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Digital Ethereal

Luis Hernan, an Architecture and Interaction Design student at Newcastle University, has captured the invisible landscape of wireless networks by using long exposure photography. He's created a device that translates the energy of wireless fields into different color LEDs based on their signal strength. The results are striking photographs of beams of light sweeping and swirling around a suggested figure, which the designer calls “spectres” as they remind him of ghosts and because they're invisible to the human eye. Hernan also developed an Android app; allowing anyone to photograph the invisible world surrounding these amazing signals. Find out more about his project on Digital Ethereal, or listen to this interview on BBC Radio

Prototype of Kirlian Device; the tool that Hernan developed to translate the signal strength to to color LEDs.

Hernan asked people to create their own performances with his device at the Culture Lab, Newcastle University. 

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Jobs | June 16