Debbie Millman
Brandon Stanton

Debbie talks to photographer Brandon Stanton about his ongoing project “Humans of New York” and why total strangers open up to him.

Debbie Millman
Gretchen Rubin

Debbie talks to author Gretchen Rubin about happiness and the power of habit.

Debbie Millman
Chris Anderson
Debbie Millman
Design Matters from the Archive: Isaac Mizrahi
Debbie Millman
Design Matters from the Archive: Julia Turshen

Debbie talks to Julia about cooking and writing, and how to peel a hard-boiled egg.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters from the Archive: Ben Schott

Debbie talks to Ben Schott about the importance of failing early in one’s career, about how to take a politician’s picture, and about writing and designing his own books.

Debbie Millman
Lisa Congdon

On this episode Debbie talks with artist and writer Lisa Congdon about how she sometimes felt like an imposter.

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller

On their annual podcast Debbie talks to graphic design guru Steve about how to deliver social critiques with a punch.

Debbie Millman
Alison Bechdel
Debbie Millman
Nico Muhly
Debbie Millman
Todd Waterbury
Debbie Millman
Caroline Paul
Debbie Millman
Amanda Palmer NEW

Debbie talks to Amanda about her wild and wandering path to the rock stage, and about how behind her artistic ambitions is the drive to feel real.

Debbie Millman
Krista Tippett

Debbie talks with radio host Krista Tippett about her religious orientation, her struggle with depression, and about why it’s so hard to understand our historical moment.

Debbie Millman
Greg Hahn + Ryan Moore
Debbie Millman
Kate Bolick

Debbie Millman talks with writer Kate Bolick about society’s historically skeptical view of a single woman.

Debbie Millman
Maira Kalman
Debbie Millman
Maria Konnikova
Debbie Millman
Mimi Váldes

Debbie talks to Mimi Valdés about her unstoppable career, from magazine editor to her creative partnership with the pop singer Pharrell Williams.

Debbie Millman
Ayse Birsel

Debbie talks to Ayse Birsel about her expansive career as an industrial designer and how she uses art and design to reconstruct her personal and professional life around a core idea.

Debbie Millman
Eric Zimmer

Debbie talks to Eric Zimmer about the twists and turns in his surprising career as a tech entrepreneur, and abot some of the things he’s learned along the way.

Debbie Millman
Roz Chast
Debbie Millman
Tucker Nichols
Debbie Millman
Doug Powell

On this episode Debbie talks to Doung Powell about how designers can use their skills beyond the confines of the profession.

Debbie Millman
Eli Horowitz
Debbie Millman
Tobias Frere-Jones
Debbie Millman
Scott Clemons
Debbie Millman
Su Mathews Hale

Debbie talks to Su Matthews Hale about her efforts to bring more attention to female designers

Debbie Millman
Simon Sinek

Debbie Millman talks to author Simon Sinek about the fruits of good leadership.

Debbie Millman
Robin Petravic + Catherine Bailey

Debbie talks with Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey about running Heath Ceramics.

Debbie Millman
Michael Bierut
Debbie Millman
Timothy Goodman

Debbie talks to Timothy Goodman about how, after barely getting through high school, he went on to a very visible career that he is still in the process of defining.

Debbie Millman
Jonathan Fields

Author and entrepreneur Jonathan Fields on his previous careers as a lawyer and personal trainer, and on The Good Life. "The Good Life is not a place at which you arrive, it’s a lens through which you see and create."

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From the Archive: Noah Brier
Debbie Millman
Design Matters From the Archive: Clement Mok

Debbie talks to designer Clement Mok about the early days of Apple computer, the heady days of the software bubble, and the joys of working for Steve Jobs.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From the Archive: Bob Gill
Debbie Millman
Design Matters from the Archive: Michael Donovan + Nancye Green

Michael Donovan + Nancye Green on their partnership in marriage and design.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From the Archive: Michael Arad

The designer of the 9/11 memorial—Michael Arad— on the process of design.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From the Archive: Chip Kidd
Debbie Millman
Design Matters From The Archive: Marion Deuchars
Debbie Millman
Design Matters From the Archive: Louise Fili

Debbie talks to Louise Fili about designing book covers, designing for restaurants, about why she prefers working for small businesses, and about the importance of sketching.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From The Archive: Massimo Vignelli

Debbie talks to Massimo Vignelli about his favorite typeface, his fight against vulgarity in his design, and what he means by forceful design.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters from the Archive: Peter Mendelsund

Debbie talks to Peter Mendelsund about what makes a great book cover, rebranding the classics, and about his fears of the iPad and Kindle.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From The Archive: Caroline Paul + Wendy MacNaughton
Debbie Millman
Brian Rea

Debbie talks to Brian Rea about the value of being rejected, about art directing for the New York Times, and about his development as an illustrator.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From The Archive: Rob Walker

Debbie talks to Rob Walker about the Sunggie and his fantasy branding project.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From The Archive: Marian Bantjes

Debbie talks to Marian Bantjes about her daring typography and her highly ornamental designs.

