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Branding the Presidents

A project from Meg Jannott to brand each of the 44 Presidents of the United States of America. She says of the project:
This was created as a personal project to push myself creatively while also having the determination to keep up with a series of designs.

I wanted to do something different and came up with branding the Presidents of the United States. With each one being unique, I thought that this might yield some interesting results.
View the 40 president brands she has created thus far >>

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I thought it was very interesting just how effective the various branding techniques reflected each and every president very well. It just goes to show just how powerful graphic aesthetics truly are at developing a brand and a name. What I particularly liked about the graphics was the fact that each one capitalized on the major characteristics/known slogans of each president. You instantly get a taste of the kind of person each of them was, the direction they took in their campaigns. Overall, very tastefully done. Makes me wonder what kind of aesthetic we would assign ourselves.
Russell Cluff

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