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Featured above: Sagmeister & Walsh, Paula Scher, Paul Sahre, Roz Chast

PUBLIC WORKS is a poster exhibition created by PUBLIC, a design based bicycle company with a mission to improve the quality and character of our cities and public spaces. A group of 27 international designers was challenged to interpret the concept of “public” in their own voice and style. The renowned graphic designers, illustrators and cartoonists including: Dana Arnett, John Bielenberg, Roz Chast, Frank Chimero, Milton Glaser, Eric Heiman, Kit Hinrichs, Maira Kalman, Michael Mabry, Geoff McFetridge, Jeremy Mende, Jennifer Morla, Jason Munn, Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Sahre, Paula Scher, Ralph Schraivogel, Jason Schulte, Michael Schwab, Skolos-Wedell, Erik Spiekermann, Jennifer Sterling, Niklaus Troxler, Rick Valicenti, Michael Vanderbyl, Frank Viva and Henning Wagenbreth.

The exhibition opens to the public on October 19 and runs through the 25th in Flos’ SoHo store at 152 Greene St., New York City.

PUBLIC WORKS will also hold exhibitions in San Francisco and other cities in the United States and Canada starting in October 2012. A percentage of proceeds from each exhibition will be donated to a specific non-profit within each host city.

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