Debbie Millman
Kelli Anderson
Debbie Millman
Design Matters From the Archive: Tina Roth Eisenberg

Debbie talks to SwissMiss — aka Tina Roth Eisenberg — discusses her blog, CreativeMornings, and the beauty found in ordinary things.

Debbie Millman
Design Matters From The Archive: James Victore

Debbie Millman and James Victore discusses his book, putting his opinion in the work and the difference between God-jobs and money jobs.

Debbie Millman
Oliver Jeffers

Debbie talks to artist and illustrator Oliver Jeffers, who explains how illustrating and writing children’s books has changed his fine art painting.

Debbie Millman
Carolina Rogoll

Branding expert Carolina Rogoll talks about how to update a brand and why sabbaticals are a good idea.

Debbie Millman
Chris Ware
Debbie Millman
Audrey Arbeeny
Debbie Millman
Virginia Postrel

Debbie Millman talks to Virginia Postrel about the power of glamorous objects and glamorous people.

Debbie Millman
Elle Luna
Debbie Millman
Ron Burrage
Debbie Millman
Julia Turshen

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Julia Turshen about cooking and writing (and how to successfully peel a hard boiled egg).

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Steven Heller about his new book Graphic Style Lab.

Debbie Millman
Lynda Weinman

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie talks to’s Lynda Weinman about how the internet is challenging the traditional classroom model.

Debbie Millman

On this episode of Design Matters Debbie Millman talks to Morley about her songs of social change.

Debbie Millman
Ben Watson
Debbie Millman
Louise Sandhaus
Debbie Millman
Jessica Walsh + Timothy Goodman

On this week’s episode Debbie Millman talks to Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman about their unusual collaboration

Debbie Millman
Isaac Mizrahi

To launch the 10th season of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Isaac Mizrahi about why he loves fashion and why he does so many things outside of fashion.

The Editors
Design Matters Celebrates 10 Years
Debbie Millman
Chee Pearlman

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to editor, curator, and design fairy godmother Chee Pearlman about editing a design magazine and designing conferences.

Debbie Millman
Liz Danzico

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Liz Danzico about writing and designing, life in NYC, and why it’s so important to keep learning (and re-learning).

Debbie Millman
Justin Ahrens

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Justin Ahrens about designing for social change and his book.

Debbie Millman
Ji Lee
Debbie Millman
Emily Spivack
Debbie Millman
Moira Cullen

On this episode of Design Matters Debbie Millman talks to Moira Cullen—design strategist, writer and educator—about her innovative design work for some of the world’s leading brands.

Debbie Millman
Tina + Ryan Essmaker
Debbie Millman
Caroline Baumann

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Cooper Hewitt director Caroline Baumann about her career in museums and why the interest in design has surged in recent years. 

Debbie Millman
Fritz Karch

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Fritz Karch on being a stylist for Martha Stewart, owning an antique shop, and what it means to be a collector.

Debbie Millman
Ben Schott

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman talks to Ben Schott about the importance of failing early in one’s career, about how to take a politician’s picture, and about writing and designing his own books.

Debbie Millman
Petter Ringbom
Debbie Millman
Tom Geismar
Design Matters Fall 2014 Schedule Announced

A new season of Design Matters starts Monday!

Debbie Millman
Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit is an independent filmmaker who has produced six feature documentaries, including Helvetica.

Debbie Millman
Noah Brier
Debbie Millman
Dani Shapiro

On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Debbie talks to writer Dani Shapiro about being raised an Orthodox Jew, about being vulnerable in her work, and about writing her way out of an existential crisis.

Debbie Millman
Brian Singer

On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Debbie talks to Brian Singer, Communication Design team leader at Facebook,.

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller
Debbie Millman
Rachel Sussman

Artist Rachel Sussman discusses her new book and explains what it was like to be abandoned without supplies — or a phone — in Greenland.  

Debbie Millman
Scott Lerman

Scott Lerman talks about his new step-by-step book about brand strategy and about how consumer research can limit innovative thinking.

Debbie Millman
Maria Giudice
Debbie Millman
Michael Donovan + Nancye Green
Debbie Millman
Debra Bishop

Design Director of More Magazine, Debra Bishop discusses her career designing for magazines, including her years working for Martha Stewart, and the tension between designers and editors.

Debbie Millman
Joe Marianek
Debbie Millman
Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris on his web and database art projects, his relationship to time and memory, and the sexuality of the internet.

Debbie Millman
Dana Arnett
Debbie Millman
Irma Boom

Debbie Millman talks to Irma Boom about the art and craft of her celebrated book designs.

