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Dori Tunstall

Dori Tunstall is a Design Anthropologist, meaning she tries to understand how the processes and artifacts of design help define what it mean to be human. Design Anthropology argues that by taking into account how others see and experience the world differently, products and services can be designed that work with people and nature rather than disrupt them. Dori is an Associate Professor of Design Anthropology at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia as well as Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Design.

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Thank you for this inspiring interview and for reminding us to stay connected!
ksenija berk

This is one of my absolute favorite episodes of Design Matters. Having this week purchased the book 'Thinking with Things', which Tunstall references, I re-listened to the episode again today (which was probably my 14th listening, or so). It is incredibly insightful. Every time I replay this episode, I learn something new or notice a small word or sentence that I had previously not heard or had not consciously processed. A gem.
John Bezold

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