danish Design Center recently surveyed 800 Danish companies and nearly 75 percent said that the use of design in their company has a positive impact on their bottom line. [JH]

Overlooked obituaries of famous women. [JH]

Observed | March 06

The best things found between the pages of old books. [BV]

Observed | March 05

When successful design is not beautiful. [JH]

In Singapore: Fortune, Time, and Wallpaper jointly host a conference on design and business. [JH]

In Sydney: crime storytelling expert Peter Doyle tells the story of a mysterious serial attacker in his new mini-documentary, Slasher Patrol. [JH]

Observed | March 02

Frank Lloyd Wright is not God: Moving into an American architectural masterpiece is not for the fainthearted. [BV]

October 18, 1973: Sotheby‘s auction. The moment “when the art world collapsed.” [BV]

Observed | February 28

Two years after “the Great Instagram Logo Freakout,” it turns out that everything is fine. (via James I. Bowie) [BV]

Observed | February 27

At Cornell‘s legendary Food and Brand Lab an Ivy League food scientist collected data first, then turned it into viral studies. [BV]

Lego’s imaginary gas station branding comes to life in Russia. (via James I. Bowie) [BV]

Observed | February 26

For centuries, lexicographers have attempted to capture the entire English language. Technology might soon turn this dream into reality – but will it spell the end for dictionaries? [BV]

Why nerdy white guys who love the blues are obsessed with a Wisconsin chair factory. [BV]

Jobs | March 21