Debbie Millman
Amanda Michel + Amy Webb, co-founders of Spark Camp
Debbie Millman
Bob Gill

Legendary designer Bob Gill talks about design in the 1950s, working with the Beatles and the problem with so many designers today.

Debbie Millman
Matteo Bologna

On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Debbie talks to Matteo Bologna about his early years in Italy, his addiction to typography and the question of self-confidence.

Debbie Millman
Alex Center

Lead designer for CocaCola's Vitaminwater and Powerade Alex Center talks about his love of brands.

Debbie Millman
Susan Szenasy
Debbie Millman
Terry Teachout

Terry Teachout discusses the early days of blogging, the poetics of theater and what it's like to be a drama critic for The Wall Street Journal.

Debbie Millman
Dawn Hancock

Firebelly Design founder Dawn Hancock discusses what it means to be a socially conscious designer.

Debbie Millman
Jennifer Kinon + Bobby Martin

OCD Designers Jennifer Kinon + Bobby Martin talk about their design philosophy — and their general willingness to do the unexpected.

Debbie Millman
Oded Ezer

Typographer Oded Ezer talks about the idea of a universal language — and how his limitations as a musican and poet led to his extraordinary typography.

Debbie Millman
Sheila Bridges

Debbie Millman talks to interior designer Sheila Bridges about being one of the only prominent African Americans in her industry, about losing her hair and having Bill Clinton as a client.

Debbie Millman
Chip Kidd

Legendary book designer Chip Kidd on why his TED talk was the 19 most frightening minutes of his life.

Debbie Millman
Hartmut Esslinger
Debbie Millman
Interaction of Color
Debbie Millman
Jean-Louis Cohen

Jean-Louis Cohen reveals a Le Corbusier who was not only a great architect, but also a savvy promoter of his own ideas and work.

Debbie Millman
Michael Rock

Michael Rock about self-hatred in design, the benefits of being an outsider, and his new book.

Debbie Millman
Maggie Macnab

Designer, educator and author Maggie Macnab talks about what designers can learn from nature — and what they can give back.

Debbie Millman
Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh once sold moss-covered rocks to her elementary school classmates. Today, she's Stefan Sagmeister's partner in Sagmeister + Walsh.

Debbie Millman
Ben Chestnut and Aarron Walter

Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut and User Expereince Lead Aaron Walter talk how they got where they are — and where Freddie the monkey came from.

Debbie Millman
Wendy MacNaughton + Caroline Paul

Wendy MacNaughton and Caroline Paul on a journey from advertising to Rwanda to illustration, and from Stanford to firefighter to author.

Debbie Millman
Emily Oberman

Emily Oberman's three acts — from Tibor Kalman at M&Co, to Number Seventeen with Bonnie Siegler, to becoming a partner at Pentagram.

Debbie Millman
Jennifer Sterling

Jennifer Sterling on her process, how money should be designed, and the way teaching has influenced her career.

Debbie Millman
Amy Webb

Digital strategist and author Amy Webb on how she gamed online dating to find her husband.

Debbie Millman
Cliff Sloan

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman interviews Cliff Sloan about everything marketing.

Debbie Millman
ON! at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati

In this special Design Matters video episode, Debbie Millman gives you on a preview the new exhibit ON! at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati.

Debbie Millman
Sara Blake

Debbie Millman talks to Sara Blake about collaborating with her sister, creating portraits of 100 girls and illustrating NBA players.

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller

Steven Heller discusses his new ebook, Design Cult, and reflects on what designers have in common with Harvey Weinstein.

Debbie Millman
Clement Mok

Clement Mok on the early days of Apple computer, the joys of working for Steve Jobs and starting his successful businesses.

Debbie Millman
Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich

Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich discusses growing up in Brazi, the role of art versus design, and why it is so important to be witty.

Debbie Millman
Sophie Blackall

Sophie Blackall discusses learning to draw, painting vs. illustration and her favorite postings from Craigslist.

Debbie Millman
Jen Bilik

Jen Bilik on being a certified entrepreneurial badass: she's the founder of the company Knock Knock.

Debbie Millman
Marion Deuchars

Marion Deuchars on the expressiveness of hand lettering, how drawing is an intensive form of looking, and the need to be messy when creating art.

Debbie Millman
Jason Kottke

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Jason Kottke talks about blogging for over fourteen years and what it means to be "old" online.

Debbie Millman
Christopher Simmons

Christopher Simmons discusses his lastest book, Just Design: Socially Conscious Design for Critical Causes, and reflects on why designers should be continually redefining their profession.

Debbie Millman
Jake Barton

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Jake Barton discusses wanting to be a doctor, how he became a media designer and how to get people to interact.

Debbie Millman
Louise Fili

Louise Fili discusses the importance of sketching, her obsession with typography and why she prefers working with small organizations.

