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Today, 11.21.09

Here are Today’s images.

TODAY is a weekly jewel box of seemingly random, yet thoughtfully selected, images. At times tender, wicked, nostalgic, amusing, and dazzling, each edition is presented without narration, editing or explanation by its author, designer Eric Baker. "It all began as a goof. One day I sent a good friend about 50 random pictures of cheese. I don't know why, but to me cheese is funny, perhaps it is the word itself and its various connotations. Eventually I began looking closer, or should I say broader at 'things'. Things lost on the fringes...ordin-ary, odd, beautiful things. Esoteric images, old diagrams, typography, cartography — visions of a once promising but now extinct future."

Editor's Note: All images link to their original source and are copyright their original owners.

Comments [6]

An excellent collection—the guy carrying the shoulder load of bricks almost kicked my ass through the computer screen. Awesome capture!

The top image – DB Cooper's lost ransom money – is maybe my favorite thing you've ever posted. Another great set, thanks.

Your "Today" series brings me so much joy ... please never stop posting, I'm addicted :-)

i wish every blog was THIS visual.

wonderful finds...keep up the excellence.
Alicia Lee Wade

Great series, The radio dial was a particular favorite of mine. It's just the inspiration i was needing for a wheel i'm designing/building.

While I enjoy the potpourri of found images I am not sure why Design Observer has the Today series listed under Illustration in the topic listings. Sure there is illustration in every stack of images from Mr. Baker, but there is also photography, advertising, typography, design, etc.

I know, I know, this is a long standing gripe, but will anyone ever step up and write something, provide a point of view or dispense anything at all regarding contemporary illustration? Using the Illustration section of the DO site as a dumping ground for graphic detritus doesn't seem to me to take the craft/art/profession seriously.

Just sayin'.
Mark Kaufman

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