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Michael Bierut

Contact Information:
bierut [at]

Posts by Michael Bierut

OBSERVATORY: Thoughts on “Thoughts on Design” (08.11.14)
OBSERVATORY: Massimo Vignelli, 1931-2014 (05.27.14)
OBSERVATORY: What Bill Knew (02.27.14)
OBSERVATORY: And May All Your Christmases Be Carefully Staged So As To Appear White (12.25.13)
OBLOG: 50 Books/50 Covers 2012 Winners Announced (06.26.13)
OBSERVATORY: Chromatophobia (02.13.13)
OBSERVATORY: Graphic Design Criticism as a Spectator Sport (01.14.13)
OBSERVATORY: Positively Michael Patrick Cronan (01.07.13)
OBSERVATORY: Style: An Inventory (10.29.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Typeface of Truth (08.09.12)
OBSERVATORY: I Love the 80s (06.04.12)
OBSERVATORY: The Poster that Launched a Movement (Or Not) (04.30.12)
OBSERVER MEDIA: Designing, Writing, Teaching: Not My Real Job (05.27.11)
OBSERVATORY: Seven Things Designers Can Learn from Stand Up Comics (05.17.11)
OBSERVATORY: Five Years of 100 Days (02.10.11)
OBSERVATORY: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mentor, Or, Why Modernist Designers Are Superior (01.31.11)
OBSERVER MEDIA: Michael Bierut on Clients (01.21.11)
OBSERVATORY: At the Movies with Javier Mariscal (12.10.10)
OBSERVER MEDIA: Michael Bierut on Typography (11.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Art Directors Club: 2010 Hall of Fame (11.05.10)
OBSERVATORY: Dot Zero (09.15.10)
OBSERVATORY: Mr. Vignelli’s Map (09.14.10)
OBSERVATORY: Lella Vignelli (09.13.10)
OBSERVATORY: James Victore: Straight Up (09.01.10)
OBSERVER MEDIA: Michael Bierut on 86 Notebooks (08.11.10)
OBSERVATORY: Jerry Della Femina, Mad Men, and the Cult of Advertising Personality (07.25.10)
OBSERVATORY: The Bones of Francois Robert (04.22.10)
OBSERVATORY: Designing the Unthinkable (01.12.10)
OBSERVATORY: Designing Obama (10.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: The Figure / Ground Relationship (09.25.09)
OBSERVATORY: Spoiler Alert! Or, Happy Father's Day (06.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: When Design Gets in the Way (06.19.09)
OBSERVATORY: Seymour, An Introduction (05.30.09)
OBSERVATORY: Invasion of the Neutered Sprites (04.21.09)
OBSERVATORY: Designing Through the Recession (12.24.08)
OBSERVATORY: The Four Lessons of Lou Dorfsman (10.23.08)
OBSERVATORY: 26 Years, 85 Notebooks (10.12.08)
OBSERVATORY: Mad Men: Pitch Perfect (09.30.08)
OBSERVATORY: David Foster Wallace, Branding Theorist, 1962-2008 (09.14.08)
OBSERVATORY: There is No Why (07.31.08)
OBSERVATORY: My Handicap (07.20.08)
OBSERVATORY: Fitting (05.13.08)
OBSERVATORY: The (Faux) Old Ball Game (03.31.08)
OBSERVATORY: Would It Kill You To Smile? (03.11.08)
OBSERVATORY: The Smartest Logo in the Room (02.11.08)
OBSERVATORY: Will the Real Ernst Bettler Please Stand Up? (01.08.08)
OBSERVATORY: The Most Hated Holiday Song in the World (12.22.07)
OBSERVATORY: How To Be Ugly (11.11.07)
OBSERVATORY: Déjà Vu All Over Again (10.22.07)
OBSERVATORY: Rest in Peace, Herbert Muschamp (10.09.07)
OBSERVATORY: May I Show You My Portfolio? (09.21.07)
OBSERVATORY: You're So Intelligent (09.05.07)
OBSERVATORY: Flat, Simple and Funny: The World of Charley Harper (08.16.07)
OBSERVATORY: Donal McLaughlin’s Little Button (07.25.07)
OBSERVATORY: Everything I Know About Design I Learned from The Sopranos (06.11.07)
OBSERVATORY: Why a Book? (05.24.07)
