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Records for Life: Rethinking the Immunization Card

Grand Prize Winner: "Project Pasteur" - David ODonnell, Elena Valentine, Andrew Bates, Arielle Deana, Tiffany Huang, Amy Guterman and Nick Maschinski on behalf of gravitytank

In conjunction with World Immunization Week, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation challenged the global health and design communities to reconsider the immunization card, classically one of the principal barriers to vaccination. The finalists and winners — chosen from more than 300 teams from 41 countries — were selected by a jury that included Frog Design's Robert Fabricant, IDEO's Jocelyn Wyatt, and Director General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan.

One of the nine Honerable Mentions: "Child Health and Vaccination Information System" - Lisa Scharoun, The University of Canberra

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In Colorado, our legislature has been dealing with the problem of vaccination compliance. One of the hurdles discovered in part of the process is the difficulty of FINDING the little paper card. It is suggested that some parents concede to double vaccinate because of the nuisance of tracking the original record, especially in more transient families. It doesn't seem the contest addressed the issue, which I doubt is exclusively American.

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