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Hurricane Watch: Gustav Emergency Relief

Hurricane Gustav is hitting New Orleans and Gulf States region today. Here's a quick summary of major resources for designers (and others). The single best resource is the Gustav Wiki with hundreds of leads and links, as well as news and facts.

activated its network last week, even initiating a phone tree to reach hundreds of members. AIGA members (or creatives in allied fields) are encouraged to contact [email protected] or [email protected] to access the AIGA network for assistance. AIGA National is coordinating with local chapters throughout the southern states.

AIGA and Chopping Block are again turning on DisplacedDesigners.com as a place to enter needs, or to offer help. The site does work and needs / offers to help will be quickly approved.

Other Resources. Gustav Wiki. Donations + Aid. Helpline Numbers. Animal Rescue. Ning: Gustav Information Center. Twitter: Alerts. News. Blogs. Architecture for Humanity. Houston Architecture. Local news. (Post resources as comments and we will add them to this post.)

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This hurricane only into the hands of politicians. All are trying to do a good reputation.

Simply speechless. This shows the community of designers togetherness.

awesomeness - i'm located in Baton Rouge - an hour northwest of New Orleans - and after driving around what felt like Armageddon earlier today, normality has just returned in the form of electricity. after talking with people from all over the southern Louisiana area, i'm positive (and quite thankful) that we were spared a lot of the brunt force muscle flexing of mother nature's fury that many others are still experiencing (and probably will be for weeks to come). it is very cool to see this post in support of such a far reaching and unavoidable natural disaster. i encourage everyone and anyone to utilize this (which is one of many avenues) portal to help support those designers and otherwise who have worked so hard to recover from previous hurricanes Katrina and Rita to only have it knocked back down again by Gustav. i'd like to thank Design Observer for their support in posting such relevant and needed information.
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