Debbie Millman
Rafael Esquer

Rafael Esquer discusses growing up on a farm, working with the city and what it takes to make it in the design business.

Debbie Millman
Mirko Ilic

Bosnian-born designer and illustrator Mirko Ilic discusses his early career behind the iron curtain, his prolific drawing and his current career in New York.

Debbie Millman
Austin McGhie

Debbie Millman talks to her colleague Austin McGhie, who explains why brand could be a four letter word.

Debbie Millman
Aaron Draplin

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Aaron Draplin talks about being comfortable in his own skin, midwestern pragmatism and why Oregon beats the shit out of SoCal.

Debbie Millman
Scott Stowell

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Scott Stowell discusses using color separation in elementary school, interning at M&Co and the importance of language in design.

Debbie Millman
Chris Ware

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Chris Ware discusses his influences – including sending a Valentine to Charlie Brown – and explains why empathy figures so heavily into his work.

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller

Steven Heller discusses the big ideas that have changed graphic design – including the UPC code, teen magazines and the pointed finger.

Debbie Millman
Ken Carbone

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Ken Carbone discusses meeting his design heros, his celebrated sketchbooks and journals and what he really thinks about his relationship with his corporate clients.

Debbie Millman
Randy J. Hunt

Etsy creative director Randy J. Hunt discusses working for Milton Glaser, his record label and the challenges of managing a brand as diverse as Etsy.

Debbie Millman
Khoi Vinh

Khoi Vinh on his role as design director at, spending spring break in college setting type and the online relationship between publisher and consumer.

Debbie Millman
Roman Mars

Radio producer Roman Mars discusses the connection between ’zines and radio, why he ditched science and the reason he named his show “99% Invisible”.

Debbie Millman
John Flansburgh

John Flansburgh on being the son of a modernist architect, designing album covers for They Might Be Giants and of course, making music.

Debbie Millman
Maria Popova

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Maria Popova discusses growing up in Bulgaria, the evolution of Brainpicker and inventing the curator’s code.

Debbie Millman
Jen Bekman

Jen Bekman discusses managing a BBS in the early days of the internet, her first email exchange and the importance of everyone owning art.

Debbie Millman
Karl Heiselman

Wolff Olins CEO Karl Heiselman discusses the controversial London 2012 logo, designing the culture of his company and the relationship between branding and popularity.

Debbie Millman
James Biber

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, James Biber discusses growing up in a house with a womb chair, visual illiteracy and designing the Museum of Sex.

Debbie Millman
Cheryl Heller

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Cheryl Heller discusses  innovation, her new MFA program at SVA and why the word ‘brand’ is like leather pants.

Debbie Millman
Erik Spiekermann

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Erik Spiekermann discusses why numbers are harder to design than letters, finding his print shop burned to the ground and why he's trying to get out of work.

Debbie Millman
Malcolm Gladwell

A live episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman withe special guest Malcolm Gladwell.

Debbie Millman
Martin Venezky

Martin Venezky discusses his journey to becoming one of the design innovators of our time.

Debbie Millman
Peter Mendelsund

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Peter Mendelsund discusses how he became a book designer and his fear of the Kindle and iPad.

Debbie Millman
Andrew Gibbs

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Andrew Gibbs discusses his love of packaging, the role brands play in people's lives and his blog, The Dieline.

Debbie Millman
Brian Rea

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Brian Rea discusses the value of being rejected, art directing for The New York Times and his fascination with UFO’s.

Debbie Millman
John Hockenberry

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, John Hockenberry discusses The Takeaway — his morning news show on NPR — Steve Jobs and journalism in the age of social-media. 

Debbie Millman
Design Army

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Jake and Pum Lefebure of Design Army discuss how they met, the importance of sketching and keeping their firm small.

Debbie Millman
Margaret Roach

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Margaret Roach discusses her career with Martha Stewart and her love of gardening.

Debbie Millman
Linda Tischler

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Linda Tischler discusses failing her New Year’s resolutions, why the word “design” turns off business professionals and her new book.

Debbie Millman
Dori Tunstall

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Dori Tunstall discusses branding through the lens of a Design Anthropologist.

Debbie Millman
Alex Bogusky + John Bielenberg

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Alex Bogusky and John Bielenberg discuss branding, global warming and impact entrepreneurs.

Debbie Millman
Jessica Hische

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Jessica Hische discusses her attachment to the internet, the differences between being a letterer and a type designer and working for Louise Fili.

Debbie Millman
Michael Arad

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Michael Arad, discusses the World Trade Center Memorial.

Debbie Millman
Angus Hyland

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Angus Hyland discusses the peace sign, Deutsche Bank, and the play button.

Debbie Millman
Alissa Walker

Alissa Walker discusses her experience in advertising, her love affair with LA and of course, gelato.

