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Today, 11.22.08

Here are Today’s images.

Eric Baker Design Associates, a Manhattan-based design firm established in 1986. Eric teaches the history of graphic design and corporate identity at the School of Visual Arts, and has twice received National Endowment for the Arts Grants for independent design history projects. He is inveterate collector of books and ephemera. Editor's Note: All images link to their original source and are copyright their original owners.

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I'd like to find the original image, but I'm having trouble connecting to it on photobucket. Can you tell me what the image is from?
John Massengale

The first picture is interesting, although, when it comes to rock ants, ultimately not true, at least according to this article....
L.M. Cunningham

Good selection as always.

The last one reminds me of my art school tutors. I think his name was Rhinehard or something like that. But every large piece of fine art painting he did would always have a random yellow submarine painted on it, regardless of the subject matter of the rest of the piece.
Vikki Miller

Good selection as always. thank you for sharing
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Very nice selections. These are moving pieces, especially when considered in their historical context. Eric does an incredible job with integrating photography into the design of the piece.

Ad designers could learn a lot from studying these works. Notice how, even when squished and squeezed to fit on a web page, that the ideas and content are still clear and concise. I wish more designers would keep this in mind when developing ads.

Speaking of culture, the “Can All You Can” piece above tells us a great deal about the values of American society of that time. Interesting.

Thanks for highlighting some of Eric’s work. Very inspiring!
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thanks for sharing.
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very nice. thanks for sharing..
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