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Until I graduated from college, I was always making something. Drawing, painting, potting as a child, then drafting and model-making as a would-be architect. I miss it, but I have had a hard time settling on a craft as an adult. Usually cooking gives me some of the same feeling, especially when I get creative, as with my Monday triumph: Corn/Cabbage/Kidney Bean Salad, with a lime vinagrette.

Last week I executed an idea I had while browsing the out-of-date art supplies in my grandfather’s studio this summer. (I am still figuring out a project for the envelopes of press type.)

I found a package of vintage paper EAT placemats. I thought they would make a good wall covering for our open dining area but needed a little something more. I took colored Letraset film (also scavenged in the studio) and let the colors suggest various fruits and vegetables. I cut out the simplest shape I thought would be identifiable for each type.

I thought the results were pretty great, and the kids design website Ohdeedoh agreed, and featured my Fruit and Vegetable Wall Graphics on Wednesday.

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