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Observed | October 29

Black students make up only 9% of enrollment at 96 schools teaching art and design in the United States. But thanks to D’Wayne Edwards, that is about to change. [JH]

At just 61 years old, Nigeria is still an emerging nation—and it’s a hotbed of design. [JH]

Humor, art, activism: discuss amongst yourselves. [JH]

What do the words “design” and “delicatessen” have in common? You’re about to find out! [JH]

Observed | October 26

Graphic designers will swoon to see Ricky Jay’s collection, which will be auctioned this week at Sotheby’s in New York. [JH]

Observed | October 22

Elizabeth Diller interprets Edmund de Waal’s book, “The Hare With Amber Eyes” as a cabinet of curiosities. The exhibition opens at The Jewish Museum in New York on November 19. [JH]

Observed | October 15

Karim Rashid opines on the harsher realities of a life in design. [JH]

Richard Schultz, American pioneer of modernist furniture, dies at 95. [JH]

Pixar movies, and the subtleties of dystopian cities. [JH]

In celebration of their relaunch Print magazine comissioned a wonderful video that you should watch. [BV]

Observed | October 01

Adnan Lotia recreates iconic album covers with ... Lego. [JH]

Designers Verònica Fuerte and Sebastián Londoño turn circles into an international design language. [JH]

Jim Jarmusch, collage artist. [JH]

Posted without comment. [JH]

Jobs | November 27