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Alexandra Lange

Contact Information:
alexandra.lange [at]

Posts by Alexandra Lange

OBSERVATORY: Lucia Eames, 1930-2014 (04.08.14)
OBSERVATORY: Not Afraid of Noise: Mexico City Stories (03.06.14)
OBSERVATORY: Premature Demolition (02.11.14)
OBSERVATORY: Criticism = Love (02.01.14)
OBSERVATORY: Playing With Design: Fredun Shapur (01.14.14)
OBSERVATORY: Year of the Women (12.30.13)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch with the Critics: Fourth-Annual Year-End Awards (12.06.13)
OBSERVER MEDIA: Alexandra Lange on Performance (11.27.13)
OBSERVATORY: Art On Campus (11.18.13)
OBSERVATORY: L.A. Loves Deborah Sussman (11.08.13)
OBSERVATORY: Where We Work (10.21.13)
OBSERVATORY: MoMA’s Modern Women (10.14.13)
OBSERVATORY: Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer, Freelancer (10.03.13)
OBSERVATORY: Learning New Tricks (09.24.13)
OBSERVATORY: A World of Paste and Paper (08.30.13)
OBSERVATORY: Rural Vacation | Urban Questions (08.20.13)
OBSERVATORY: Nevermind the Masterpiece (07.23.13)
OBSERVATORY: How To Unforget (07.08.13)
OBSERVATORY: An ABC of the ABCs (07.01.13)
OBSERVATORY: Every Little Thing (06.21.13)
OBSERVATORY: That Personal Touch (06.10.13)
OBSERVATORY: Praise the Partner(s) (06.04.13)
OBSERVATORY: Home Improvement (06.03.13)
OBSERVATORY: The Fork and the World: Design 101 (05.28.13)
OBSERVATORY: Dream Weaver (05.18.13)
OBSERVATORY: Anxiety, Culture and Commerce (05.14.13)
OBSERVATORY: Beyond Gorgeous (04.24.13)
OBSERVATORY: Architecture Without Signs (04.18.13)
OBSERVATORY: What It Costs (to Buy a Bench, to Extend a Curb) (04.09.13)
OBSERVATORY: Portlandia + Timelessness (04.03.13)
OBSERVATORY: Instagramming Around Australia (03.18.13)
OBSERVATORY: After the Museum: The Tumblr (03.07.13)
PLACES: Founding Mother: Mariana Van Rensselaer and the Rise of Criticism (02.25.13)
OBSERVATORY: Patterns of Houston (02.17.13)
OBSERVATORY: Why Bernadette Fox Is Scary (02.04.13)
OBSERVATORY: Balthazar Korab, RIP (01.21.13)
OBSERVATORY: Kicked A Building Lately? (01.08.13)
OBSERVATORY: George Nelson in Two Dimensions (01.07.13)
OBSERVATORY: Bad Taste True Confessions: Erté (12.19.12)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch With The Critics: Third-Annual Year-End Awards (12.10.12)
OBSERVATORY: Reintroducing the Tilletts (12.03.12)
OBSERVATORY: 3rd Annual Holiday Card Review (11.21.12)
OBSERVATORY: Knolling Your Polling Place (11.13.12)
OBSERVATORY: “I Have Seen the Future”: Designer as Showman (11.07.12)
OBSERVATORY: Dot Supreme (10.31.12)
OBSERVATORY: Shopping With Sandro, and Other Tumblr Delights (10.14.12)
OBSERVATORY: Having Fun at the Museum (10.08.12)
OBSERVATORY: Let’s Talk About Women in Architecture (09.27.12)
OBSERVATORY: Just Keep Typing (09.22.12)
OBSERVATORY: Someone Else’s Shangri La (09.10.12)
OBSERVATORY: Art Matters to Architecture (08.28.12)
OBSERVATORY: Critics Critical Criticism (08.21.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Critical Olympics (07.31.12)
OBSERVATORY: Hiking the Museum (07.28.12)
OBSERVATORY: Obama’s New Fonts (07.11.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Shape of Lunch (06.29.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Charismatic Megafauna of Design (06.15.12)
OBSERVATORY: Introducing Strelka Press (06.09.12)
OBSERVATORY: Dress Your Family in Formica and Faux Bois (05.30.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Well-Tempered Environment (05.17.12)
OBLOG: Women, Equity, Architecture (05.16.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Mother of Us All (05.11.12)
OBSERVATORY: Against Kickstarter Urbanism (05.02.12)
OBSERVATORY: Fixing South Street Seaport: Is New Architecture Enough? (04.23.12)
OBSERVATORY: Carlo Scarpa, Quilter (04.17.12)
OBSERVATORY: Frank Lloyd Wright + Katniss Everdeen (04.05.12)
OBSERVATORY: ‘Deco Japan’ + Designing Women (03.26.12)
OBSERVATORY: City of Shoes: Is Urbanism Scalable? (03.10.12)
PLACES: How to Be an Architecture Critic (03.01.12)
OBSERVATORY: Reassembling the American Dream (02.22.12)
OBSERVATORY: Downton Abbey: Fell In Love With a House (02.17.12)
OBSERVATORY: Round Thermostats and Crystal Lanterns, Revisited (02.13.12)
OBSERVATORY: Want to Buy A Valentine? (02.04.12)
OBSERVATORY: Married at Moss (01.26.12)
OBSERVATORY: A Memorial to (Random Access) Memory (01.17.12)
OBSERVATORY: Design for Girls: Put A Heart On It (01.03.12)
OBSERVATORY: Girard the Magnificent (12.22.11)
OBSERVATORY: Reinventing the Thermostat (12.14.11)
OBSERVATORY: When Modernists Get Crafty (12.07.11)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch With The Critics: Second-Annual Year-End Awards (12.05.11)
OBSERVATORY: Cooking with the Eameses (12.01.11)
