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News from Elsewhere

Zupagrafika's Brutal London paper models

Here and there:

Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, and Robots of Brixton!? This looks unmissable; coming in April to BAM.

Art book swap: brilliant idea.

Stylish spacewear. Made in Brooklyn by terrestrial artisans.

Death is getting a makeover. Paul Bennett from Ideo doesn't want it to be "such a downer." Another good one from California Sunday.

Alison and Peter Smithson's East London estate, Robin Hood Gardens, is under threat still. (Again.) But these folks are keeping London's best-loved Brutalist tower blocks alive (albeit in paper form).

On a brighter note, a Richard Long-designed soundsystem that covertly operates in a bumper car ride in Coney Island will be powered up this weekend for its original purpose: disco impresario Nicky Siano's 60th birthday. Related: I will be speaking with sound artist and theorist Micah Silver about his book Figures in Air, which, in part, covers Long's unlikely rise in disco-era New York.

Reverse mining.

Ever wonder what a Hogarth painting might taste like? The wait is over. I can say with some confidence that Caitlin's Diebenkorn (scroll down) probably tastes better. Recipe on page 92 of this.

—Eugenia Bell

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