Debbie Millman
Jennifer Morla

Jennifer Morla talks about leaving New York for San Francisco, her collaboration with Andy Warhol and the qualities of effective design.

Debbie Millman
Steve Frykholm, Herman Miller

After a 40-year career with Herman Miller, Steve Frykholm discusses life inside this iconic, National Design Award-winning furniture company.

Debbie Millman
Grace Bonney

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Grace Bonney discusses being a Phish follower, shaking off the cute and the Design*Sponge scholarship program.

Debbie Millman
Heather B. Armstrong

Heather Armstrong on reconciling with her family after writing about them on her blog, taking photos of her dog Chuck and her broken Maytag washing machine.

Debbie Millman
Dominique Browning

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Dominique Browning discusses her tenure as Editor in Chief at House & Garden, her recent book, Slow Love, and the effects of love on a stuffed animal.

Debbie Millman
Jonathan Ford

Jonathan Ford discusses his eighteen job interviews before being hired by Michael Peters, his belief that a good idea cannot come from a computer and the importance of doing work that is truthful.

Debbie Millman
Eddie Opara

In this episode of Design Matters, Eddie Opara discusses being educated by Jesuits, creating the Brooklyn Museum brand at 2x4 and working at Pentagram.

Debbie Millman
Alina Wheeler

Philadelphia-based designer Alina Wheeler discusses branding, strategic imagination and her new book, Brand Atlas, co-authored with Joel Katz.

Debbie Millman
Gail Anderson

In this podcast with Debbie Millman, Gail Anderson discusses making little magazines as a child, working at Rolling Stone for fifteen years and what the next chapter in her life holds.

Debbie Millman
Kate Betts

Kate Betts discusses Michelle Obama as a style icon and addresses the inevitable comparisons (and differences) between our current First Lady and the legendary Jackie Kennedy.

Debbie Millman
Rob Walker

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Rob Walker discusses how our digital records remain online even after we die, and his desire to brand the idea of being “happy for what you have”.

Debbie Millman
James Victore

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, James Victore discusses his book, putting his opinion in the work and the difference between God-jobs and money jobs.

Debbie Millman
Alexandra Lange + Jane Thompson

Alexandra Lange and Jane Thompson discuss the power of imagination, Marimekko, Sir Lady Jane and Benjamin Thompson.

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller

Steven Heller talks to Debbie Millman about blogging from the bathroom, working with Patti Smith and Paul Rand's tombstone.

Debbie Millman
Alexander Isley

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Alexander Isley discusses his Mom, learning presentation skills from Tibor Kalman and believing that people are inherently good.

Debbie Millman
Kate Bingaman-Burt

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Kate Bingaman-Burt discusses Obsessive Consumption, the designer as reporter and her commitment to making something everyday.

Debbie Millman
Marian Bantjes

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Marian Bantjes discusses her new book, coded text and causing pain to type purists.

Debbie Millman
Ralph Caplan

In this interview with Debbie Millman, Ralph Caplan discusses the difference between making things right and making things nice, the Civil Rights movement and the responsibility of the designer.

Debbie Millman
Tina Roth Eisenberg

On this episode of Design Matters, SwissMiss — aka Tina Roth Eisenberg — discusses her blog, crowd sourcing and the beauty found in ordinary things.

Debbie Millman
Bill Moggridge

In this podcast with Debbie Millman, Bill Moggridge discusses the future of the laptop, human-centered design and the future of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Debbie Millman
Milton Glaser

An interview with Milton Glaser — graphic designer, illustrator, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and 2010 recipient of the National Medal of Arts.

Debbie Millman
Eric Baker

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Eric Baker discusses working with Gordon Parks, living in New York City and working for himself.

Debbie Millman
Stephen Doyle

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Stephen Doyle discusses working for Tibor Kalman, renting his soul to the devil and working with his hands.

Debbie Millman
Massimo Vignelli

Vignelli Celebration: Season premiere of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, a podcast interview with Massimo Vignelli.

Debbie Millman
Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister discusses a year away from his New York-based design practice, spending personal time in Bali and his new documentary film, Happiness.

Debbie Millman
Tim Brown

In this podcast interview with Debbie Millman, Tim Brown reviews his career at IDEO, explores the impact of design processes (drawing and storytelling) and discusses his new book, Change By Design.

Debbie Millman
William Drenttel + Julie Lasky

Editorial director of Design Observer William Drenttel and Change Observer editor Julie Lasky discuss the state of online media and reflect on the end of print.

Debbie Millman
Dave Eggers

McSweeney’s Founder Dave Eggars is also the author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, You Shall Know Our Velocity! and What Is The What.

Debbie Millman
Dee Dee Gordon

Dee Dee Gordon is a renowned youth culture expert whose research has been featured in numerous media outlets including The New York Times Magazine.

