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Design Observer Studio Sessions June 25

On March 20, Design Observer launched a new initiative to create space for critical conversations, which have become even more necessary in this season of protest and social distancing. The Design Observer Studio Sessions continue our long-term commitment to hosting intimate and influential gatherings where we look together at the impact that design has on our lives and on the world around us.

Twice each month, Design Observer welcomes 100 members of the extended community to engage with two leading voices in design, business, culture and technology.

On June 25, Design Observer co-founder Jessica Helfand + special guest co-host Sarah Churng will dive deep into data visualization with our featured guests:

Jessica Bellamy holds degrees in graphic design and Pan African studies, among others. She is the founder of GRIDS: The Grassroots Information Design Studio.

Dr. Scott Davidoff leads design and development of the user interfaces that command all JPL spacecraft.

Hillary Mushkin is a visual artist and Research Professor of Art and Design at California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

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