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Each of us has a connection to nature — a primal response to certain landscapes — yet we don’t always use it as raw material for our own work. Not content with “letting nature take its course”, the artists shown here reclaim and manipulate plant materials  to create their own botanical curiosities. From the epic installation Falling Garden by Swiss collaborators Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger to the exquisitely detailed Flower Constructions by Dutch artist Anne ten Donkelaar, the following examples reconsider the natural world in new and unusual ways.

Falling Garden
Installation by Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger created for 2003 Venice Biennale


Flower Constructions by Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar, created with pressed flowers and flowers cut from printed matter mounted three-dimensionally with specimen pins

 Flower Construction #23

Flower Construction #24

Flower Construction #27

Flower Construction #28

Flower Construction #33

Lottas Trees by Swedish artist Lotta Olsson

 Beech Tree

Garden Tree

Hornbeam Tree

June Tree

Leaves by English artist Susanna Bauer 

Trans-Plant #3, Magnolia leaves with cotton yarn

Rising I, magnolia leaves with cotton yarn

Aura, magnolia leaf with cotton yarn

Close, magnolia leave with cotton yarn

Cube Tree #2, photographed by Simon Cook

Environmental installations by Welsh artist Tim Pugh

Hunter/Gatherer is a themed collection of visual inspiration, sourced from the research of Laura Tarrish (www.lauratarrish.com), a graphic designer, illustrator, and ephemera collector based in Portland, Oregon.  

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Good article presenting interesting, varied forms of nature art/natural works. I'm intrigued by the pieces and will be researching these artists for information about them and more samples of their work.
SF Fox

Laura Tarrish Laura Tarrish is a collage illustrator and a compulsive ephemera collector currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her editorial clients have included Apple Computer, Chronicle Books, The Washington Post, and United Airlines.  As the founder of Bridgetown Papers, Laura has created custom work for individuals including Isabel Allende, Tom Brokaw and Bob & Lee Woodruff.  She has been a contributor to Uppercase Magazine and Felt & Wire.

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