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We were sad to hear that the visionary George Lois, died last week. He was 91. [BV]

Chicago Design Through the Decades opens today and runs through the end of the year. The project starts with Art Deco in the 1920s and goes through the 2020s with digital portraits produced using neural networks. [BV]

Art and immersion, according to David Hockney. In London, through April. [JH]

Striking art and design faculty at Parsons and The New School make headlines—as they should. [JH]

Wakanda Forever‘s costumes represent a coming together of cultures. [BV]

Japandi! [JH]

Memorials are retrospective but also aspirational: They are statements about who we mourn and prescriptions for how we mourn; in a way, they are self-portraits. [JH]

Sirenia, a new font from Felix Braden, is made up of organic shapes and ornamental curves. [BV]

Asia’s premier annual event on design, innovation and brands for illuminating conversations with global creative leaders: from 28 November to 3 December. [JH]

Shrink it and pink it: Karen Korellis Reuther explores gender bias in product design. [BV]

We‘re listening to Sketch Model, a new podcast hosted by our friend Sara Hendren that focuses on on engineering education and its need for the humanities and arts. [BV]

Design and ... cannabis? [JH]

Brad Pitt—yes, THAT brad Pitt—and his man cave (including Nick Cave) of fellow bros—we mean, artists. (Yes, you read that correctly). [JH]

Design and the cringe factor. [JH]

Bold! Domed! and ROUND! The new smart watch. From Google. [JH]

Adobe. Figma. TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS. Discuss! [JH]

Can a design studio democratize innovation? Sam’s Club thinks so. [JH]

A retrospective of the South African artist, William Kentridge opens at the Royal Academy in London this week, and runs through early December. [JH]

When the former President of Harvard pays attention to typography, it’s time to pay attention to her. [JH]

Eye candy? (Eye dairy?) Behold: the Barcelona Butter Chair! [JH]

A new exhibit at the Victoria & Albert museum reveals what objects people choose to repair—and how they want them fixed. [BV]

NYC is looking for volunteer artists to paint its garbage trucks. [JH]

Dezeen announces the 2022 award winners. [JH]

Artificial intelligence in the service of ... the skyscraper? [JH]

The Smithsonian announces the winners of the National Design Award. [JH]

Wellness—for designers. [JH]

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