Debbie Millman
Allan Chochinov

On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Debbie speaks with Allan Chochinov, editor-in-chief of, the widely read design website.

Debbie Millman
Dan Pink

Dan Pink is an entrepreneur, speaker and the author of three groundbreaking books on the changing dimensions of the workplace. 

Debbie Millman
Daniel Formosa

Daniel Formosa, a founder of Smart Design, is a member of the design team that developed IBM’s first personal computer, the OXO Good Grips kitchen tools and XM Satellite Radio. 

Debbie Millman
Gong Szeto

Former principal of the interaction design firm io360, Gong Szeto is Director of design and product design at Peak6 Investments.

Debbie Millman
Patrick Coyne

An interview with Patrick Coyne, editor of Communication Arts, with special guests Milton Glaser and Cheryl Heller.

Debbie Millman
Natalia Ilyin

Natalia Ilyin is a design critic and educator and ithe author of two books — Blonde Like Me, and Chasing the Perfect: Thoughts on Modernist Design in Our Time.

Debbie Millman
Joe Duffy + Nate Voss

The Reflex Blue's Nate Voss interviews Joe Duffy about his work for some of the most highly admired companies in the world, including Coca-Cola, Toyota and Sony. 

Debbie Millman
Steve Heller + Lita Talerico

Debbie Millman interviews Lita Talarico and Steven Heller, co-founders of the MFA Designer as Author program at the School of Visual Arts.

Debbie Millman
Neville Brody

An interview with former Face Magazine art director Neville Brody who has been at the forefront of design for more than two decades.

Debbie Millman
Jessica Helfand

Jessica Helfand discusses growing up in a family of collectors, her love of visual biography and why history should be more important to designers than it seems to be.

Debbie Millman
Spoken Word Broadcast

All spoken word show featuring poems, prose and a short story.

Debbie Millman
Robynne Raye + Michael Straussberger

Robynne Raye and Michael Straussberger are graphic designers and co-founders of the acclaimed Seattle-based firm Modern Dog.

Debbie Millman
Michael Hodgson

Michael Hodgson is a DJ and a designer and is co-founder of the design firm Ph.D.

Debbie Millman
Abbott Miller

An interview with Abbott Miller, Pentagram partner and an award-winning graphic designer and writer. Miller is also the art director of 2wice magazine.

Debbie Millman
Laurie Rosenwald

On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Debbie talks with graphic designer, artist and actress Laurie Rosenwald.

Debbie Millman
Gordon Hull

An all-music show with DJ and designer Gordon Hull, co-founder of the firm Surface to Air.

Debbie Millman
Stefan Bucher

An interview with graphic designer, illustrator and Daily Monster creator Stefan Bucher.

Debbie Millman
Petrula Vrontikis

Petrula Vrontikis is a graphic designer and educator at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

Debbie Millman
Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer, editor-at-large for Seed Magazine, is also a contributor to NPR’s RadioLab. He is the author of Proust was a Neuroscientist.

Debbie Millman
Vaughan Oliver

Legendary graphic designer Vaughan Oliver is also an artist and the author of several books, including Exhibition/Exposition and This Rimy River.

Debbie Millman
Kurt Andersen

Kurt Andersen is an award-winning journalist, author and host of the Peabody-winning public radio program, Studio 360.

Debbie Millman
Eric Kandel

Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel is a psychiatrist, neuroscientist and professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Columbia University.

Debbie Millman
Chip Kidd

Book designer extraordinaire Chip Kidd is also the author of several books including The Cheese Monkeys and The Learners: A Novel.

Debbie Millman
Shepard Fairey

Designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey is the author of Supply and Demand: The Art of Shepard Fairey and Shepard Fairey: Post No Bills.

Debbie Millman
Bad Boys of Design IV

Designers Marc Alt, Mike Essl, Alberto Rigau and others.

Debbie Millman
Josh Liberson + Ethan Trask

Josh Liberson and Ethan Trask are designers and the founders of the firm Helicopter.

Debbie Millman
Alan Dye

An interview with former Kate Spade Design Director Alan Dye who is currently Creative Director at Apple.

Debbie Millman
Jan Wilker + Hjalti Karlsson

Jan Wilker and Hjalti Karlsson are partners in karlssonwilker and the authors of Tell Me Why.

Debbie Millman
Alice Twemlow

British-born Alice Twemlow is a design critic and the author of What Is Graphic Design For? She also chairs the Design Criticism department at the School of Visual Arts in New York.



Debbie Millman
Luke Hayman

Previously Design Director at I.D. Magazine, Brill’s Content,Travel + Leisure, and New York Magazine, Luke Hayman is now a partner in the New York office of Pentagram.

