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Announcing Adam Harrison Levy

We are pleased to welcome Adam Harrison Levy as a contributing writer.

Many of our readers are already familiar with Adam from his contributions to Design Observer over the years, most notably his post about 700 previously lost photographs of Hiroshima, his profile of Saul Leiter, and his recent and popular Designer/Artist Cooking series. In addition to his work as a writer and critic, Adam is a freelance documentary film producer and director with a particular interest in the art of the interview. For the BBC, he has interviewed a wide range of actors, writers, musicians and filmmakers including Meryl Streep, Philip Glass, and Paul Auster. Adam was the U.S. producer for Selling the Sixties, a cultural history of advertising in New York in the early 1960s and Close Up, about the artist Chuck Close.

His author page can be found here, including biography, filmography and other projects, as well as links to his past essays both on Design Observer and elsewhere.

Please join us in welcoming Adam Harrison Levy to Design Observer.

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