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The Ask: 21K

Time is a slippery slope, full of giddy anticipation and cautious, hopeful optimism.

Fundraising time is triage. Yet it, too, contains glimmers of hope, as evidenced in this chart from our friends at Kickstarter, who generously highlighted us in their newsletter when we launched. They believed in us, and judging from this, many of you do, too.

Funding progress on Kickstarter 
05 August 2015

This is what optimism looks like: tentative but determined, a slow but steadily climbing force of good will, a function of generosity and support, for which we are so very grateful.

But we need more—about twenty-one thousand dollars more, to be exact. And here's why.

The only way to show students that books still matter is to show them the books that matter. The fascinating ones, with astonishing covers and magnificent typography, filled with innovative compositional choices, new and unusual ideas about form and content and so much more. A 3D printed cover shows what that form might become tomorrow, next year, a century from now.

Time, the slipperiest of slopes, is made visual by the things we make and distribute to the world. And we urge you to support this project, so that we can do just that.

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