OBSERVATORY: Decorating Brutalism: The Interiors of Kevin Roche (11.22.11)
OBSERVATORY: Who Are We Competing For? (11.16.11)
OBSERVATORY: Lessons from the High Line (10.31.11)
OBSERVATORY: Tell Me a Story, ‘Urbanized’ (10.28.11)
CHANGE OBSERVER: Architecture Research Office (10.19.11)
OBSERVATORY: TWA: Still Kicking (10.19.11)
OBSERVATORY: Should We Boycott the New Barnes? (10.12.11)
OBSERVATORY: What Makes Architecture Useful? (10.04.11)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Supertall (10.03.11)
OBSERVATORY: What the Cooper-Hewitt Needs: More Design, Less Talk (09.19.11)
OBSERVATORY: Thinking in Tumblr (09.13.11)
OBSERVATORY: Stop That: Minimalist Posters (09.06.11)
OBSERVATORY: Announcing (08.31.11)
OBSERVATORY: Up From Zero, the Novel (08.24.11)
OBSERVATORY: A Stitch in Time (08.18.11)
OBSERVATORY: Reading in Public (08.10.11)
OBSERVATORY: Welcome Back, Overbite (08.05.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Uses of Cranks (07.29.11)
OBSERVATORY: Jane Austen, Landscape Architect (07.22.11)
OBSERVATORY: Making Dieter Rams (07.15.11)
OBSERVATORY: Would You Like Words With That? (07.07.11)
OBSERVATORY: Welcome to the Hall of Femmes (06.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: Jane Austen, Architect? (06.22.11)
OBSERVATORY: Let’s Go! World’s Fairs of the 1930s (06.15.11)
OBSERVATORY: New Apple HQ, 1957 (06.11.11)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Cronocaos (06.02.11)
OBSERVATORY: An Atlas of Possibility (06.01.11)
OBSERVATORY: On GOOD: Why Are Car Seats So Poorly Designed? (05.27.11)
OBSERVATORY: Vicarious Thrifting, via Twitter (05.21.11)
OBSERVATORY: Manhattan Museum Musical Chairs (05.12.11)
OBSERVATORY: Science Gets Around to Architecture (05.04.11)
OBSERVATORY: In T: High Fiber (04.29.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Only Thing There’s Just Too Little Of (04.26.11)
PLACES: The Anti-Monograph (04.22.11)
OBSERVATORY: City Beautiful of Kazakhstan (04.19.11)
OBSERVATORY: All That Glitters (and Swoops) (04.12.11)
OBSERVATORY: Making the Modern House Home (04.11.11)
OBSERVATORY: Muddying the Waters (04.05.11)
OBSERVATORY: Onesies and Crime (03.31.11)
OBSERVATORY: Bad Faith Towers (03.18.11)
OBSERVATORY: Reading Out Loud (03.07.11)
OBSERVATORY: Something Old, Something Green (02.28.11)
OBSERVATORY: ISO The Digital Sidewalk Critic (02.22.11)
OBSERVATORY: Neat Freaks (02.21.11)
OBSERVATORY: I Was an Unhappy Hipster (02.17.11)
OBSERVATORY: Whatever Happened to the Dinner Party? (02.10.11)
OBSERVATORY: The Moms Aren’t Wrong (02.01.11)
OBSERVATORY: Objects Fall From the Sky (01.27.11)
OBSERVATORY: What Should Food Look Like? (01.19.11)
OBSERVATORY: How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Eameses? (01.17.11)
OBSERVATORY: Bring Back Braids (01.12.11)
OBSERVATORY: Is No the Answer? (01.10.11)
OBSERVATORY: From the Cabat to the City (01.03.11)
OBSERVATORY: Designing with Cookies (12.31.10)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch With The Critics: Year-End Awards (12.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: Shopping D/R at Etsy (12.22.10)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University (12.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: On Boring (12.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: Throw Pillows As Character (12.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: No Rest at the Last Supper (12.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: Little Boxes (12.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: Networks Before the Internet (12.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Sans Serif Seasons Greetings (11.29.10)
OBSERVATORY: Criticism Kerfuffle 2010 (11.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: New City Reader: Sidewalk Sale (11.23.10)
OBSERVATORY: My Marimekko Uniform (11.18.10)
CHANGE OBSERVER: Dan Wood (11.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: You Have to Pay for the Public Design (11.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Ornament & Time (11.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Super 8 (11.09.10)
OBSERVATORY: Keeping Faith (11.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: GourmetLive: The Architecture of Food (11.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: What I Would Have Bought in Sweden (10.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: Join the Conversation! (10.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: AN Friday Review: Harry Weese (10.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Northern Highlights (10.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: In Dwell: Platner’s Opulent Modernism (10.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: On Design Observer: Girard + Folk Art (10.19.10)
