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Hunter | Gatherer: Illustrators’ Sketchbooks, Pt. II

Sketchbooks are a revealing medium by which any artist's work can be examined at a finer grain. Their doodles, the "notes to self," or the ideas that may never make it to print uncover an inner process usually hidden in the more polished, published work they produce for public consumption. Today, in Pt. II, three more illustrators open the book &hellip

Zoran Pungerčar
 (Slovenia) uses his sketchbooks to experiment with technique and explore ideas for future paintings. Pungercar starts most of his work with pencil and paper but then puts the final piece together in Photoshop, mixing techniques to create his singular style. When not creating artwork for books and magazines and music gigs he and a friend run a small zines publishing company called Look Back and Laugh.

Danielle Kroll’s (Brooklyn, USA) charming painted sketchbooks produce lively pieces created to inspire her commissioned work. Upon her graduation from art school, Danielle began her career working in the art department of retailer Anthropologie. She is now on her own creating illustration for paper goods, periodicals, and textiles.

The winsome style of Frenchman Laurent Moreau’s can be found in his painted sketchbooks. Raised in the French countryside, natural forms are almost always included in his paintings. Trained in art and printing techniques Moreau works without a computer, preferring the tactile quality of paint on paper. His personal sketchbooks lay the groundwork for ideas and concepts that may be useful in future commissions.

Interested illustrators can submit their sketchbook samples to be considered for inclusion in future posts. Email Laura Tarrish at [email protected]

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Laura, Thanks for the research. I am thinking that more illustrators should be hired for public art projects. Glenn

A beautifully curated assortment!


These are very beautiful and interesting Laura. I see traces of David Hockney in all 3 sketchbooks...but given his output, perhaps that can be said of many sketchbooks.
Clif Stoltze

Laura Tarrish Laura Tarrish is a collage illustrator and a compulsive ephemera collector currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her editorial clients have included Apple Computer, Chronicle Books, The Washington Post, and United Airlines.  As the founder of Bridgetown Papers, Laura has created custom work for individuals including Isabel Allende, Tom Brokaw and Bob & Lee Woodruff.  She has been a contributor to Uppercase Magazine and Felt & Wire.

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