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Jason Kottke is a blogger and developer living in NYC. As editor of for the last 14+ years, he’s scoured nearly every corner of the web for juicy links and things for people to read. Jason is also hard at work on Stellar, a web app for tracking and discovering your favorite things online.

In the past, Jason did research on non-crystalline solids, designed websites for people, made a bitmap font called Silkscreen, and experimented online at 0sil8.

Currently, he can be found at his site, on Twitter, and at Stellar.

Posted in: Culture, Design Matters, Design Practice, Ideas, Typography

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I've been a follower of for a good seven years now, and I'm so grateful to Jason for enriching my internet experience, and by extension my life.

I've learned so much, come across so many fascinating things I would otherwise never have come across. It makes me feel more connected with the world.

A big thanks to you, Jason! Keep up the good work.

a fan from New Zealand

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