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Family Business

I've often alluded to my designer grandparents on this blog and here is visual proof: two posters by my grandfather, John R. Scotford Jr., during his long career designing for Dartmouth. My mother has been organizing his vast collection (70s movies, mod travel, random famous names, as well as his own work) and this summer, after the family took its pick, she brought a set to a Boston dealer who now has them for sale.

Years ago I took these particular two away and framed them. The colors are so period — my grandfather painted all the Thonet chairs in his studio turquoise and lime — the designs have so much joy, I think they are hard to resist.

Here's my grandfather with one of his early poster designs: Winter Carnival, 1940.

The family typeface Scotford Uncial: that I can't quite figure out how to fit into my decor.

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