Debbie Millman
Janet Froelich

An interview with Janet Froelich, former Creative Director at The New York Times Magazine, who is currently Design Director at Real Simple.

Debbie Millman
Barbara Kruger

An interview with American artist Barbara Kruger.

Debbie Millman
Jeffrey Keyton

An interview with Jeffrey Keyton, Senior Vice Ppresident, On-Air Design and Off-Air Creative, MTV.

Debbie Millman
Luba Lukova

An interview with award-winning illustrator Luba Lukova, whose work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Library of Congress and Bibliotheque Nationale in France. 

Debbie Millman
Maira Kalman

An interview with the remarkable Maira Kalman — the closest thing we in the United States have to a National Treasure.

Debbie Millman
Not David Carson

A special interview about David Carson, featuring guest vocalist Simon Lince.

Debbie Millman
Jakob Trollback

On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, an interview with designer and filmmaker Jakob Trollback — who is also a DJ.

Debbie Millman
Andrea Deszo

An interview with designer, artist and educator Andrea Deszo.

Debbie Millman
Minda Gralnek

On this episode, Debbie Millman interviews Minda Gralnek, Executive Vice President for Creative Services at the Target Corporation.

Debbie Millman
Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier is a brand consultant and the author of Brand Gap, Zag and The Brand Dictionary.

Debbie Millman
Elliott Earls

On this episode, Debbie interviews designer and performance artist Elliott Earls, designer-in residence at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Debbie Millman
Doyald Young

Master typographer Doyald Young is also the author of The Art of the Letter, Logotypes, and Letterforms: Handlettered Logotypes and Other Typographic Considerations.

Debbie Millman
Designers, Writers + Magazines

A conversation with Print’s Joyce Rutter Kaye; Dwell’s Michela Abrahms; Barbara DeWilde of House Beautiful and Laetitia Wolff of Surface.

Debbie Millman
Ze Frank

Debbie Millman interviews Ze Frank — writer, designer and host of The Ze Frank Show.

Debbie Millman
Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the author of Purple Cow and All Marketers Are Liars.

Debbie Millman
Malcolm Gladwell + Joyce Gladwell

An interview with Malcolm Gladwell, author of The New York Times bestseller Outliers and Joyce Gladwell, author of Brown Face.

Debbie Millman
John Maeda

A disussion with former MIT Media Lab Director John Maeda, who is currently the 16th President of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Debbie Millman
Steve Sikora, Thomas R. Wright + Charlie Lazor

Steve Sikora, Thomas R. Wright and Charlie Lazo discuss the finer points of pre-fab houses and modern design.

Debbie Millman
Stanley Hainsworth

On this episode, Debbie Millman interviews Stanley Hainsworth, former Design Director at Starbucks and the founder of Tether in Seattle.

Debbie Millman
Paola Antonelli

An interview with Paola Antonelli, curator in the department of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art.  

Debbie Millman
Ann Willoughby

Debbie Millman interviews Ann Willoughby, president and creative director of Willoughby Design Group, a brand, innovation and identity design firm she founded in 1978.  

Debbie Millman
William Lunderman

On this episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman interviews William Lunderman, Vice President for Global Design at the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

Debbie Millman
Todd Pruzan + Sam Potts

Todd Pruzan is an editor and writer. Sam Potts is designer and writer.

Debbie Millman
Gael Towey

On this episode, Debbie Millman talks to Gael Towey — the editor and founding Creative Director at Martha Stewart Living.

Debbie Millman
Bad Boys of Design III

This group of Bad Boy designers are: Josh Chen, Manuel Toscano, Alan Dye and Layne Braunstein.

Debbie Millman
Brian Collins

Brian Collins led the brand and innovation division of Ogilvy and  Mather for nearly a decade, before founding his own firm — Collins — in 2007.

Debbie Millman
Ed Fella

Ed Fella is an artist, graphic designer and educator whose work has had a critical influence on contemporary typography in the United States and in Europe. 

Debbie Millman
Jessica Helfand + William Drenttel

Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel work in partnership at Winterhouse and are co-founders, with Michael Bierut and Rick Poynor, of Design Observer.

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller + Veronique Vienne

A conversation with writer Véronique Vienne, writer and prolific design historian Steven Heller.

Debbie Millman
Art Chantry

Art Chantry works and lives in Seattle where his ideas and personal style branded the look of popular culture, not only in the northwest and its bohemian underground, but also in the pop and alternative culture of the last few decades.  

Debbie Millman
Peter Buchanan-Smith

Peter Buchanan-Smith, founder of Buchanan-Smith LLC, is the author of Speck and The Wilco Book.

Debbie Millman
Kenneth FitzGerald

Artist, educator and writer Kenneth FitzGerald is currently Associate Professor of Art and Graduate Program Director in the art department at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Debbie Millman
Christoph Niemann

An interview with German-born designer and illustrator Christoph Niemann, who claims to have only one trick: “sitting in front of a white piece of paper and thinking, staring and drawing until my head hurts.”  

