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News from Elsewhere

This week News from Elsewhere is mostly (Big) News from Within:

Last week we announced the winners of the longstanding 50 Books | 50 Covers competition. For a peek behind the scenes of the competition, watch this video with the judges—it’s a candid conversation about judging the best-designed books of the year. 
We also launched our first Kickstarter campaign to bring the results of the seminal 50 Books | 50 Covers competition to as many people as possible, in the form of a catalog and a traveling exhibiton to be launced at the 2015 AIGA national design conference, in New Orleans, in October. Please support it!

On the site, we had a great new episode of (in)Fringe that discusses public access to privately owned public space and a Rick Poynor Exposure column on the cryptic photographs of Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Our own Rob Walker, who wrote about an odd YouTube phenomenon for us this week, also had a moving piece in the The New York TImes on our behavior around death, technology, and memory. Next week, food and design in Milan, the danger of comic books (not what you think), and a new episode of The Observatory!


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