OBSERVATORY: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Typeface (05.12.07)
OBSERVATORY: Our Little Secret (04.06.07)
OBSERVATORY: Good at Art (03.19.07)
OBSERVATORY: Jean Baudrillard Dies (03.06.07)
OBSERVATORY: Cheap Music and Commercial Art (02.16.07)
OBSERVATORY: All That Jazz: Posters by Niklaus Troxler (01.30.07)
OBSERVATORY: Speech, Speech (01.23.07)
OBSERVATORY: The It Factor (01.16.07)
OBSERVATORY: Now You See It (12.20.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Graphic Glass Ceiling (12.11.06)
OBSERVATORY: New House (11.20.06)
OBSERVATORY: Onserved: CR on Alan Fletcher (11.15.06)
OBSERVATORY: What's That Crashing Sound, Or, Eisenman in Cincinnati (10.12.06)
OBSERVATORY: Vinyl Fetish (10.09.06)
OBSERVATORY: Alan Fletcher: Living by Design (09.27.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Golden Age of American Commercialism (09.24.06)
OBSERVATORY: This is My Process (09.09.06)
OBSERVATORY: Helmut Krone, Period. (08.23.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Road to Hell, Part Two: That Elusive Silver Bullet (08.08.06)
OBSERVATORY: Where the Happy People Go (07.17.06)
OBSERVATORY: Regrets Only (07.10.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Mysterious Power of Context (06.22.06)
OBSERVATORY: My Phone Call to Arnold Newman (06.14.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Road to Hell: Now Paved with Innovation? (06.04.06)
OBSERVATORY: Eight-and-a-Half by Eleven (05.19.06)
OBSERVATORY: I Am a Plagiarist (05.11.06)
OBSERVATORY: When Design is a Matter of Life or Death (04.06.06)
OBSERVATORY: Variations on a Theme: New York's High Priorities (03.30.06)
OBSERVATORY: Warning: May Contain Non-Design Content (03.18.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Persistence of the Exotic Menial (02.26.06)
OBSERVATORY: Design by Committee (02.12.06)
OBSERVATORY: Wilson Pickett, Design Theorist, 1942 - 2006 (01.22.06)
OBSERVATORY: In Praise of Slow Design (01.15.06)
OBSERVATORY: The Unbearable Lightness of Fred Marcellino (12.29.05)
OBSERVATORY: Innovation is the New Black (11.20.05)
OBSERVATORY: Designing Twyla Tharp's Upper Room (11.06.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Final Days of AT&T (10.29.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Great Non-Amber-Colored Hope (10.24.05)
OBSERVATORY: Looking for Celebration, Florida (10.13.05)
OBSERVATORY: Four Years After (09.11.05)
OBSERVATORY: You May Already Be a Winner (08.29.05)
OBSERVATORY: Every New Yorker is a Target (08.16.05)
OBSERVATORY: Credit Line Goes Here (07.22.05)
OBSERVATORY: Rick Valicenti: This Time It's Personal (07.14.05)
OBSERVATORY: My Favorite Book is Not About Design (or Is It?) (07.12.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Obvious, Shunned by So Many, Is Successfully Avoided Once Again (06.28.05)
OBSERVATORY: Call Me Shithead, or, What's in a Name? (06.19.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Man Who Saved Jackson Pollock (06.06.05)
OBSERVATORY: On (Design) Bullshit (05.09.05)
OBSERVATORY: Me and My Pyramid (04.22.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Supersized, Temporarily Impossible World of Bruce McCall (04.18.05)
OBSERVATORY: Homage to the Squares (04.03.05)
OBSERVATORY: No Headline Necessary (03.28.05)
OBSERVATORY: Fear and Loathing in Pen and Ink (02.28.05)
OBSERVATORY: Designing Under the Influence (02.26.05)
