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News from Elsewhere

We read the new issue of Esopus this week. They're having an event to celebrate at The Kitchen, in New York, on May 26.

You'll never look at that guy you see poring over his laptop in the coffee shop everyday the same way again. The two-part story behind the infiltration and takedown of Silk Road.

A great interview with Bruce Talamon, the photographer who captured David Hammons making his Body Prints, and the person responsible for this under-appreciated portrait of Max Roach.

The New Year's Eve tradition at Pratt Institute's steam plant was retired this year, but hopefully chief engineer Conrad never will. 

The IS's capture of Palmyra bodes poorly for its ancient Roman ruins. After sacking the museum in Mosul, Iraq—and Nimrud and Hatra—many bracing themselves for the news of Palmyra's demise. The group's bald rejection of history and culture may be one of its most terrifying characteristics.

Women barred from Cannes red carpet … for wearing flats.

But girls in Afghanistan—who are barred from riding bicycles—strike back by learning to skateboard! A non-profit called Skateistan is helping out.

 Walter Russell: philosopher or folk artist? His lovely, cryptic, diagrams.

The US government declassified what was found on the capture of Osama bin Laden—including the contents of his library and the Jihadist's job application. Speaking of, have a strong stomach? Need a job? In Saudi Arabia? Look no further.
Cambridge University is hosting a three-day conference on sound, politics, and art in July.

Designing prostheses: A Q&A with Graham Pullin. Just one of a few enlightening pieces on this topic at Mosaic.

—Eugenia Bell

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