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Design Matters from the Archive: Brian Koppelman

Brian Koppelman makes media. A lot of media. Films, tv shows, podcasts, records. As for movies he co-wrote Oceans 13, and Rounders. He produced The Illustionist and The Lucky Ones, and he's directed many others. His podcast on Slate, which covers pop culture and politics is called The Moment. He's the co-creator and show runner for the TV show Billions, which is about to start it's second season on Showtime. If that's not enough Brian Koppelman for you, he's also a prolific and verocious tweeter.

On this podcast, Debbie talks to Brian Koppelman about why he became a writer after years as a record promoter and producer. "I realized I would become toxic, and that something would die in me. And that if I allowed that to happen, that toxicity would spread to those that I loved."

Jobs | May 18