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News from Elsewhere

frieze magazine has produced a nice little film with Fraser Muggeridge, who designs, among other things, much of the printed matter for the under-sung Focal Point Gallery in Southend, England
The Brooklyn Public Library is hosting an exhibit of the winning architectural design 9and some runners-up) for the proposed Museum of Science Fiction, outside Washington DC.

The cartographers who are pioneering map design for the blind.

On March 12, The Brooklyn Museum is holding a panel discussion on feminism, punk, and artistic expression. Hopefully organizer, artist, and educator Leah DeVun will talk about her collection of punk-era "friendship books."

"The future will arrive with a backpack slung over its shoulder." UC Berkeley's Environmental Design department mounts an exhibit on the historical representation of people in architectural drawings. And some scorching criticism of the view of a homogenizing Bay Area depicted in it.
Back in October, our own Rob Walker edited a series on the "art" of gerrymandering. This week The Washington Post's Wonkblog published an explanation in charts.

Are you a medical doctor? Are you a doctor with an interest in Antarctica? The European Space Agency and the Concordia Station need you!

Comedy writer Ian Martin on the privatization of London. All of the usual (and justified!) complaints, now seventy-five percent funnier. 

Another Paul Rudolph building comes to an unfortunate, undignified end soon. Photographer Matthew Carbone captured the Goshen, New York, Orange County Government Center before it comes down.

Next week on Design Observer, Timothy Young goes to a gathering of book makers (it's not what it sounds like) and Debbie Millman interviews Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman. 

Eugenia Bell

Homepage image: Winning design for the soon-to-be Museum of Science Fiction. Design by Emily Yen. © MOSF

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