OBSERVATORY: Designing with Folk Art (10.19.10)
OBSERVATORY: FT Weekend: People in glass houses (10.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: Change Observer: "Small Scale" Reviewed (10.07.10)
CHANGE OBSERVER: Uncommon Ground (10.07.10)
OBSERVATORY: Yummy Too (10.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: Family Business (10.04.10)
OBSERVATORY: Not Afraid of Color (10.03.10)
OBSERVATORY: In T: The Zootopian (10.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: This is A Thrill... (09.29.10)
OBSERVATORY: Yummy! (09.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: Masdar: So Many Questions (09.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: Rendering v. Reality in Sukkah City (09.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Still-Expanding Airport (09.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: Shall I Complain About the New Yorker? (09.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: NYT Opinionator: If These Walls Could Talk (09.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: My Franzen, Freedom Review (09.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: If These Walls Could Talk (09.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: Make It Bigger (09.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: An Honor Just to be Mentioned... (09.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: In Dwell: Hands Off the Icons (09.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: Coming to the V&A: Tower of Power (09.07.10)
OBSERVATORY: Kitchen Godjets (09.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Lunch with the Critics: Park51 and 15 Penn Plaza (08.30.10)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: Park51 & 15 Penn (08.30.10)
OBSERVATORY: NYT Opinionator: What’s Cooking in Kitchen Design? (08.27.10)
PLACES: What's Cooking in Kitchen Design? (08.27.10)
OBSERVATORY: The War at Home (08.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: This is a Terrible Poster (08.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Language of "Kids Are All Right" (08.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: D/R, Back in the Boston Globe (08.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Imperfect Imperfectionists (08.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: On DO: When Shopping Was Sociable (08.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: When Shopping Was Sociable (08.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Modern Houses and Doomed P.M.s (08.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: Damned Icons (08.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Simple Pleasures (08.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Mid-C Decor Striptease (08.09.10)
OBSERVATORY: Design Research (The Book) Has Landed (08.04.10)
OBSERVATORY: On DO: Lunch with the Critics (07.27.10)
OBSERVATORY: Culture War Begins at Home (07.26.10)
PLACES: Lunch with the Critics: The New Lincoln Center (07.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: Archpaper Review: Our Cities Ourselves (07.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: NYT Opinionator: Easier Living Through Design (07.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: Better Living by Design (07.23.10)
OBSERVATORY: Culture Shed: Where’s the Neighborhood? (07.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: Hung Ceilings: Mystery Solved (07.19.10)
OBSERVATORY: Hung Ceilings (07.18.10)
OBSERVATORY: Time to Move On (07.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: Up in the Air (07.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Heavens (07.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Out of Love with Piano (07.07.10)
OBSERVATORY: Below Black Rock (07.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Personality of Parks (07.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Fix the Car Seat (07.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Whatever Happened to Architecture Critique? (07.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Bag Ladies (06.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: THE Bite THATS Rite (06.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: Where Have All the Windchimes Gone? (06.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: A Return to Modern Roots (06.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Diana Center & Architectural Bull---- (06.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: In Metropolis: Blue Sky Thinking (06.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: Make Me A Mini Monograph (06.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: “We Can’t Really Pay” (06.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: Op Art Eye Candy (06.11.10)