Debbie Millman
Grant McCracken

Grant McCracken is the author of Culture and Consumption IPlenitudeBig HairCulture and Consumption II: Markets, Meaning and Brand ManagementThe Long InterviewFlock and Flow, and Transforming Selves.  

Debbie Millman
Carin Goldberg

Carin Goldberg was a staff designer at CBS Records and Atlantic Records before establishing her own firm, Carin Goldberg Design, in 1982.

Debbie Millman
Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis has designed motion graphic spots for clients such as MTV, Rolling Stone and Adobe and his innovative design solutions have garnered him numerous awards all over the world.

Debbie Millman
Paul Sahre

Graphic designer, illustrator and author Paul Sahre established his own design company in 1997. His office is part design studio and part silkscreen lab: he designs book covers and prints posters.

Debbie Millman
Bill Grant

Bill Grant founded the Atlanta-based Grant Design Collaborative in 1996 and has worked with clients including Adobe Systems, Georgia-Pacific Papers and Steelcase, among many others.

Debbie Millman
Jonathan Hoefler + Tobias Frere-Jones

Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones are partners in their own eponymous type foundry where they developing and digitize original typefaces.

Debbie Millman
Ellen Lupton

An interview with Ellen Lupton — writer, educator, designer and a Curator of Contemporary Design at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Debbie Millman
Rick Valicenti

Rick Valicenti, founder of the Chicago design firm Thirst and author of the book Emotion As Promotion, talks to Debbie Millman.

Debbie Millman
Chip Kidd

On this episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Debbie talks to Chip Kidd, award-winning book designer, musician and author.

Debbie Millman
Emily Oberman

An interview with Emily Oberman, formerly senior designer at M&Co and now partner, with Bonnie Siegler, in the New York design firm Number Seventeen.

Debbie Millman
Bad Boys of Design II

A new group of (very) bad boys: Rodrigo Corral, Marc English, Tan Le, Bennett Peji, Felix Sockwell and John Zapolski

Debbie Millman
Paula Scher

Paula Scher — arguably the most successful and influential woman working in design today — began her graphic design career as a record cover Art Director in the 1970s. She has been a Pentagram partner since 1991.

Debbie Millman
Stefan Sagmeister

A candid and revealing discussion with design innovator Stefan Sagmeister, whose work has been hailed as “intense, cunning and evocative.” 

Debbie Millman
Andrew Geller, Alastair Gordon + Jake Gorst

Andrew Geller, Alastair Gordon and Jake Gorst talk about Gorst's new documentary Leisurama.

Debbie Millman
David Barringer

Debbie Millman interviews Winterhouse Writing Award winner David Barringer, who discusses his new book and his views on the state of contemporary graphic design.

Debbie Millman
Design Blogs: The Good, the Bad and the Nasty

Rick Poynor, Armin Vit, Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Jen Beckman, Adrian Hanft and Bennett Holzworth discuss the finer points of design blogging.

Debbie Millman
Eames Demetrios

Debbie Millman interviews Eames Demetrios — the grandson of Charles and Ray Eames — a multimedia designer, exhibit designer, lecturer, filmmaker and author.  

Debbie Millman
Sean Adams + Noreen Morioka

Los Angeles-based graphic designers Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka work with a range of clients including MTV, VH1, Sundance and Nickelodeon.

Debbie Millman
Live From Las Vegas with Rossi Ralenkotter

Debbie Millman interviews Rossi Ralenkotter — President of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority — and Emmy Award nominated Set Designer Susan Benjamin.

Debbie Millman
Brand Consulting

A discussion about branding, design and cultural anthropology with leading practitioners in each discipline.

Debbie Millman
Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut studied graphic design at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. and worked for a decade at Vignelli Associates before joining Pentagram as a partner in 1990.

Debbie Millman
Marian Bantjes, Alexander Gelman + Michael Surtees

An interview with Marian Bantjes, Alexander Gelman and Michael Surtees of DesignNotes.

Debbie Millman
Grant McCracken, Part 2

Grant McCracken PhD, author and a research affiliate at MIT.

Debbie Millman
Grant McCracken, Part 1

Grant McCracken PhD, is an author and a research affiliate at MIT.

Debbie Millman
Steven Heller

Debbie Millman interviews Steven Heller — art director, educator and the author of more than 100 books on design, design history and contemporary culture.

Debbie Millman
Bad Boys of Design

Designers Michael Ian Kaye, Mark Kingsley, Petter Ringbom, James Victore and Armin Vit.

Debbie Millman
Cheryl Swanson

Cheryl Swanson, founder of Toniq, applies her background in anthropology and psychology to the visual task of branding.

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