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Craving in Columbus

Dear Bonnie,

I think I'm a pretty good designer, but the problem is that I never get the chance to show what I can really do. The projects I am given at my job tend to be the boring ones where everyone knows what they want it to look like before I begin. Lots of what I do is involves different versions of the same thing with only a change in color palette because "I'm so good at it."

How can I break out of this rut and show what I am really capable of doing?

Craving in Columbus

Dear C.,

Without knowing exactly what you do or where you work, I still feel confident telling you that the opportunities are right in front of you. Every project has the potential to be a great one in the hands of the right designer. It’s (almost) all in how you look at it. People expect or anticipate a solution to be sure they are going to get what they need. I recommend you make sure you truly understand the goals of your next project. Then do exactly what you would normally do, which is the solution they expect.

Now comes the good part. Go beyond. Do the design equivalent of dancing like no one is watching. Design it the way you think it should be. It will be your first step towards raising your game. Most (smart) people are thrilled to get something better than what they anticipated, that invites them to think about their own project in new ways. But even if the client doesn’t get to see it, you will have shown your superior, your colleagues, and yourself that you don’t just follow orders well, you are also a self-starter looking to show the world what you are capable of.

I must also add that I applaud your confidence. If you are half as good a designer as you think you are, your confidence will take you the rest of the way. For those less confident, but equally ambitious, you can simply pretend to be the person you want to be. If you are good at it, eventually you forget that you’re pretending and realize you have become just that fabulous.

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