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News from Elsewhere

A sonic cemetery tour in Atlanta.

Six films by Andrei Tarkovsky are newly available to watch online, for free.

Does participation always make you a victim? A self-reflective review of the Kim Gordon memoir by Naomi Fry.

All This Belongs To You, a new exhibit opening at the V&A examines the role of the public institution in the everyday life of its visitorship and its community. Jorge Otero-Pailos (who wrote here for Places on the Ethics of Preservation in 2011) has one of the most challenging installations in the show: a latex cast of the interior of the museum's prized plaster cast of Trajan's Column called The Ethics of Dust—highlighting the accumulated detritus and dirt of time.

The Met's Artist's Project presents short films featuring contemporary artists talking about a work in the collection.

Late to this piece on school design and an accomanying brief history of the design of schools.

The new episode of Monocle Radio's show on print culture, The Stack, has an interview with the editor of the groundbreaking women's magazine The Gentlewoman.

A poignant photo essay on the decline of the American newspaper news room.

The Guardian newspaper is taking student designers' proposals for alternative election poster designs in advance of the UK's general election on May 7. 

Curator Prajna Desai wrote a report for frieze magazine from the Dharavi Biennale, which took place largely in the Mumbai slum of that name. The highlight was a recap and display of a two-month project she organized that focused on food culture in Dharavi.

Led by set and costume designer Louisa Thompson, a site-specific theater installation takes children's theater seriously …  in a storefront laundromat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

—Eugenia Bell 

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