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Episode 45: I’m With(out) Her

On this episode, Jessica and Michael talk about Donald Trump’s victory and their experiences after the election. Michael, who led the team that created Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, reckons with the competition:

What we came up against, though — and what we weren’t expecting — was that the logo that I designed would be competing against something that wasn’t a logo at all but was something bigger and more powerful I dare say.

I will call it a brand. Brand Trump — I can’t think of another example of a political candidate where it was just so purely the transference of the equity of a commercial brand into the political realm.

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Election night photo © Ron Haviv/VII Photo

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Michael Bierut, Jessica Helfand Jessica Helfand, a founding editor of Design Observer, is an award-winning graphic designer and writer. A former contributing editor and columnist for Print, Eye and Communications Arts magazine, she is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale and a recent laureate of the Art Director’s Hall of Fame. Jessica received both her BA and MFA from Yale University where she has taught since 1994. In 2013, she won the AIGA medal.

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