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Today, 02.27.10

Here are Today’s images.

TODAY is a weekly jewel box of seemingly random, yet thoughtfully selected, images. At times tender, wicked, nostalgic, amusing, and dazzling, each edition is presented without narration, editing or explanation by its author, designer Eric Baker. "It all began as a goof. One day I sent a good friend about 50 random pictures of cheese. I don't know why, but to me cheese is funny, perhaps it is the word itself and its various connotations. Eventually I began looking closer, or should I say broader at 'things'. Things lost on the fringes...ordinary, odd, beautiful things. Esoteric images, old diagrams, typography, cartography — visions of a once promising but now extinct future."

Editor's Note: All images link to their original source and are copyright their original owners.

Comments [6]

This iamges are just amazing and few are really touched me.

Love the blog - the images are fascinating and diverse. Great contribution to the visually attentive.
Barbara Scott

Hi Eric

The graphic illustrations are really timeless, the first work, I guess is a representation of the splitting of an atom and the hand shows man either receiving it or giving it out, and we all know what happened next. The eighth picture makes me wonder why hillbillies had to give their kids guns to carry. Well we now the stories of natural born killers and kids going into schools and blowing things up. I call it the bad old days.

The ninth picture of the manikin family shows a man, his wife, child and mistress. Now, now a first aid box. Someone is going to have a patch up. The twelfth illustration of the clown in my mind’s eye represents the emptiness and sadness within those we believe have everything to makes us happy. Nineteenth picture is a fringe or some type of twilight zone art work, having a hidden meaning to it.

While the French artist in the twenty-first illustration charms its prey using jazz instruments.

It’s a nice collection and a lesson in history.
Anthony Oduro

Thank you for this weekly bit of inspiration. I enjoy visual journeys the links allow you to take.
Sandi V.

I had an out loud verbal response to the next to last image. I've said it before, and will say it again, these collections get me going every time. Thanks for your work to put them together.
David Vosburg

I regularly enjoy the eclecticism found in these jaunts of design. The secret theme, the unspoken captions, everything else can be forgotten as each speaks its own existence. -always a joy
steve tillinghast

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