Bonnie Siegler is an award-winning graphic designer. She is the founder of Eight and a Half, a multidisciplinary design studio based in New York, and before that, was the co-founder of Number Seventeen. She got her degree at Carnegie Mellon University, has taught in the graduate design programs at Yale University, RISD, and the School of Visual Arts and was the 2014 Koopman Distinguished Chair in the Visual Arts at the University of Hartford.


Here’s the thing: I love art AND commerce. The design side and the business side of graphic design are inextricably linked, and one doesn't exist without the other. I actually find the analytical side of good design and the creative side of good business (almost) equally satisfying. Designing a great logo is one thing, convincing the client it’s a great logo is another thing entirely. A great designer needs to be able to do both.

Send your questions, one and all, and I will do my best to advise with clear eyes and a full heart. Ask me anything. (The lovelorn are welcome too!) Write to [email protected] and I promise no one will ever know it came from you.

Bonnie Siegler
Three Reasons: The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line

Bonnie Siegler
Perplexed in Providence

When does inspiration become infringement? You’ll know it when you see it.

Bonnie Siegler
Introducing: Three Reasons

Band of Outsiders

Bonnie Siegler
Distressed in Dix Hills

Style comes naturally

Bonnie Siegler
Scared in Schenectady

Worried about a crowded job market? Bonnie says: Fear not young designers!

Bonnie Siegler
Sighing in Springfield

Indiscretion in the office

Bonnie Siegler
Judgmental in Jackson

Set up? You might be surprised.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Anxious in Adelaide

Managing expectations: your boss’ and your own

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Pondering in Ponderosa

Constructive criticisism

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Tenafly to Tennessee

A compendium of questions

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Lost in London

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie

This week readers respond to Bonnie … about bosses

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Bothered in Brooklyn

Our own Bonnie Siegler gives readers the chance to answer a question for her

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Not Happy in New Haven

Where have I seen that before?

Bonnie Siegler
Unbuttoned at UC Berkeley

How to tactfully tackle a most delicate matter

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Curious in Carmel

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Dumbfounded in Dayton

What’s the correct response to a paying client who rejects the job?

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Nervous in New Zealand

Following your heart and trusting your teachers

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Moping in Minneapolis

In this week’s Dear Bonnie: Taking the Initiative

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Annoyed in Amsterdam

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Not Sure in Northern California

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Lost in Louisville

This week, Dear Bonnie highlights the importance of good communication ... and manners.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Helpless in Hermosa Beach

This week Dear Bonnie turns the answering over to contest winner Erica Heinz, who encourages readers to “work collaboratively, without the need for recognition.”

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Deals in Dillon + A Giveaway

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Nervous in Nantucket

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Dissed in Denver

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Partnering in Peoria

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Wondering in Westport

This week Dear Bonnie advises a do-everything-wonder-kid about his portfolio.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Aggrieved in Atlanta + Bumming in Brooklyn

Advice for designers who receive unsolicited opinions from friends and those whose clients have bad taste.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Lost on Long Island + Stuck in Schenectady

This week Dear Bonnie tackles what to do when your client stops returning your calls, and how to get your brain moving.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Cringing in Charleston

This week Dear Bonnie gets to the heart of the conundrum that is graphic design. Designers represent the needs of both art and commerce, which means they serve many masters.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Reeling in Rotterdam + Apprehensive in Austin

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Taunted in Tehran

This week Dear Bonnie answer Taunted in Tehran about proper credits when you've collaborated with a group, but one person runs off with the idea.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Mixed up in Martinsville

This week Dear Bonnie answers Mixed up in Martinsville about how to deal with clients without burning bridges. The key: written agreements.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Frustrated in Florida

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Confused in Connecticut

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Women of Washington + Young in Youngstown

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Cheated in Chicago

This week Dear Bonnie — our truth-telling advice column from Bonnie Siegler — advises independent artist "Cheated in Chicago" on the best course of action when her work is being used by a large brand without her permission.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Trapped In Toledo + Desperately Seeking Designers

This week Dear Bonnie — our truth-telling advice column from Bonnie Siegler — advises Trapped In Toledo on how to win over his client's communications officer and Desperately Seeking Designers on finding talented, deserving young hires.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Tips for Toyland

This week Dear Bonnie — our truth-telling advice column from Bonnie Siegler — takes a lok at the pitfalls of casual letter writing.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Bullied in Brighton

This week Dear Bonnie tackles bullying at the office.

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Interested in India + Window Dressing in Wisconsin

Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie: Troubled in Techworld + Befuddled in Buffalo


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