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Design Impact Fellowship Program

In November 2011, Design Impact will celebrate our second year of embedded design by assigning our first round of full-time designers, or “Fellows,” to Indian organizations — kicking off five projects that apply design to social and environmental issues.

As a Design Impact Fellow, you will:
— Live and work for six months amongst the challenges faced by resource-poor communities.
— Learn about international development and non-profi t structures from a unique perspective. — Play a leadership role on a design project that has measurable positive outcomes for society. — Use your design skills in non-traditional functions such as organizational capacity building, product distribution patterns, partnership development, and solution implementation.

Instead of completing on site research and returning to the comforts of the design studio, Design Impact Fellows work on site, design on site, and add true design value at every stage of the project. Fellows identify and incorporate local talent and knowledge throughout their Fellowship. This ensures solutions that are appropriate for the surroundings, wanted and needed by end-users, and grounded in feasibility.

Minimum requirements include:
— 3 years (experience) working in the field of design
— Bachelor’s degree in design or related fi eld (art, engineering, marketing, non-profi t management, business, planning)
— Strong communication skills, positive attitude, highly curious and desiring to work with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and income-levels
— English language fluency
— Self-motivation, performing with minimal supervision, exercising good judgment and decision-making as needed
—The ability to travel and live in India for 6 months
— A laptop computer and thorough knowledge of relevantsoftware (Adobe Suite, CAD, Microsoft Office, etc.)
— 2 years project management preferred

Fellows will be chosen from an international pool of applicants. Send resume with in-depth letter elaborating on your interest and relevant experience to kate@d–impact.org, attention Kate Hanisian.

Applications must be received by June 1st, 2011. Selected applicants will be contacted in mid–June, and will complete an in-depth interview with Design Impact by July 15th.

Final Fellows will be chosen by August 1st, and the Fellowship will commence on November 1st, 2011.

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