OBSERVATORY: Pomo Time Machine (06.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Girl Power? (06.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: AIA Guide, Family Style (06.04.10)
OBSERVATORY: Marigold, Goldenrod, Egg Yolk (06.04.10)
OBSERVATORY: My .02 on the Whitney (06.03.10)
OBSERVATORY: Bloggers in the Archive (06.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Plastics (05.27.10)
OBSERVATORY: Modernism on the Range (05.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: On Fast Company: Why Do Designer Toys Suck? (05.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Anti-Enthusiasts (05.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: Why do Most Designer Toys Suck so Badly? (05.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: On DO: ‘Please Give’ and Design People (05.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Maddening, Rewarding World of Design People (05.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Naive Tumblr (05.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: It Was All Yellow (05.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: In Metropolis: The Visceralist (05.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Jane Jacobs Is Still Watching (05.11.10)
OBSERVATORY: On Inksie: Good Design is Aesthetic (05.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: On Archpaper: Saccharine Design (05.07.10)
PLACES: Saccharine Design (05.07.10)
OBSERVATORY: Straw Men Redux (05.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: Category Error (05.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: Icon Review: Attila (05.04.10)
OBSERVATORY: Please Stop Coloring (05.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: What I Learned @dcritconference (05.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Ur-Paperback (04.29.10)
OBSERVATORY: For My German Readers (04.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: Now What? Or, Beware Panels (04.27.10)
OBSERVATORY: Confessions and Criticism (04.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: Fischer Price Airport (04.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Junior Critics (04.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Via bobulate: New York City as business (04.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: Carolina On... (No, I Just Can't Do It) (04.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: Approving of the Approval Matrix (04.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: All in the Execution (04.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Sometimes You Just Want to Eat (04.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Please Join Us (04.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: Governors Island, ca. 2014? (04.11.10)
OBSERVATORY: Every Thing Design: Can I Play Too? (04.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: On Knowing Where The End Is (04.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: Anthony Lane Fugs Too (04.07.10)
OBSERVATORY: Has the High Line Ruined Us? (04.03.10)
OBSERVATORY: Design Adjacent (04.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: In the Family (03.31.10)
OBSERVATORY: Moynihan on Design (03.31.10)
OBSERVATORY: Texts Without Context (03.30.10)
OBSERVATORY: Reciting Modernist Architects (03.29.10)
OBSERVATORY: On DO: Design Blogs: The Vacuum of Enthusiasm (03.29.10)
OBSERVATORY: Design Blogs: The Vacuum of Enthusiasm (03.29.10)
OBSERVATORY: My Favorite SANAA (03.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: The World's Foremost Female Architect (03.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: Scarano's School for Scandal (03.23.10)
OBSERVATORY: Times Op-Ed: Hole Earth Catalog (03.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Doing Addition (03.17.10)
OBSERVATORY: Things of Beauty (03.16.10)
OBSERVATORY: Playground Apps (03.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Tearing Down (03.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: Critical Mass (03.11.10)
OBSERVATORY: House Upon House (03.09.10)
OBSERVATORY: Not A Learning Experience (03.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: Bluestockings Unite! (03.07.10)
OBSERVATORY: Mad Swatches (03.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: The (Architectural) Anthologist (03.03.10)
OBSERVATORY: On DO: Why Ouroussoff Is Not Good Enough (03.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Welcome to Fort Brooklyn (03.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: Coloring Book (02.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: Disney, Without Sneering (02.23.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Future of Snacks (02.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Why Nicolai Ouroussoff Is Not Good Enough (02.18.10)