OBSERVATORY: Authenticity: A User's Guide (02.08.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Comfort of Style (02.03.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Best Artist in the World (01.19.05)
OBSERVATORY: Robert Polidori's Peripheral Vision (01.08.05)
OBSERVATORY: The Other Rand (12.16.04)
OBSERVATORY: Just Say Yes (12.08.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Whole Damn Bus is Cheering (12.01.04)
OBSERVATORY: Logogate in Connecticut, or, The Rodneydangerfieldization of Graphic Design: Part II (11.21.04)
OBSERVATORY: The World in Two Footnotes (11.18.04)
OBSERVATORY: First Person Shooter (11.13.04)
OBSERVATORY: Colorama (11.01.04)
OBSERVATORY: What We Talk About When We Talk About Architecture (10.21.04)
OBSERVATORY: I Hate ITC Garamond (10.01.04)
OBSERVATORY: Graphic Designers, Flush Left? (09.20.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Graphic Design Olympics (08.23.04)
OBSERVATORY: What is Design For? A Discussion (08.17.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Rendering and the Reality (08.14.04)
OBSERVATORY: Eero Saarinen's Forty Year Layover (08.04.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Bodoni Conspiracy (07.25.04)
OBSERVATORY: Pablo Ferro Offers You His Protection (07.20.04)
OBSERVATORY: To Hell with the Simple Paper Clip (07.14.04)
OBSERVATORY: Ed Ruscha: When Art Rises to the Level of Graphic Design (07.12.04)
OBSERVATORY: And the Gold Award for Design Goes to God (07.05.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Tyranny of the Tagline (06.29.04)
OBSERVATORY: Barthes on the Ballpoint (06.19.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Idealistic Corporation (06.16.04)
OBSERVATORY: McSweeney's No. 13 and the Revenge of the Nerds (05.29.04)
OBSERVATORY: India Switches Brands (05.17.04)
OBSERVATORY: My Democracy Was Irretrievably Undermined by Reactionary Idiots and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (05.09.04)
OBSERVATORY: Better Nation Building Through Design (04.28.04)
OBSERVATORY: Catharsis, Salesmanship, and the Limits of Empire (04.22.04)
OBSERVATORY: I Hear You’ve Got Script Trouble: The Designer as Auteur (04.17.04)
OBSERVATORY: Stanley Kubrick and the Future of Graphic Design (04.03.04)
OBSERVATORY: Michael McDonough’s Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me in Design School (03.24.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Book (Cover) That Changed My Life (03.19.04)
OBSERVATORY: George Kennan and the Cold War Between Form and Content (03.13.04)
OBSERVATORY: 1989: Roots of Revolution (03.06.04)
OBSERVATORY: Information Design and the Placebo Effect (02.28.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Final Decline and Total Collapse of the American Magazine Cover (02.18.04)
OBSERVATORY: Rob Roy Kelly’s Old, Weird America (02.02.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Sins of St. Paul (01.31.04)
OBSERVATORY: (Over)explaining Design (01.18.04)
OBSERVATORY: Vladimir Nabokov: Father of Hypertext? (01.11.04)
OBSERVATORY: The Forgotten Design Legacy of the National Lampoon (01.05.04)
OBSERVATORY: Errol Morris Blows Up Spreadsheet, Thousands Killed (12.17.03)
OBSERVATORY: Mark Lombardi and the Ecstasy of Conspiracy (11.24.03)
OBSERVATORY: Graphic Design and the New Certainties (11.10.03)
OBSERVATORY: The New York Times: Apocalypse Now, Page A1 (10.28.03)