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Until I graduated from college, I was always making something. Drawing, painting, potting as a child, then drafting and model-making as a would-be architect. I miss it, but I have had a hard time settling on a craft as an adult. Usually cooking gives me some of the same feeling, especially when I get creative, as with my Monday triumph: Corn/Cabbage/Kidney Bean Salad, with a lime vinagrette.

Last week I executed an idea I had while browsing the out-of-date art supplies in my grandfather’s studio this summer. (I am still figuring out a project for the envelopes of press type.)

I found a package of vintage paper EAT placemats. I thought they would make a good wall covering for our open dining area but needed a little something more. I took colored Letraset film (also scavenged in the studio) and let the colors suggest various fruits and vegetables. I cut out the simplest shape I thought would be identifiable for each type.

I thought the results were pretty great, and the kids design website Ohdeedoh agreed, and featured my Fruit and Vegetable Wall Graphics on Wednesday.

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Alexandra Lange Alexandra Lange is an architecture and design critic, and author of Writing about Architecture: Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities. (Princeton Architectural Press, 2012). Her work has appeared in The Architect’s Newspaper, Architectural Record, Dwell, Metropolis, Print, New York Magazine and The New York Times.


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