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Atrocity Prevention Challenge

Elaine Mukahirwa and Alexis Kamanzi sit together as friends following their reconciliation [credit: International Alert, Rwanda]

USAID, Humanity United and OpenIDEO have partnered to pursue ways to prevent mass atrocities — that is, deliberate mass violence against civilians.

Examples of mass atrocities include genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass rape. Often the perpetrators of these crimes try to conceal their actions — barring journalists and humanitarian organisations from entering the area, blocking internet and mobile access, etc.

OpenIDEO wants to know how might we better listen and respond to the needs of of victims in these situations even though physical access may be limited. Is there a way to help gather information from these regions, given the challenges of actually being on the ground?

Technology advances from mobile phones to satellite imagery to social networks have led to the advent of many new tools and approaches to help monitor hard-to-access regions of the world. Our ability to connect globally presents the opportunity for new creative ways to help prevent atrocities. Can technology be used to prevent atrocities?

Collaborate to explore this topic and propose solutions — which might include services, platforms, tools, products or approaches — to tackle this critical yet complex issue. Learn more here.

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