OBSERVATORY: Beyond Bodoni & Corb (02.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: Serious Fun (02.09.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Extinction of the Unisex (02.08.10)
OBSERVATORY: On The Moment: Plastic Fantastic (02.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: Still Ugly After All These Years (02.04.10)
OBSERVATORY: In AN 02: As the Tide Turns (02.03.10)
OBSERVATORY: All Rubble Is Not Alike (02.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Wives of the Architects (02.01.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Mysteries of Retail (01.28.10)
OBSERVATORY: Write What You Know (01.27.10)
OBSERVATORY: More! Women! Architects! (01.26.10)
OBSERVATORY: Suburban Design (01.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: Pay No Attention to Me (01.24.10)
OBSERVATORY: Buildings That Aren't There (01.21.10)
OBSERVATORY: Hands-On: The Gropius Touch (01.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: A Real Modern Monument (01.20.10)
OBSERVATORY: Love and Flatware (01.18.10)
OBSERVATORY: Trip Down Memory Lane (01.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Inappropriation (01.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Yuck Factor (01.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: Snip Snip Snip (01.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: It's Not Just Me (01.10.10)
OBSERVATORY: On DO: Skating on the Edge of Taste (01.07.10)
OBSERVATORY: I Heart Huxtable (01.06.10)
OBSERVATORY: About A Boy (01.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: Size M (01.04.10)
OBSERVATORY: Annotated Avatar (01.02.10)
OBSERVATORY: Last Post of 2009: Interview, Casey Jones (12.31.09)
OBSERVATORY: After Buildings (12.30.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Women (12.22.09)
OBSERVATORY: Exciting Multi-Generational Moment (12.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Want to Make an Architect Cry? (12.19.09)
CHANGE OBSERVER: Casey Jones (12.18.09)
OBSERVATORY: Making A List... (12.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: Playing House (12.15.09)
OBSERVATORY: In a F.O.G. (12.14.09)
OBSERVATORY: Seasons Greetings (12.11.09)
OBSERVATORY: Where Have All the Type Geeks Gone? (12.11.09)
OBSERVATORY: UN, Now and Then (12.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: Dumbing Down DIY (12.05.09)
OBSERVATORY: DoubleX: Kid Made Modern Reviewed (12.03.09)
OBSERVATORY: Making Kids Modern: Or is it Their Moms? (12.03.09)
OBSERVATORY: DWR = D/R? (12.02.09)
OBSERVATORY: Skating on the Edge of Taste with Warren Platner (12.01.09)
OBSERVATORY: XL (12.01.09)
OBSERVATORY: Look Again (11.29.09)
OBSERVATORY: See the USA (11.28.09)
OBSERVATORY: This Is Just To Say (11.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: Stuffed (11.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Another New York (11.22.09)
OBSERVATORY: Texan Capitals (11.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: D/R on WGBH (11.19.09)
OBSERVATORY: Paper Revelations (11.17.09)
OBSERVATORY: Smaller Wonder: Brooklyn Children's Museum (11.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: Love & Architecture (11.12.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Modernist State (11.12.09)
OBSERVATORY: Word on the Street (11.10.09)
OBSERVATORY: Kicking Down the Door (11.09.09)
OBSERVATORY: Review: The Price of Fitting In (11.06.09)
OBSERVATORY: Back to School (11.04.09)
OBSERVATORY: Bauhaus + Betsy (11.02.09)
OBSERVATORY: Tableaux Vivants (10.29.09)
OBSERVATORY: D/R Love (10.28.09)
OBSERVATORY: More Hell (Beige Edition) (10.28.09)
OBSERVATORY: Small Wonder: 41 Cooper Square (10.26.09)
OBSERVATORY: Petting Zoo (10.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Love & Architecture (10.22.09)
OBSERVATORY: Houses of the Future (10.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Buy It Now (10.20.09)
OBSERVATORY: Love Among the Figurines (10.18.09)
OBSERVATORY: Architecture in Transit (10.16.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Sound of Waves (10.14.09)
OBSERVATORY: Small Wonder: 41 Cooper Square (10.14.09)
OBSERVATORY: Unhappy Homes (10.12.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Wall Vanishes (10.12.09)
OBSERVATORY: Home Range (10.08.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Ladies' Paradise (10.06.09)
OBSERVATORY: (Women and) Children First (10.05.09)
OBSERVATORY: White Knight (10.03.09)
OBSERVATORY: Cutting Remarks (10.01.09)
OBSERVATORY: D/R Rising (09.28.09)
OBSERVATORY: Lost Research (09.26.09)
OBSERVATORY: My Idea of Hell (09.24.09)
OBSERVATORY: Nothing Runs Like A... (09.21.09)
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