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A Sampler of Rocks

Occasionally I like to select a topic strictly for its visual depth and then explore the many ways I can interpret and explore it via the archives of the internet. Rocks are the stuff of castles, homes, weapons, making fire, creating wealth and beauty. Most rocks are plentiful and hard-working, building our roads and cities. Then again, some rocks are so rare and beautiful they create the wonderment of our lives. I like the wonderment part.

In my next life, I will collect rocks.

A Sampler of Rocks
Manuel LITRAN - Bouche de la Reine Tiyi l’épouse d’Aménophis III, 1970

A Sampler of Rocks
Anasazi Ruin (2003) 
Photo by Richard King

A Sampler of Rocks
Ara Güler - The ruins of Aphrodisias (1964.)

A Sampler of Rocks
Cone hermitage and church near Gula Deri. Photographs taken during a trip by John D. Whiting and G. Eric Matson to the Cappadocia region of Turkey in October and November of 1935, on the request of the National Geographic Society.

A Sampler of Rocks
R.F. Kockaerts - Bretagne, 1964

A Sampler of Rocks
Sculpture by William Edmondson

A Sampler of Rocks
Photo by Kerry Murray
Penhas Douradas, Serra da Estrela

A Sampler of Rocks
Rock House in Fafe, Portugal
Photo credit Jsome1 on Flickr

A Sampler of Rocks
Rene Magritte (1898-1967):
Clear Ideas(1958)
Galerie Isy Brachot, Brussels

A Sampler of Rocks
See Rock City

A Sampler of Rocks
Artist: Carl Peverall:  Celo, North Carolina
Counsel of Elders
Stone Sculpture

A Sampler of Rocks

A Sampler of Rocks
Petroglyph in Kakadu National Park, Australia (Northern Territory)

A Sampler of Rocks
Artist: Michael Heizer
Levitated Mass

A Sampler of Rocks
Dry stacked fencing has a history reaching back into ancient times. In Kentucky its history of construction can travel as far back as the late 1700s — believed to be built by slaves and/or Irish immigratnts. Kentucky’s natural limestone beds have provided the resources to construct the beautiful fences. Also, very common in New England.
Photo and information courtesy of Boundary Fence and Supply, Denver, CO

A Sampler of Rocks
Balanced rocks by Michael Grab
Boulder, CO

A Sampler of Rocks
Petroglyphs at Painted Rocks, AZ

A Sampler of Rocks
A pair of iron meteorites (lighter color large rocks in the foreground) seen by the Spirit Rover on Mars. Image credit: NASA/JP

A Sampler of Rocks
A Chinese Scholars’ Rock, Black Lingbi Stone

A Sampler of Rocks
The Rosetta Stone
114.4 x 72.3 x 27.93 cm
Discovered in 1799
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, demotic script, and Greek script
The British Museum

A Sampler of Rocks
Illustration of Chert Breccia.

A Sampler of Rocks
Chert Breccia is a conglomerate type of rock often found in Australia.

A Sampler of Rocks
Amethystine quartz

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Stony stones! I was just revisiting this favorite quote by Viktor Shklovsky: "“Art exists that one may recover the sensation of life, it exists to make one feel things, to make the stone stoney."

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